How to Start a Career in Marketing

career in marketing

Do you have a passion for marketing but you don’t know how you can start a career in marketing?

We want to bring to your notice that starting a career in marketing is not too hard; all you need is to know the tricks that are involved in marketing so that upon your start-up, you will excel in your career.

This article is quite an amazing guide that details practical and useful tips that will help you get into marketing with ease.

One thing you should have in mind when venturing into starting a career in marketing is that marketing is a fantastic career that allows you to work remotely and make cool cash right from your room.

With this said, you also need to know that you must invest time into your career before your career will start paying you.

Today there are lots of computer software and internet marketing tools that will help you to scale through in your journey of starting a career in marketing.

Digital marketing is quite a broad department that constitutes a lot of faculties inside of it.

For instance, you can start up a career in marketing as an affiliate marketing or create a blog and start publishing content which you will monetize with some third-party platforms such as Google Adsense, etc. but that is not just the only thing that is involved in marketing especially when we considered it as a career.

When planning to start a career in marketing, you should always endeavor to test and learn new things regularly.

In this guide, we will take you through some things you need to know before starting a career in marketing.

Steps on How to Start a Career in Marketing

Below are the core things you need to know before venturing into starting a career in marketing:

#1. Find out if marketing is really for you

Here you should be able to answer some questions like – is marketing a job like every other job out there?

When you are done answering some of these questions, you can be able to set your goals; ensure that you break your goals so that they can be achievable.

Due to the advancement of technology, the majority of marketing positions today are online.

Perhaps, other traditional marketing channels such as radio, TV, newspapers, etc. still exist but only a few people can be reached through such mediums since they are limited to a certain location.

Moreover, you need to know that marketing sometimes can be fun, and also it can be frustrating.

While starting up marketing as a career, you should know that at the initial stage, you may likely not be getting any results. At this stage, you might get confused and think of quitting marketing.

Also, sometimes you might get so many results even as a starter and it will excite you to the point that people around you may think that you are a god.

Perhaps, in your journey of starting marketing as a career, three main elements must be your priority.

They include creativity, analytics, and psychology. These three things can be seen as marketing’s key to success.

To be creative in marketing, you need to spend time reading and understanding, and also you must enjoy spending time listening to people to get more insight that will scale you through in your marketing journey.

Since marketing is a broad field, you can focus on some areas like copywriters, SEO specialists, social media managers, media planners, ad designers, and so many other areas.

The demand for online marketing today is very high because there is a rapid pace in the digital world and marketing specialists are needed to cover up some bridges between companies and their targeted audience.

Some marketing fields that you can venture into including social media marketing paid advertising, search engine optimization, web and conversion optimization, content strategy and marketing, copywriting, inbound marketing, email marketing, start-up marketing, growth hacking, etc.

#2. Choose your desired field

You should know that when you try to master everything at once, you will end up not knowing much in all those skills or fields that you hungered for.

This is the aspect where you are to sit down and know the area that you have passion for and also where you have much knowledge.

As regards the job you want to venture into, you should know that all marketing jobs pay well if you have a passion when doing them.

We want to bring this to your notice so that you will not rank some marketing jobs over others; probably you will start grading them based on their average salary.

As the digital world expands, the demand for digital marketers increases. This is quite a great opportunity for people that have mastered a skill in digital marketing to work right from their homes and earn cool cash without the need for their certificates or years of experience or other silly questions that are common when applying for jobs.

Even if you are measured in content marketing and social media marketing, there are lots of opportunities for you because a lot of companies will like to hire you for some of their campaigns and you may end up working remotely for more than five different companies at the same time. This is when work shifting comes in.

Besides this, data researchers and content creators are in high demand by both companies and individuals who love hiring remote workers for their jobs.

As we stated earlier, endeavor to work with your passion. Perhaps, if you perceive that some of these marketing career that we have been talking about in this guide interest you, you can seek them and learn all you need to know in that field.

#3. Search for job requirements

When you have discovered the marketing area you intend to venture into, the next thing you need to do is to research thoroughly companies and know the skills that they required for their marketing positions.

