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Even with the advancement in technology, growing a digital marketing agency demands lots of hard work and a lot of dedicated time.

As a digital marketing agency, you should know that there are certain skills and knowledge that you need to have before you can be able to stand out and coach other people.

From research, we come to realize that a good number of digital marketing agencies have over five staffs that help them to carry out their research and execute their marketing plans as well.

All your plans of growing a digital marketing agency as a marketer rely on your effort and what you know as a marketer.

Since the world is dynamic, you should not rely on what you already know over the years.

Strive to learn more and update your knowledge in all the areas in which you have an interest as a digital marketer.

Decision-making is one of the key factors that will help you to grow a digital marketing agency because you must first make decisions before you will proceed to execute those decisions that you have made.

In this guide, we will show you what you need to know as a digital marketing agency and how you can grow a digital marketing agency without much hassle.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

In this digital world, a lot of companies work with digital marketing agencies to increase their online presence which in turn will generate sales for the company.

If you are a digital marketing agency expert, you should know the latest trends, best practices, best tools as well as working strategies that are needed for every digital marketing success.

Regards to the question – What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do, below are some things you need to do as a digital marketing agency:

#1. Growing website traffic

One of the major jobs of a digital marketer is to generate traffic to one’s business which will result in much sales as well as awareness.

If you a professional digital marketing agency, you will know how a marketing campaign works, all the sales funnel stages as well as search engine search algorithms.

#2. Generating sales-ready leads

Hereunder, as a marketing agency, you should be able to know your marketing goals and objectives, your sales funnel, and also your ideal targeted audiences.

Moreover, before you can be effective in generating leads, you will need to know some inbound marketing tactics.

For instance, you should have a solid knowledge of content marketing, social media marketing, web design, search engine optimization, etc.

How to Grow a Digital Marketing Agency – 10 things to put into practice

Below are the top 10 things you need to put into consideration when growing a digital marketing agency:

#1. Allow your employees to grow with you

When it comes to growing a digital marketing agency, one of the key factors that you should know is that you should allow your employees to grow with you.

If you are a marketing agency in a company, you should allow the employees in that company to grow along with the company.

Just allowing your employees to see most things you are doing and brief them on certain areas they did not understand will result in a radical change in those employees towards digital marketing strategies.

When you allow your employees to work along with you, they will feel included and they can share their ideas and opinions. Also, they can be able to test things if it works.

Allowing your employees to grow with you has been one of the major and easiest methods you can apply when growing a digital marketing agency.

Over time, the people in your team will be able to contribute diverse ideas that will help to skyrocket your digital marketing skill.

#2. Demand for client referrals

Over the years, we have noticed that client referral is another perfect way of growing a digital marketing agency.

Perhaps, this method sometimes may take like two or three months before you can start seeing results as a digital marketing agency.

Detailed research proved that client referral is one of the highest converting channels and it works without fail when it comes to growing a digital marketing agency.

This method works without season; for instance, during the COVID-19, it may be difficult to grow a digital agency because of the world condition at that moment.

Moreover, this strategy of client referral is one of the best practices that can work during times like this.

Without a company doing much promotion, a positive review from a referral can convince a lot of people to put some level of trust in that company.

Your client referral approach can present an irresistible reward that can benefit both the client and the company in the long run.

#3. Add real value to your agency

Strive to gain lots of value as a digital marketing agency so that you can easily communicate or relate your value to your employees.

This is quite an amazing way that you can use to grow a digital marketing agency with the need to spend money on external factors.

As a leader, you need to prove your abilities right from the onset to communicate to your employees or people that are under you that you are an expert in the field.

For example, in the area of SEO, you should be able to prove that you are an expert by using proof from your previous works.

Also, you need to guide them along for them to know what you did before achieving such SEO results within a short period.

When you add holistic value to your employees, they will do mouth-to-mouth referrals which will, in turn, bring satisfied customers to your company.

Every digital marketing agency should know that every aspect of digital marketing consists of many moving parts that contribute to a company’s growth.

#4. Perform online promotion

Although there are lots of networking tools that you can use to promote your services digitally, some of the old-fashioned promotion methods known as one-on-one or face-to-face interaction add much value to people.

From research, we found out that virtual networking is quite one of the most successful marketing methods over the traditional face-to-face method.

