ClickFunnels vs Builderall: Which is best?

clickfunnel vs builderall

In this detailed review, we will compare and contrast everything you should know between ClickFunnels vs. Builderall landing page builders.

Right now in this current age, you don’t need to master all the web programming languages before you can be able to create an online space (probably a landing page, website, sales funnel, etc.) where you can sell your products and your services.

While you are on this webpage, we know that you must have known some information about ClickFunnels as well as Builderall.

So as you read on, you will be able to see our detailed discovery and findings between ClickFunnels vs. Builderall.

This will in turn enable you to choose the best service that has all the tools you need for the project you intend to build with these landing page builders.

Both ClickFunnels and Builderall are quite effective sales funnel and landing page software that helps individuals, enterprises, bloggers, content writers, etc. to sell their products and services online.

The reason why there are lots of sales funnel builders is not just for competition purposes, but each of them has a unique feature that different users will need.

We recommend that you go through every section in this guide to see our verdict on every single feature as we compare ClickFunnels vs. Builderall landing page builders.

Let’s get started.


What is ClickFunnels? – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

ClickFunnels is an outstanding landing page builder software that you can use to create fantastic landing pages that will convert your visitors to noble customers.

ClickFunnels don’t just have amazing advanced tools for building landing pages alone, it comes with assorted pre-built templates that contain your targeted landing page design.

While using ClickFunnels, if you are not too familiar with those advanced AI-based tools, you can easily customize a pre-built template for your online business.

ClickFunnels is not just a landing page builder software alone. With ClickFunnels you can create sales funnel just from your dashboard by engaging a few clicks from your computer.

One of the amazing interesting features of ClickFunnels is that you don’t need to know about the program before you can build your landing page or a sales funnel for your business.

Regardless of the type of landing page you want to create, ClickFunnels has all the tools that you need for it.

For instance, with the AI-based drag and drop tool, you can embed third-party payment methods in your landing pages without writing any single line of code.

Features of ClickFunnels – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

Below are some features of ClickFunnels landing page builder software:

#1. A/B Testing

With the ClickFunnels A/B testing feature, you can be able to test all your sales funnels and see how they will behave for different visitors that will come to your landing page.

#2. Payment Gateways Integration

With the drag and drop feature, you can integrate assorted payment gateways regardless of your currency.

#3. Drag-and-drop page builder

ClickFunnels has an AI-based drag and drops page builder tool that enables both beginners and professionals to create fantastic landing pages even when you don’t have any knowledge of coding or web development.

#4. Connect Multiple Domains

With just a single subscription while using ClickFunnels, you can be able to connect multiple domains without paying additional money or installing third-party software.

#5. Sales Analytics

The sales analytics feature that ClickFunnels offers allows users to keep track of their sales by ensuring that they have all the essential sales statistics.

#6. Pre-Built Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels has an assorted library of pre-built funnel templates which users can use for any kind of marketing landing page they want.

#7. Email List Building Tools

clickfunnels generate leads

By using ClickFunnels, you can utilize their AI-based email list-building tools without the need to build an email list from scratch. This will save you time and money.

What is Builderall? – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall


Builderall is a web-based internet marketing software that has almost all the essential tools needed for creating an effective sales funnel or landing pages for your digital marketing.

By using Builderall, you can be able to harness all their advanced AI-based tools when building your landing pages, regardless of the pricing package that you subscribed for.

Builderall allows its users to manage their email subscribers as well as their email listing and send them infinite emails.

Also, users can create membership sites, create blogs, etc. inside their landing pages.

This helps to maximize your opportunity when promoting your services through your landing pages.

Another amazing feature about Builderall is that users can easily integrate their sales funnel or landing pages with Facebook.

Being an amazing software, Builderall was launched in 2011 and since that time till date, they have been making waves through their awesome services to their customers.

Currently, Builderall has more than 20,000 satisfied customers with over 67,000 hosted domains. This is quite outstanding.

