How to Get Marketing Clients as a Digital Marketing Agency

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How to Get Marketing Clients as a Digital Marketing Agency – Are you at the edge of growing your agency but you don’t know how to get marketing clients for your agency?

Or probably you are wondering how marketing agencies get clients, then this detailed web page is the right content that you need.

The strategies that are involved in getting clients for your marketing agency is not just for newbie alone. Experts also use the same strategy to get lots of marketing clients for their businesses.

Although, lots of marketing executives usually believe that getting new clients for their agency is quite easy.

This makes them endorse a belief that having enough track record will enable them to attract new clients; unfortunately, such things don’t usually work.

Moreover, if you don’t have an active client acquisition plan, you might struggle with getting new clients for your agency, regardless of the record, you have in the past.

From research, we noticed that lots of agencies find it difficult to attract new clients to their businesses.

Perhaps, many agencies realized that their top channels of getting new clients have been oversaturated with larger agencies and this serves as a barrier to their initial method of attracting new clients.

Hereunder, some agencies discovered that some of the channels they use to attract new clients remain content marketing, SEO, and PPC marketing.

In this guide, we will detail the most favorable methods that you can use to get marketing clients for your agency.

Some Reasons Why Agencies Struggle With Growth

Although we focused on telling you guys some things you need to know about getting marketing clients in the above section, here we will briefly show you some reasons why marketing agencies struggle with growth.

Perhaps, the truth is that marketing agencies struggle with getting new clients for their business.

From research, we noticed that a lot of companies and business owners find it difficult when it comes to find new clients.

On some other occasions, many people revealed how they suffer both in getting new clients for their business and ranking most of their targeted keywords.

Moreover, another challenge that they faced was that they experience difficulties when it comes to overcoming their competitors.

How to get marketing Clients as a Digital Marketing Agency

We have realized over time that the issue of struggling to get marketing clients is not figuring out what they can do to attract new clients but what they should do to get the new targeted marketing clients that they are looking for.

In this section, we will elucidate top working ways how to get marketing clients.

#1. Organize pieces training events and workshops often

From our detailed research, we noticed that one of the best and easiest ways to get new marketing clients is by engaging them with training events and workshop practices where they need it the most.

The majority of people in the marketing sector love education and knowledge, so when you organize training events, they will be willing to come and hear from you.

This is because they are eager to know the challenges they face in marketing and how they can bring a solution that will help them to solve it.

Let’s take, for instance, a company might be facing some challenges on how they can generate inquiries online for their business, but the issue can be that they don’t have digital expertise that can be able to help them resolve the problem.

Due to some of these issues, when as a digital marketing agency when you organize training events that will aid in explaining the benefits of your services to potential clients.

This will in turn help them to solve some basic problems they are facing.

Perhaps, you can even solve several companies’ basic problems just with the free pieces of training that you organize.

In the long run, the same companies will seek for you to help them solve their immediate or even advanced problems.

Although the essence of your organizing a workshop event is not for people that attend the event to become experts during the workshop, your training will eventually help them to get a good understanding of a particular strategy.

Moreover, if you concentrate on marketing within a niche, we recommend that you find events within your niche industry to reach potential clients directly.

Even if your event is not getting the targeted clients that you are looking for, you can often reach a larger audience by connecting with an existing event.

#2. Allow your network audience to introduce themselves

Although when you have organized a training event, it may too tedious for you to ask everyone for an introduction this is quite a crazy strategy that will help you to get marketing clients with ease.

Perhaps, recently we have hardly heard of agencies utilizing this method to attract new marketing clients to their business.

When you venture into this, both new clients and old clients that you work closely with can expose you to industry connections and even individualistic connections which will, in turn, connect you to companies that may be looking for your services.

All of this can be established when you allow your network audience to feel free and introduce themselves.

We all know that some people may have a long introduction section which will take a major part of your training event, but the intention of doing this is to get something from them in the long run.

We have seen people that organized a free training event just to teach people and share relevant ideas and in the same event, they were able to make connections that will elevate them to another stage in their marketing career.

The problem that the majority of people are facing when it comes to getting new clients is that most of them do not know how to ask for these introductions; or probably think that asking people for introductions in training events may register a negative impact on them.

So you can see how effective asking people to introduce themselves can be when you allow them to do it individually without minding their knowledge or skill in marketing.