When promoting your services virtually, you can use attractive designs and graphics to get people’s attention. This has been one of the major marketing secrets that expert marketers are using in all their campaigns to reach a wider audience that will in turn become valuable customers.

Also, a lot of people are eager to follow, and easy to get through virtual networking.

As a business owner, once you can build trust through networking, people will start taking your services to the extreme.

For example, people can share your products with others, thereby increasing your sales through free referrals.

Perhaps, any business that engages in networking is probably showing active interest which will in turn expand its employee’s jurisdiction as well as client base.

#5. Move along with dynamic changes in the digital marketing world

Because of how dynamic the world system is, you need to be updated with all the latest changes; both in technology, advertising, approach, presentation, creating funnels, and landing pages.

Adapting to changes won’t just shift your industry but will also impact the world’s economy.

Hereunder, as a digital marketing agency, you will be able to train people that will bring radical changes to the digital marketing niche entirely.

Perhaps, moving along with the current trends and changes in the digital marketing world will adjust your business development practices and also it will move your business to another level thereby creating a more diverse opportunity to own and create your business development opportunities.

This will aid in working with clients and also you will be able to move from one project-based work to more strategy-based work.

Moreover, being updated with business trends will help you to create more meaningful business relationships listen to feedback, and break larger goals into smaller ones.

#6. Concentrate on the digital space

The majority of businesses and companies are seeking for online presence because almost 80% of all the youth globally can be found on the internet.

So if you target both physical and digital spaces to promote your agency, you will be able to meet people that can comfortably work right from their homes and still deliver whatever you want them to do for you.

Of recent, the rapid acceleration of digital marketing which occurred because of recent events makes it essential for agencies to embrace the trend in the digital space.

Of recent, we noticed that one of the most effective strategic ways of growing a digital marketing agency is by helping your clients to make the shift to more digital content.

This will as well help your clients to grow alongside you even without sitting them down and spending hours coaching them on every single thing they are meant to do while they are learning from you.

If you practice this, there will be a high demand for digital marketing campaigns and it will become more realistic to your clients.

For instance, just a little opportunity that people had to create digital assets for online learning led to diverse or lucrative digital marketing projects in lots of companies.

Also, lots of digital marketers reported that they saw huge growth that returns from their podcast appearances on their website as well as on social media platforms like LinkedIn cross-posting.

Just podcasts alone will create a buzz around your name as a digital marketing agency and also more people will volunteer to work with you because of the results you were able to achieve within a short time.

As a digital marketing agency, you should know that podcast is quite a great material for multi-channel marketing.

We recommend that you pair your podcasts with your blog content to achieve the best return on investment that you have never imagined.

#7. Grow your existing client’s relationship

Having seen how clients will help grow your digital marketing agency, will be a motivation for you to intentionally invest in your agency elements that surrounds you.

What we mean here is that you need to invest more in your clients who will in turn refer other people to your agency even without the need to promote campaigns using diverse promotional methods.

One of the digital marketing experts known as Rentiel Media discovered from research how investing in your clients can earn your business more value over time.

When you focus on building a relationship with your current client, it will surely bring more success to your agency than going out to seek new clients every time.

If you can be able to build a strong connection among your clients, it will motivate your clients to be courageous to go out and convince other people to come to your agency.

The connections you have with your clients will serve as a short request to recommend you to people who are looking for your service to willfully return to you with ease.

Meanwhile, when you invest in your clients, you will surely get back what you have invested. It is like the return on investment (ROI) that marketer normally looks at when promoting their brands or products.

You should know that the client relationship we are talking about here involves personalized touch and clear communication.

#8. Ensure that your processes can be traced

Every process you went through while growing your digital agency will give room for you to grow your agency; also it will allow your clients to grow along with you since they can see what you did at every single stage in your digital marketing.

One of the most effective strategies is to focus on developing scalable processes for all aspects of the agency’s functioning, including sales and hiring of onboarding clients and services that need to be delivered.

When your digital marketing agency is scalable, you will be able to create and measure goals, coordinate your major functions, define and explain your company culture, etc.


As a digital marketing agency, you should know that there are certain skills and knowledge that you need to have before you can be able to stand out and coach other people.

Perhaps, with these points we stated in the guide, you can be able to grow your digital marketing agency effectively.


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