InstaPage Vs. ClickFunnels: Which is Best?

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Are you on the verge of choosing between InstaPage and ClickFunnels landing page builders?

As a digital marketer, the extent your products or services will be marketed lies in how you present them to your visitors.

Coming to this page, probably you have seen some features of InstaPage and ClickFunnels but you don’t know which software you will choose.

If that is your case, then relax get a cup of coffee and peruse smartly as we elucidate and compare InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels from the in-depth result we got in our recent findings.

Moreover, you should know that landing pages are normal web pages but the difference is that landing pages contains specific information that visitors or customers needed to see before they can take action and patronize your business, product, or service.

Hereunder, comparing InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels, both services have what it takes to build highly converting landing pages but because people have different specifications and choices, we have decided to bring to you why you should either go for InstaPage or ClickFunnels.

Furthermore, both InstaPage and ClickFunnels are very reliable and thousands of users are using these services for their digital marketing.

As we proceed, you will be able to decide which service is best for your next project. Let’s get started.

What is InstaPage? – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

instapages homepage

Instapage is an outstanding software that has multiple tools that can be used to create highly convertible landing pages.

Users who subscribed to Instapage can utilize their AI (Artificial Intelligence) advanced tools which include Landing pages, Experimentation, Personalization, AdMap, Collaboration, and also Page Speed.

Among all the landing page builders that ever existed, Instapage has one of the best page builders.

Currently, thousands of users hyped Instapage as the world’s most advanced landing page platform.

The truth is that even if you have not been on the internet before, with Instapage you can create instant landing pages that are unique and outstanding without hassle.

By using Instapage, you will earn more money when you spend money promoting your landing pages, you can easily create high-converting fantastic landing pages, see detailed statistics of your landing page performance, and collect leads from almost every visitor that comes to your landing page, etc.

Features of InstaPage – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Below are the core features of the Instapage landing page builder

#1. Dashboard

The instapage dashboard is quite amazing and very simple to use. Its interface is clean and there are no ads that interrupt the user’s activity. Instapage has all the tools that help users see their conversation rates as well as their raw conversion numbers at a glance.

#2. Page Builder

With Instapage page builder, users can easily find the “Create New Page” option in the dashboard. Users will have the option to upload a page, AMP page, or choose a standard page format. With this upload feature, users can either upload a previously exported or downloaded Instapage lander.

#3. Analytics & Split Testing

Instapage has more fantastic data on their A/B testing tool. With this tool, users can easily create variations of their current lander for split testing.

This also helps users to see the percentage improvement over the control variation as well as cost per lead.

#4. Report Building, Heatmaps, & Graphs

Instapage allows users to directly use Google Ads to monitor their traffic costs from different platforms. Also, users can be able to see their cost per lead, cost per purchase, and other details.

Furthermore, users can be able to use cost and performance charts which will display plotted data like conversion numbers, cost per conversion, and conversion rates.

#5. Support

Instapage offers support in diverse ways such as their community forum on their website that gives users the room to ask questions and get responses easily.

Also, users can get answers to their questions from Instapage Facebook pages and groups. For their official support, they are available only on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

What is ClickFunnels? – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is an outstanding landing page builder software that you can use to create fantastic landing pages that will convert your visitors to noble customers.

ClickFunnels don’t just have amazing advanced tools for building landing pages alone, it comes with assorted pre-built templates that contain your targeted landing page design.

While using ClickFunnels, if you are not too familiar with those advanced AI-based tools, you can easily customize a pre-built template for your online business.

ClickFunnels is not just a landing page builder software alone. With ClickFunnels you can create sales funnel just from your dashboard by engaging a few clicks from your computer.

One of the amazing interesting features of ClickFunnels is that you don’t need to know about the program before you can build your landing page or a sales funnel for your business.

Regardless of the type of landing page you want to create, ClickFunnels has all the tools that you need for it.