Features of Builderall – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

Below are the core features of Builderall

#1. App creator

With Builderall’s mobile app creator, users can easily optimize and brand their services.

Builderall’s mobile app creator tools work just the same way as Cheetah Website Builder, where users can use drag and drop building tools to design and edit mobile apps without hiring developers.

#2. Canvas funnel builder

With Builderall’s Canvas funnel builder, you can build your funnel even from scratch. You can likewise use built-in tools to create your sales funnel.

#3. E-Commerce

Another amazing interesting feature about Builderall is the E-Commerce features which were recently added to the user’s dashboard.

This helps users to easily create and design their shops.

#4. Webinar

The webinar is quite an interactive tool in Builderall that enables users to stream live videos, share their screens, and even record an attractive and high-quality webinar.

#5. WordPress installation

Builderall offers a WordPress installation tool that enables users to maximize all the features of WordPress when building their landing pages or sales funnel.

#6. Email marketing

With MailingBoss Autoresponder which is a popular Builderall email marketing feature, users can easily create email marketing campaigns.

#7. Mockup studio

Builderall Mockup studio is most times called design studio. This tool allows users to design different materials such as Facebook posts, website videos, eBook covers, product information, and catalogs.

ClickFunnels Vs Builderall: Pricing

Here we will give you a detailed price comparison between ClickFunnels Vs Builderall.

ClickFunnels pricing

clickfunnels pricing

ClickFunnels has outstanding and they carefully categorize all these features depending on what the user needs and how much they budget for their digital marketing sales funnel creation.

The Startup Plan costs $97 per month while the Etison plan costs $297 per month.

Are you new to ClickFunnels and you don’t know how to go about the pricing packages? We can help you.

With ClickFunnels’ day free trial, you can test any ClickFunnels pricing package and see if it has all that you are looking for.

Moreover, when your free trial days expire, you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee after your subscription.

ClickFunnels pricing packages are very flexible and you can subscribe for a month-to-month plan which you can cancel at any time.

Builderall pricing

builderall plans

Builderall has four pricing plans which include Trial, Premium, Builder, and Funnel Club.

For the Trial Plan, you will be charged $1 to test the platform for 30 days.

With the Trial plan, you will be allowed to test all the features that Builderall has for its users.

Unfortunately, when the 30 days expire, you will be charged $69.90 automatically unless you cancel your subscription.

For the Premium Plan, the price is $69.90 per month. The Premium plan gives users access to 38 features which include: Facebook and YouTube streaming tools, Cheetah drag-and-drop, an e-learning builder, etc.

The Builder costs $29.90 per month and it has 25 unique features which include: Builderall booking and calendar app, MailingBoss, browser notifications, the blog too, chat building tool, 100+ video tutorials, and a large knowledge base, etc.

The Funnel Club Plan costs $99.90 per month. Moreover, you can choose to pay a one-time fee of $199 which will reduce your payable monthly fee to $69.90.

With this plan, you will have access to all of Builderall’s tools and features which include: 30+ Messenger chatbot funnels, 50+ niche funnels for capturing leads and selling, 20+ niche funnels for building lists including a lead magnet, 10+ premium funnels, 300+ quick-edit strategic Cheetah funnels, etc.

pros and cons

ClickFunnels Vs Builderall: Pros and Cons

ClickFunnels Pros

ClickFunnels being an outstanding and highly rated landing page builder has the following pros:

  • They offer a certified 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime you want
  • As a user, you can join their affiliate program and generate money for yourself
  • They have fantastic responsive templates
  • Their templates are mobile responsive
  • They have an amazing drag and drop page builder tool
  • They support weekly Q&A support webinars
  • Users will be given 6 pre-built funnels
  • Integrates with major email service providers (Aweber, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and more)
  • You can easily add or subtract pages from the funnel
  • You can share free funnels within the ClickFunnels community
  • It works with our favorite checkout, Thrivecart
  • Integrates with payment providers (PayPal, Stripe, Recurly, and more)
  • With their 14-day free trial, even if you don’t have money for a one-month pricing package, you can be given access to access all the features you need when building your landing page. Moreover, some landing page builders don’t offer this amazing free trial.