#3. Channel your website traffic to your marketing funnel

Although there are several ways you can use to reach out to new clients, we discovered that you can even convert your website traffic to a lead that you have generated for new marketing clients.

Perhaps, we noticed that in most cases not all your website visitors are ready to make inquiries when they come to your website during their first visit.

On some occasions, we realized that some visitors will come to your website more than once to make a buying decision about your products and services.

Meanwhile, if you are the type that will only focus on the channel all your visitors to your marketing funnel which mostly focuses on one thing, you may end up losing visitors that are meant to be returning visitors to your website.

From research, we find out that you can avoid this by retargeting your visitors to other aspects apart from your landing pages.

While the visitors are on your website, ensure to provide relevant information that will trigger them to either bookmark your website or memorize your domain URL so that they can easily come back to your website to harness other useful information.

If you can be able to practice retargeting your website visitors, it will in turn incorporate many other things like content, lead generation, etc.

To achieve this, you can start by mapping your content alongside your customer’s journey. When you have done this, you can be able to present more useful information that will interest your customers.

As a digital marketer, you should know that your visitors who mostly read your blog posts are just at the awareness stage of your marketing funnel.

Then visitors who went further to check out your about page or service pages are probably trying to evaluate your agency to know more about it.

Others who continued further to get to your contact page are probably going to be your potential customers.

#4. Get involved in guest posting

If you are new to guest posting or probably you don’t know what guest posting is all about, guest posting simply means creating useful content on people’s websites, which will surely contain some of your inbound links that will point readers to your website.

For instance, if you know a website that has millions of monthly readers, you can request a guest post on their platform, so that you can reach out to a wider audience.

From research, we found out that guest posting has resulted in countless success stories, and also it confirms how sharing your experience with other people builds trust and authority for your brand. Also, it helps you to grow your business.

Unfortunately, a lot of agencies today think that guest posting is an outdated form of getting new marketing clients.

Moreover, they seem to neglect guest posting because they don’t know the platform that will bring huge conversion if they publish a guest post on such platforms.

A lot of Content Marketing institutes confirmed that guest posting is one of the invisible keys to content success; but on the other hand, a lot of people see it as one of the major content marketing challenges.

Moreover, when you get involved in guest posting, your focus should be to achieve two major things which include gaining the greatest possible exposure for your agency and the second is to increase the authority of your agency.

Hint: Whenever you are evaluating guest posting opportunities, ensure that you focus only on sites that promise exposure and authority.

A good example of some platforms that you can use to achieve this is Moz and Social Media Examiner.

When your content or site is being featured on such platforms, it will automatically raise the author’s industry status.

You can as well achieve this by reaching out to customers and asking them about the kind of publications that they love reading often.

By so doing, you can be able to uncover opportunities you could miss if you focus on other marketing channels.

Furthermore, we recommend that when writing a guest post, ensure that you feature where you’ve written on your website also.

This will encourage readers to know that you are an expert in that area.

#5. Create a Mastermind Facebook Group

Over the years we realized that when you join an existing small business community, you can be able to have lead generation opportunities that will in turn help to expand your network and also establish growth in your agency.

Perhaps, when you build your community, you will be able to have greater benefits for yourself.

This will be possible if your community (for instance your Facebook group) helps you to solve some relevant problems that are specialized to your agency.

Although you should know that joining an existing community is quite easy and does not demand much work but creating your community for your agency demands much work which also includes promotion.

Because of the tedious task that is involved in creating your community, a lot of local businesses feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing.

If a local business doesn’t have much knowledge when it comes to creating its community, it might want to gain as much knowledge as possible about it first.

Because of this, we recommend building a mastermind group mostly on Facebook.

When you have succeeded in building your mastermind group, you will be able to engage people with ease.

Perhaps, most of your targeted clients might be on Facebook already. So what they need is to connect to your mastermind group.

Also, since social media platforms are quite popular, it will make hosting your mastermind groups easy and engaging, because there are a lot of built-in tools that you can use to reach out to your targeted audience.

For instance, your audience can easily get notified when you release an update for them.

Also, as an admin of the group, you will position yourself as an expert and also as a great source of advice to the group.

Furthermore, your potential clients can also find it easy to interact with other people in the group instead of coming to you directly.


The strategies that are involved in getting clients for your marketing agency is not just for newbie alone.

As an expert, you can also use these strategies that we discussed in this guide to get lots of marketing clients for their businesses.


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