For instance, with the AI-based drag and drop tool, you can embed third-party payment methods in your landing pages without writing any single line of code.

Features of ClickFunnels – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

clickfunnels benefit

Below are some features of ClickFunnels landing page builder software:

#1. A/B Testing

With the ClickFunnels A/B testing feature, you can be able to test all your sales funnels and see how they will behave for different visitors that will come to your landing page.

#2. Payment Gateways Integration

With the drag and drop feature, you can integrate assorted payment gateways regardless of your currency.

#3. Drag-and-drop page builder

ClickFunnels has an AI-based drag and drops page builder tool that enables both beginners and professionals to create fantastic landing pages even when you don’t have any knowledge of coding or web development.

#4. Connect Multiple Domains

With just a single subscription while using ClickFunnels, you can be able to connect multiple domains without paying additional money or installing third-party software.

#5. Sales Analytics

The sales analytics feature that ClickFunnels offers allows users to keep track of their sales by ensuring that they have all the essential sales statistics.

#6. Pre-Built Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels has an assorted library of pre-built funnel templates which users can use for any kind of marketing landing page they want.

InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels: Pricing

InstaPage pricing

instapages pricing

In terms of pricing packages, Instapage has only two pricing plans for its users.

The first is called Building Plan while the other is called Converting Plan.

The Building Plan costs $299 per month, but if you are subscribing to their annual package, you will have to pay only $199 per month.

In the Building Plan package, users can be able to create high-converting fantastic landing pages and also see their sales performance in real-time.

When you subscribe to an annual plan in the Building Plan, you will get 33% off.

On the other hand, Instapage Converting Plan does not have a fixed price, and prices are fixed according to users’ needs.

In the Converting Plan, users will have access to advanced features such as Unlimited Domains, Customer Success Manager, Sophisticated A/B Testing, Landing Page Builder, Server-Side A/B Testing, and Real-Time Visual Collaboration, among others.

ClickFunnels pricing

clickfunnels pricing

ClickFunnels has awesome pricing packages for individuals and also for entrepreneurs.

The Startup Plan costs $97 per month while the Etison plan costs $297 per month.

Are you new to ClickFunnels and you don’t know how to go about the pricing packages? We can help you.

With ClickFunnels’ day free trial, you can test any ClickFunnels pricing package and see if it has all that you are looking for.

Moreover, when your free trial days expire, you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee after your subscription.

ClickFunnels pricing packages are very flexible and you can subscribe for a month-to-month plan which you can cancel at any time.

InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels: Pros and Cons

InstaPage Pros

  • InstaPage has excellent landing pages that are very powerful and robust in action. Regardless of your knowledge, you can effectively the user interface in your projects. Moreover, it is very simple, flexible, and much more pretty for creating landing pages.
  • There are no traffic limitations when using InstaPage
  • Their landing page builder is quite fast and users can create fantastic landing pages within a few minutes.
  • With InstaPage, you can add your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript codes if you have the knowledge of web building and you intend to create your custom codes.
  • They have over 200 templates that you can use to get started if you don’t know how to build landing pages from scratch.
  • They have awesome real-time collaboration tools.
  • Users can easily integrate third-party software such as a WordPress plugin for easy publishing on a WordPress site.
  • They have diverse built-in analytics tools.

InstaPage Cons

  • Instapage does not have other functions besides landing pages. Users who need other functionalities outside landing pages will consider other landing page building software.
  • Sometimes their support can take a long time before they will respond to your request
  • Some users complained that managing a sales funnel is a complex process that involves several different tools and integrations
  • They have a limited number of landing pages

ClickFunnels Pros

Below are the advantages that users will enjoy when they choose ClickFunnels landing page builder software for their digital marketing:

  • They offer a certified 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime you want
  • As a user, you can join their affiliate program and generate money for yourself
  • They have fantastic responsive templates
  • Their templates are mobile responsive
  • They have an amazing drag and drop page builder tool
  • They support weekly Q&A support webinars
  • Users will be given 6 pre-built funnels
  • Integrates with major email service providers (Aweber, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and more)
  • You can easily add or subtract pages from the funnel
  • You can share free funnels within the ClickFunnels community
  • It works with our favorite checkout, Thrivecart
  • Integrates with payment providers (PayPal, Stripe, Recurly, and more)
  • With their 14-day free trial, even if you don’t have money for a one-month pricing package, you can be given access to access all the features you need when building your landing page. Moreover, some landing page builders don’t offer this amazing free trial.

