How To Make Money CPA Marketing

How To Make Money CPA Marketing

Have you ever wondered how you can make money with CPA marketing?

Do you know that CPA marketing is one of the ways you can earn passive income in this digital age without having to put much effort or needing to know much?

Moreover, when thinking about how to make money with CPA marketing, you need to know some basic things about CPA marketing which involve how you can get traffic to promote your affiliate links, strategies that you should engage in, etc.

Meanwhile, in this guide, we will give you some steps you need to know on how to make money with CPA marketing, the skills you need to acquire, and how you can get traffic as well.

You should not be bothered about buying ads and other sorts of expensive advertising when it comes to CPA marketing; what you need is to know certain secrets that will help you be an effective CPA marketer.

One of the advantages of CPA marketing is that it helps you to become the marketing master of your website; perhaps, you will have full control of everything you intend to do on your website or any source you are using for promotion.

By so doing, you will be in charge of making money with your traffic. You can as well install some codes that will help you track your traffic sources.

Making money with CPA marketing is very possible because advertisers are willing to pay you for converting your traffic to take action in their products and services.

Things that you will learn in this guide include – how to promote content with CPA marketing, how you can create advertising partnerships, etc.

What is CPA Marketing?

Before we dive into the definition, you should know that CPA is an abbreviation that stands for Cost Per Action.

Perhaps, CPA marketing can be seen as a type of digital marketing where an affiliate marketer (he can be a blogger, social media manager, etc.) receives some commission when people that he prefers to take action probably by completing a task.

For instance, this task can be clicking on a button, making a purchase, completing a form, watching a video, creating an account with the platform, etc.

Moreover, these actions that people you refer through your affiliate are to take are set by an advertiser, a brand, or a company; the goal is for the company to increase their visibility and awareness both on their website as well as on their social media accounts.

As a CPA marketer, you should know that the CPA network is the bridge between the affiliate and the advertiser.

The goal of this type of marketing is for both the advertiser and the promoter (the affiliate marketer) to benefit from each other.

This process can begin with an early stage which is to monetize traffic and later the traffic will be converted to product visibility and sales.

A perfect example is – probably if you have a blog where you review products like software, you will, first of all, get your audience (visitors) to know about the product, and then you send them to the product website through your link.

So when they complete an action (probably to create a free trial account for the software or purchase the software), you will earn a commission for that.

Besides having a blog, you can use other channels to promote your CPA marketing and make cool cash in the long run also.

What you should know about Affiliates, Advertisers, and CPA Networks

In this digital age, advertisers or probably companies or individuals that want to promote their products or services are willing to pay affiliate marketers mainly for the results they bring for their products.

This result can be when a user or a visitor completes an action that they negotiated with the affiliate marketer.

Most affiliate marketers like working directly with CPA Networks worldwide, because they are looking for high-paying affiliate programs that will convert when they promote it either on their websites or on their social media accounts.

Hereunder, you should know that CPA Networks is simply a bridge between the affiliate and the advertiser.

The CPA Networks have lots of tools that help them to track every single conversion, thereby making sure that the affiliate marketer gets paid for his work and the actions that users take through his unique affiliate link.

Also, CPA Networks is quite a good support for affiliate marketers, because it helps affiliates to find compatible and reputable offers that will suit their traffic.

Again, it will help them to provide more insight, advice, and targeted campaigns to their audience.

Moreover, CPA Network normally has affiliate programs that come with lots of offers of affiliate marketers can promote.

The most interesting thing is that these CPA networks have data-driven insights and real-time reporting to help affiliate marketers track their traffic sources and conversion rate.

Below are some of the CPA networks that you can get started with:

Click dealer – This platform offers amazing loyalty programs as well as contests to their marketers.

MaxBounty – This is one of the leaders when it comes to CPA networks.

Mobidea – This is another outstanding platform that focused on mobile offers and other tech innovations.

Because of the high conversion rate that you can see in CPA Networks, you can build a successful affiliate marketing business that will generate passive income for you at a very low cost (either through building a website or promoting your affiliate links through paid ads).

How to make money online with CPA Marketing

As regards CPA marketing, there are diver ways you can use to monetize your web traffic, although this is quite dependent on your platform and the type of traffic that you have.

Perhaps, when you concentrate on promoting a particular product or lots of products, you will have a chance of earning more.

This is very possible because you can review a product that can be used for doing keyword research and somewhere in the middle of your content, you can promote a VPN company.