ClickFunnels Cons

Although is quite amazing, they still have a bad side. Below are some negative things we encountered from our ClickFunnels review:

  • When it comes to pricing, it is more expensive than some other landing page builders out there. Meanwhile, ClickFunnels claimed on their website that their price is higher because of the features they offer to users.
  • There are only two subscription packages available for users
  • Users are restricted to only 20 funnels. Although the majority of users cannot exhaust the 20 funnels in their dashboard
  • Their basic pricing package only limits 20,000 visitors to your landing page per month
  • With their entry-level, you will be allowed to own only three custom domain

Moreover, besides the backside of ClickFunnels, one of the biggest cons we spotted is their pricing packages.

Regardless of the features that they offer, a beginner spending $97 a month just to create a landing page is quite overwhelming!

A lot of users (especially beginners) choose other landing page builders because they can’t afford the cost of purchasing the ClickFunnels startup plan.

Builderall Pros

  • Builderall has over 30+ integrated tools which help users to save up their time as well as money when building their landing pages and sales funnel
  • They frequently update their software and this aid room for improvements in tools and features
  • They have a profitable affiliate program
  • You can easily connect your landing pages to external websites and apps
  • Users can easily synchronize Builderall with other online marketing tools without hassle. This feature helps to keep some of the user’s software
  • They have diverse support options which include support team, Facebook group support, YouTube channel support, etc.
  • All the web hosting fee is included in any plan that you subscribe to.

Builderall Cons

  • Builderall sheer tools are quite tedious especially if you are a new entrepreneur who doesn’t have much knowledge when it comes to technology that powers online platforms such as landing pages.
  • Users suggested that the entire user interface of the Builderall dashboard can be improved to help new users utilize built-in tools when building their sales funnels.
  • Navigation is somehow difficult especially if you are a beginner who has not used landing page building software before.
  • Their Funnel Club plan is very expensive when compared to other landing page builders, especially if you are just starting.
  • Sometimes their support response is late.

ClickFunnels vs. Builderall: Which is best?

clickfunnel vs builderall

Here we elucidated a detailed comparison between ClickFunnels vs. Builderall based on general important features.

User interface – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

ClickFunnels has an outstanding user interface that enables every user regardless of their knowledge when it comes to technology or web building.

ClickFunnels software comes with so many pre-designed awesome templates that users can select and modify without needing to start afresh.

Users can easily modify those pre-designed templates and add whatever they like, for example, they can add videos, images, buttons, forms, pop-ups, etc.

With ClickFunnels, you can also add other advanced widgets such as pricing tables, progress bars, survey forms, etc.

Builderall has an easy-to-use interface, even if you don’t have any tech background, with their software, you can create fantastic sales funnels and landing pages.

When using Builderall, you don’t need to spend much time trying to understand its user interface or trying to locate some tools which you can use in building your landing pages.

You can easily design digital marketing campaigns and integrate payment methods with just a built-in drag and drop tool directly from your dashboard.

Builderall just like other landing page building software has pre-built templates which you can easily edit to have your landing pages within a few minutes.

In conclusion, both ClickFunnels and Builderall have an awesome user interface. There is no winner.

Scheduling and publishing – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

ClickFunnels has one of the best tools for scheduling and publishing your events, sales, etc. This tool helps to build a front-end funnel which has helped a lot of users grow their email marketing in just a few months.

ClickFunnels believed that users can make more money with their landing pages if they use their follow-up funnels.

ClickFunnels’ scheduling and publishing tool for email marketing automation which is known as Follow-Up Funnels do the same function as an email autoresponder.

With this Follow-Up Funnels feature, users can easily create, schedule, and deliver their emails without hassle.

With ClickFunnels’ Email Messenger tool, you can design and send scheduled emails, and automatically stop sending emails to users who are not interested in your emails.