ClickFunnels Cons

Although ClickFunnels is a good landing page builder, they still have a bad side. Below are some negative things we encountered from our ClickFunnels review:

  • When it comes to pricing, it is more expensive than some other landing page builders out there. Meanwhile, ClickFunnels claimed on their website that their price is higher because of the features they offer to users.
  • There are only two subscription packages available for users
  • Users are restricted to only 20 funnels. Although the majority of users cannot exhaust the 20 funnels in their dashboard
  • Their basic pricing package only limits 20,000 visitors to your landing page per month
  • With their entry-level, you will be allowed to own only three custom domain

Moreover, besides the backside of ClickFunnels, one of the biggest cons we spotted is their pricing packages.

Regardless of the features that they offer, a beginner spending $97 a month just to create a landing page is quite overwhelming!

A lot of users (especially beginners) choose other landing page builders because they can’t afford the cost of purchasing the ClickFunnels startup plan.

InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels: Which is best?

In this detailed comparison between InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels, we compare these two services based on the general important features.

User interface – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

The Instapage user interface (dashboard) is quite outstanding and it is what both beginners and experts expect it to be.

The interface is clean and users will focus on the real screen estate instead of ads, unlike other landing page builders.

Instapage dashboard displays landers because they focused on PPC and this gives users a good idea about their conversation rates and raw conversion numbers at a glance.

Instapage main navigation is located at the left sidebar which users can easily locate and users can categorize their dashboard into groups.

ClickFunnels has an outstanding user interface that enables every user regardless of their knowledge when it comes to technology or web building.

ClickFunnels software comes with so many pre-designed awesome templates that users can select and modify without needing to start afresh.

Users can easily modify those pre-designed templates and add whatever they like, for example, they can add videos, images, buttons, forms, pop-ups, etc.

With ClickFunnels, you can also add other advanced widgets such as pricing tables, progress bars, survey forms, etc.

Unlike ClickFunnels which displays ads in the user’s dashboard regardless of the pricing package that you subscribed to, Instapage is ads-free and easy to use.


In conclusion, Instapage is the winner.

Scheduling and publishing – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage has lots of tools that users can utilize when designing and publishing their landing pages.

Moreover, when it comes to scheduling events and activities, Instapage has limited tools, since landing page building is the only functionality of Instapage.

Nevertheless, Instapage has a powerful, robust editor for designing, publishing, and managing your landing pages with ease.

ClickFunnels on the other hand has one of the best tools for scheduling and publishing your events, sales, etc. This tool helps to build a front-end funnel which has helped a lot of users grow their email marketing in just a few months.

ClickFunnels believed that users can make more money with their landing pages if they use their follow-up funnels.

ClickFunnels’ scheduling and publishing tool for email marketing automation which is known as Follow-Up Funnels do the same function as an email autoresponder.

With this Follow-Up Funnels feature, users can easily create, schedule, and deliver their emails without hassle.

With ClickFunnels’ Email Messenger tool, you can design and send scheduled emails, and automatically stop sending emails to users who are not interested in your emails.


In conclusion, ClickFunnels has a more powerful scheduling and publishing tool than Instapage.

Pricing – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

When it comes to pricing, Instapage Building Plan costs $299 per month, but if you are subscribing to their annual package, you will have to pay only $199 per month.