Probably, your visitors are not interested in purchasing the keyword research tool that you are promoting but need the VPN that you promote.

This will give you more room to earn more as a CPA marketer.

Meanwhile, before you step into CPA marketing, you should know that it takes time, effort, planning, dedication, etc. before you can start seeing results in your earnings.

We will take you through the steps you need to follow in your journey of making money with CPA marketing.

#1. You need to be a persistent learner

In this digital world, you should know that for you to keep excelling, you must be persistent in learning new things daily.

When it comes to CPA marketing, one of the rules to success is to learn all the basics of CPA marketing; also you should learn how to create a promotional campaign as well as how you can promote it to get people’s attention.

You can search for materials online; for instance, blog posts, PDFs, and videos that will teach and guide you in your first campaign successfully.

These materials will help you learn some good practices, set your goals as well as know some affiliate marketing languages that will trigger visitors to take action in what you present to them.

Perhaps, you can join free affiliate forums which will help you to stay up to date, and expose you to some software that will help you to make many sales as an affiliate marketer.

Also, you will have the opportunity to interact with experts in the field and learn new things from them right from the forum.

We encourage you to exchange ideas with affiliate managers, experienced marketers, and some digital marketing specialists on how to set up highly converting campaigns using the best affiliate program that suits such a campaign that you have in mind.

Furthermore, if you have a lot of audience on your social media accounts, you can consider promoting influencer marketing programs by using FansRevenue – which is a platform designed for content creators and influencers.

If you have a strong audience on social media platforms, you can use this platform to promote brands, and you will be able to achieve more results with your followers’ actions and engagement.

#2. Register with affiliate platforms

Search for affiliate programs that will fit your audience and create an account with them.

When creating an account with an affiliate marketing platform, ensure that you carefully fill the forms that will be presented to you.

For instance, you may be asked to provide information about your traffic, website URLs, and marketing strategies you plan to use.

Over the time we noticed that if you want your application to be reviewed faster, you need to provide as many details as possible, including how you plan to generate traffic on your site for promoting those products that you intend to promote.

Then when your account has been approved, you will be able to access your account dashboard and you will have access to promote as many products as you want.

Also, you will see top-selling products, their conversion rates, cancellation rates, etc. depending on the affiliate platform that you are working with.

#3. Select the affiliate programs/offers that you want to promote

Depending on the affiliate network that you registered with, just right from your dashboard, you will be able to see lots of potential advertisers that you will promote their products and earn reasonable commissions.

Moreover, since the goal here is focused on CPA marketing, this means that you need to take your time to search for products that are ready to reward you when users take certain actions that may not necessarily demand that your visitors will make a purchase.

To make your search query short, you can use filter tools to locate products that have the criteria you are looking for.

#4. Promote your affiliate offers

This is where you need to be very careful. Over time, we noticed that a lot of affiliate companies reject traffic from certain sources.

Perhaps, let’s expose you to the top 6 types of traffic sources (or channels) that you can use to generate traffic to your affiliate offers as a CPA marketer.

Below are these 6 different traffic sources that you can use in your CPA marketing:

Direct traffic – This is when people type your domain in their browser address bar and come to your website

Organic traffic – This is when people find your website through search engines when they type relevant keywords.

Paid traffic – This is when people click on links that you promoted on another platform and come to your website.

Referral (also known as backlinks) – This is when people click on links from other websites that point to your website.

Mailing – When users click on links inside a mail and come to your website

Social – This is traffic that results to your website when people click on links in your social media accounts and it leads them to your website.

#5. Ensure to test and optimize your funnel

When you are through with all the information we shared right from step #1 till #4, the next thing you are meant to do is to test your funnels and optimize them well so that they can lead to the maximum conversion of visitors.

The way you set and optimize your funnel will determine the sales and revenue that you will generate.

Here, we recommend that you carefully do A/B testing on everything you are doing in your funnel.

This will help you to know how different visitors will see your funnel and how they can be converted to take action on the offer you have for them.

Over the years, from experience and people, we have come to realize that a little change in your funnel can lead to your visitors taking certain actions that will in turn generate revenue for you as a CPA marketer.

There is something called A/B testing, split testing, or variant testing. This will help you to compare variants and know the banner or campaign that will yield the highest conversion and performance in your return on investment (ROI).


One of the advantages of CPA marketing is that it helps you to become the marketing master of your website.

This will in turn help you to have full control of everything you intend to do on your website or any source you are using for promotion.


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