Builderall has a fantastic feature known as nifty which allows users to create and schedule every single action or event from their account easily.

With the nifty feature, you can schedule webinar start times, enable chats with your customers remotely without hassle, monitor statistics, etc.

Also, with Builderall you can integrate a third-party email platform known as MailingBoss which enables creating and categorizing emails to know the particular customers you will constantly send notifications for your new products.

Builderall scheduling feature provides security for private webinars which enhances users’ trust while building with Builderall.

In conclusion, both platforms have good scheduling and publishing tools.

Pricing – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

The Startup Plan costs $97 per month while the Etison plan costs $297 per month.

With ClickFunnels’ day free trial, you can test any ClickFunnels pricing package and see if it has all that you are looking for.

Moreover, when your free trial days expire, you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee after your subscription.

ClickFunnels pricing packages are very flexible and you can subscribe for a month-to-month plan which you can cancel at any time.

With the Builderall Trial plan, users will be allowed to test all the features that Builderall has for their users.

Unfortunately, when the 30 days expire, you will be charged $69.90 automatically unless you cancel your subscription.

For the Premium Plan, the price is $69.90 per month. The Premium plan gives users access to 38 features which include: Facebook and YouTube streaming tools, Cheetah drag-and-drop, an e-learning builder, etc.

The Builder costs $29.90 per month and it has 25 unique features which include: Builderall booking and calendar app, MailingBoss, browser notifications, the blog too, chat building tool, 100+ video tutorials, and a large knowledge base, etc.

The Funnel Club Plan costs $99.90 per month. Moreover, you can choose to pay a one-time fee of $199 which will reduce your payable monthly fee to $69.90.

In conclusion, Builderall is the winner since their pricing packages are cheaper than that of ClickFunnels and Builderall still has wonderful features.

Social conversion management – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

When it comes to social conversion management, ClickFunnels allows its users to use quick lead capturing and nurturing tools.

ClickFunnels allows users to easily build sales funnel or even to choose from lots of pre-built sales funnel which is available in their dashboard.

While using ClickFunnels, you can select a compatible sales funnel that fits your business type from different categories such as e-commerce, education, webinars, and so many others.

When using ClickFunnels to create your funnels, you will be given two different options of which one is cookbook builder and the other is the classic funnel builder.

Cookbook builder is used for building ready-to-use funnels while the classic funnel builder is the DIY builder for creating your custom funnel.

Builderall has outstanding social media management or engagement tool which will help you to build and engage your audience on social media platforms.

The Builderall customer relationship management tool functions as a storage system for all your customers’ data. This tool will help you track and record your customers’ contact details and sales activity.

With the Builderall Facebook chatbot tool, you can easily update your Facebook audience with just a click.

You can as well automate your Facebook member’s comments or posts with the Facebook chatbot tool.

Also, Builderall provides a social proof tool that enables users to add social proof to their checkout pages, thereby enabling them to share useful information with recent customers.

Furthermore, Builderall has Sitebot which functions just the same way that Facebook chatbot works.

This helps to reply to your customers even in your absence.

In conclusion, Builderall has more social media management tools than ClickFunnels.

Collaboration and teamwork – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

ClickFunnels teams are always there to assist the very user with the specific answers that they need. As a paid user, you can easily log in to your dashboard with the pre-built templates and funnels.

When you get stocked, there are lots of resources in the ClickFunnels resource center which you can use to navigate your way out even without contacting support.

The topics you will find in ClickFunnels ranges from creating and split testing funnels to integrating third-party tools, like GoToWebinar and ClickBank.

Users who were unable to find their specific answer in the ClickFunnels knowledge base can easily contact their support team which is available 24/7 regardless of the season.

Builderall has quite an amazing knowledge base that can be accessed directly from your admin dashboard.

Hereunder, users can find lots of videos about how-to tutorials as well as training material which will assist you in any stage you get stocked while using the software.