The reason why we recommend this is because different companies will surely have a different understanding of the position that you are seeking.

Also, research job titles, skills as well as tasks that are associated with the marketing area you are into.

From our findings, we noticed that different companies might need different skills for their business.

So in this scenario, you need to invest more time in your research and ensure that you gig out outstanding information from your search results.

When you are done with your research, you should list down all the required skills from different companies, so that you will be able to expand your knowledge in your skill set.

We noticed that if a marketing career demands complex and more advanced skills, the company that will be in demand for such marketing areas might be few and those digital marketers that we’re able to gain knowledge in this aspect will get a job faster than the usual marketing fields that have lots of people in them.

Perhaps, the salary range in all these marketing fields is still closely related to each other and they are quite huge.

When you have successfully chosen your field, you need to take out time to find job posts that are related to your chosen field.

Let’s take, for instance, if you are an email marketer, you may decide not to have much knowledge of graphics design.

Whereas, a content creator or a social media manager needs to be good in graphics design to ensure that his job of reaching out to a targeted audience will be successful always.

#4. Grab some useful courses

There are certain things you may wish to learn but you won’t find them on the internet for free.

This is where you need to take some steps to purchase courses that will help you excel in your marketing career.

We recommend that before you go ahead with getting some courses, ensure that you have chosen your desired marketing area.

Perhaps, there are also lots of entry-level marketing courses you can get for free if you take out time to dig the web and filter your searches.

If you are just starting out and probably you don’t have many funds to go for paid courses, you can use these basic courses to start up your career in marketing.

We recommend some useful video course platforms such as YouTube and Udemy. If you search for relevant keywords, you will be able to see a lot of courses that will scale you through in your marketing journey even as a beginner.

Although there are other platforms where you can seek valuable courses, Udemy is quite an amazing platform where you can see a course that is packed together also the creators made it very easy for people to consume Udemy material than to browse around YouTube videos seeking certain information they are looking for.

Meanwhile, there is still yet a trick that you can use to get premium courses for FREE right from your location.

To get started, go to LinkedIn and create an account with them (that is if you don’t have one).

Next, upgrade your LinkedIn account to their 30-days trial Premium to get access to is quite a marketplace where you can grab lots of courses for free with your LinkedIn premium account.

When your 30-days free trial expires, you can easily cancel your LinkedIn Premium trial and you will still have access to those courses.

#5. Sort for networking events and attend them

If you intend to have more insights into your marketing career, we recommend that you often attend some networking events so that you will become a successful marketer who will be willing to grow his contact base with ease.

Perhaps, people that are into marketing usually attend networking events to share their experiences, show off their successes, and also to socialize with each other to build a strong marketing community.

Moreover, you can also attend local get-together events probably if you are just starting and you don’t have much connection as regards attending large events and conferences, you can start small by attending local events.

As a starter, we recommend that you observe what happens in the events and also how things are done.

Don’t just go there to start asking questions as a newbie or start talking to almost everybody in the conference just to seek advice from them.

You should behave maturely; even though you are just starting.

What you should do on your first visit is to hang around, take some drinks and listen to what experts are saying and ensure to take note of their sayings.

Probably in your next visit, you can then start a conversation and socialize with people who came for the same event. From there you can be able to make cool friends.

#6. Enroll for a coaching

When you have found some people that are above you in your marketing field, it’s time to get closer to them to gain some useful knowledge from them.

You should know that marketing is all about the person marketing and the trust he has among people; probably his audience.

So when you find some marketers that are goal-oriented and if they are in your field, that’s superb – you can even learn a lot from them by just associating with them.

Perhaps, when you make new friends and share your goals with some of them, they will know that you are worth being their friends.

This will make it possible for you to interact with them and share useful knowledge that will expand your knowledge in your career.

When you associate with like-minded people, you will be able to see people that can help you out and even teach you certain things you need to know.

Moreover, when you see people that are willing to coach you, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with them so that both of you will benefit from each other.


One thing you should have in mind when venturing into starting a career in marketing is that marketing is a fantastic career that allows you to work remotely and make cool cash right from your room.

With these steps we discussed above, you can excel in your career as a marketer.


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