In the Building Plan package, users can be able to create high-converting fantastic landing pages and also see their sales performance in real-time.

When you subscribe to an annual plan in the Building Plan, you will get 33% off.

On the other hand, Instapage Converting Plan does not have a fixed price, and prices are fixed according to users’ needs.

In the Converting Plan, users will have access to advanced features such as Unlimited Domains, Customer Success Manager, Sophisticated A/B Testing, Landing Page Builder, Server-Side A/B Testing, and Real-Time Visual Collaboration, among others.

ClickFunnels Startup Plan costs $97 per month while the Etison plan costs $297 per month.

With ClickFunnels’ day free trial, you can test any ClickFunnels pricing package and see if it has all that you are looking for.

Moreover, when your free trial days expire, you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee after your subscription.

ClickFunnels pricing packages are very flexible and you can subscribe for a month-to-month plan which you can cancel at any time.


In conclusion, ClickFunnels is the winner because with ClickFunnels’ Startup Plan costs $97 per month, users can enjoy a whole of advanced features.

Social conversion management – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage has social conversion management tools and integration options. Instapage being a landing page-only tool allows its usersto use their software alongside other tools.

Users can easily integrate Instapage with other tools and social media platforms, including WordPress and Facebook.

When you are promoting your landing pages on social media platforms, you can utilize Instapage built-in tools which help in advertising, e-mail advertising, and marketing automation to analytics, call tracking, live chat as well as webinars.

These tools enable users to export visitors’ contact information once the lead is being captured, as a CSV file or users can as well send direct information to their captured leads by using their-party software like MailChimp.

When it comes to social conversion management, ClickFunnels allows its users to use quick lead capturing and nurturing tools.

ClickFunnels allows users to easily build sales funnel or even to choose from lots of pre-built sales funnel which is available in their dashboard.

While using ClickFunnels, you can select a compatible sales funnel that fits your business type from different categories such as e-commerce, education, webinars, and so many others.

When using ClickFunnels to create your funnels, you will be given two different options of which one is cookbook builder and the other is the classic funnel builder.

Cookbook builder is used for building ready-to-use funnels while the classic funnel builder is the DIY builder for creating your custom funnel.


In conclusion, both Instapage and ClickFunnels have amazing social conversion management tools.

Collaboration and teamwork – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage collaboration and teamwork are quite fantastic. Just from your dashboard, you can contact their official support team through diverse ways such as their community forum on their website, and get help, assistance, or answers to questions or challenges that you are facing.

In the Instapage community, there are lots of people that ask questions and new users can benefit from those questions when the answers are released by the Instapage support team.

Also, users can join the Instapage Facebook group and get support while perusing Facebook.

Instapage being less popular than some landing page builders like ClickFunnels offers fast response to their customers through their support teams.

ClickFunnels teams are always there to assist the very user with the specific answers that they need. As a paid user, you can easily log in to your dashboard with the pre-built templates and funnels.

When you get stocked, there are lots of resources in the ClickFunnels resource center which you can use to navigate your way out even without contacting support.

The topics you will find in ClickFunnels ranges from creating and split testing funnels to integrating third-party tools, like GoToWebinar and ClickBank.

Users who were unable to find their specific answer in the ClickFunnels knowledge base can easily contact their support team which is available 24/7 regardless of the season.


In conclusion, Instapage is the winner when it comes to good, quick, and fast customer support.

Advertising – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage has awesome tools that both individuals and businesses can use to promote their products or services online.

If you intend to improve the ROI you are obtaining from social media platforms like Facebook, Google ads, etc. Instapage is quite a pretty platform that can help you to get started.

Instapage has detailed advertising analytics built-in tools of which Google Analytics is inclusive.

By using Instapage, you will be able to Instablocks features which Instapage solution for creating landing pages at scale, mostly when paying for digital advertising.

Another interesting feature is that users can save custom blocks and reuse them later.

ClickFunnels has advanced tools for building highly converting pages that will convert when you advertise or promote those landing pages.

For instance, with the available widgets, you will see in your ClickFunnels dashboard, you will not just build landing pages but also you will build sales funnel for your digital marketing.

Since you can integrate your ClickFunnels landing pages with payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Recurly, and others, you will have much more confidence when advertising your landing pages because everything is already in order.

With the ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard tool, you can easily track (manage) your visitor’s performance while promoting your services.

Your ClickFunnels affiliate sales dashboard will give you access to your affiliate statistics such as sales and income.


In conclusion, both platforms have good advertising features.

Content creation – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage being a landing page builder that has robust features comes with Instablocks which is an AI-based tool (Instapage’s solution) for creating both landing pages and their contents at a scale.

With Instablocks, users can easily create blocks, save them and reuse it for future purposes.

For instance, if you are creating a black Friday flashy sale landing page, you can save the blocks that constitute the black Friday landing page and use them later in another period when you want to create such events again.

Users can as well create content page blocks such as testimonials, headers, footers, etc. and this can be turned into a template that can be reused.

Also, Instapage has global blocks which help users to update a specific part of several landing pages at the same moment with just a few clicks.

ClickFunnels has lots of features including the AI-based drag and drop feature which helps both beginners and advanced users to create unique content without having to write any code.

By default, the ClickFunnels homepage is very rich in its content regardless of the pricing plan that you subscribed for.


In conclusion, Instapage is the winner in terms of content creation.

Analytical report – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage has a standard analytical report dashboard which helps to increase users’ ROI when you advertise your landing pages on platforms like Facebook, Google ads, etc.

Also, Instapage has detailed advertising analytics built-in tools of which Google Analytics is inclusive.

With Instablocks features, users can easily create a custom analytics report based on what they intend to track.

Instapage users can also integrate Google Analytics to help them track every action that a user performs on their landing page, ranging from the time they spent, what they clicked on, how they get converted, and how they felt when they opened their landing pages, etc.

ClickFunnels has a built-in sales analytics tool that comes with all the essential sales statistics tools in the user’s dashboard.

With the sales analytics, your users will get all the necessary information about their funnel sales such as EPC (Earning Per Click), gross income, their cart value, etc.

The sales analytics feature enables you to see how much you have earned from the sales page, order confirmation, etc.

ClickFunnels allows integration with Google Analytics which will also help you to track the key performance metrics of your landing pages.


In conclusion, both Instapage and ClickFunnels has good analytical report feature.

Security – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

In terms of security, both Instapage and ClickFunnels serve their users with the best SSL certificates for all their landing pages, sales funnel, as well as websites.

By using an SSL certificate, all your services are well encrypted. Your payment channels and APIs will never be tracked by hackers.

All your payments will come to the platforms that you integrated into your landing pages for collecting payments.

When your landing page is served through HTTPS, every user that is coming to your landing page will have confidence because even their data will be safe.


Both Instapage and ClickFunnels software is quite recommended because they serve the best security to all their users.

Customer support – InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

Instapage customers can harness the Instapage community to get the best customer support for all their questions or support when navigating through their dashboard.

Instapage provides customer support both on Facebook, and in their online community, through emails, live chat, and even phone calls.

Instapage customer support team responds to user requests immediately because they don’t have so many registered users.

Although ClickFunnels customer support service is good, they do not offer 24/7 customer support to their users.

Meanwhile, their customer support is only available on weekdays, and users who subscribe to their standard plan only get email support.


In conclusion, Instapage has more reliable and easy to respond customer support service.

Summary of InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels

We hope that our detailed comparison between InstaPage vs. ClickFunnels helped you to know the best landing page builder that you need for your digital marketing project.

To proceed with your favorite landing page builder, follow any of the links we provide in this guide to get a discount from the estimated price you will be charged to pay.

Both InstaPage and ClickFunnels are good for all that you will need. We recommend both of them to our readers.


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