Builderall teamwork has diverse platforms where its users can get support easily.

For instance, on Builderall Youtube Channel, you will see lots of tutorial videos that provide top tips, best practices, and even weekly live chats for their users.

For users who love reading documented text, Builderall support tickets are quite available for every user. You can as well create a support ticket right from your admin dashboard and the team will give you your desired information.

On Facebook, you can join Builderalls’ Facebook Page to get quick responses and answers to your questions. Moreover, you can as well raise questions, share ideas, read success stories, etc. on their Facebook page.

In conclusion, Builderall is the winner in terms of teamwork and collaboration.

Advertising – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

ClickFunnels has advanced tools for building highly converting pages that will convert when you advertise or promote those landing pages.

For instance, with the available widgets, you will see in your ClickFunnels dashboard, you will not just build landing pages but also you will build sales funnel for your digital marketing.

Since you can integrate your ClickFunnels landing pages with payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Recurly, and others, you will have much more confidence when advertising your landing pages because everything is already in order.

With the ClickFunnels affiliate dashboard tool, you can easily track (manage) your visitor’s performance while promoting your services.

Your ClickFunnels affiliate sales dashboard will give you access to your affiliate statistics such as sales and income.

Builderall also has fantastic AI-based tools which help to automate your landing pages in your absence and still satisfy your customers.

When you promote your landing pages, you won’t be bothered if your visitors will bounce back because of poor landing page structure or slow page loading speed.

Moreover, with the drag and drop tool, embedding payment gateways will be accomplished with a few clicks and this will in turn your advert turn up.

Hereunder, visitors can become automatic customers by just visiting your landing page because your landing page is like them interacting with a human in real life.

In conclusion, both ClickFunnels and Builderall have amazing advertising features.

Content creation – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

ClickFunnels has lots of features including the AI-based drag and drop feature which helps both beginners and advanced users to create unique content without having to write any code.

By default, the ClickFunnels homepage is very rich in its content regardless of the pricing plan that you subscribed for.

Builderall has a bunch of content creation tools that can be used to create assorted content formats on your landing pages.

With the Builderall floating video creation tool, you can include floating images and videos just to catch your visitor’s attention.

Builderall provides design studio mockups that users can use to create amazing images, e-books, and courses for their web pages by using the photo editor and design studio tool.

This tool enables users to easily create mock-ups with their photos, and also helps in creating engaging blogs, social media platforms, and engaging content.

Builderall also enables Facebook pixel and Google Analytics which allows users to track every single activity of users regardless of the traffic source.

Furthermore, Builderall comes with browser notifications which is an efficient way to communicate with your leads.

In conclusion, Builderall is the winner in terms of content creation.

Analytical report – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

ClickFunnels has a built-in sales analytics tool that comes with all the essential sales statistics tools in the user’s dashboard.

With the sales analytics, your users will get all the necessary information about their funnel sales such as EPC (Earning Per Click), gross income, their cart value, etc.

The sales analytics feature enables you to see how much you have earned from the sales page, order confirmation, etc.

ClickFunnels allows integration with Google Analytics which will also help you to track the key performance metrics of your landing pages.

Builderall provides their users with diverse analytics to enable them to test their funnels and page, there monitoring every activity in their landing pages such as bounce rate, leads, user navigation on the web page, and how long a visitor stays on your landing page, etc.

With the A/B testing tool, users will see how each sales page converts visitors, enabling them to know how to improve their landing page user interface and also how they can increase visitor conversion.

Builderall allows users to integrate Google Analytics and other third-party tools that help in tracking visitors’ activity on a web page.

In conclusion, both ClickFunnels and Builderall have wonderful analytical report tools.

Security – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

Security is one thing that cannot be over-emphasized in anything that has to do with the internet.

ClickFunnels and Builderall being a modern landing page builders provide SSL certificates for all your landing pages, sales funnel, and websites.

This SSL certificate ensures that all your services are well encrypted. Your payments will never be hacked by hackers because visitors’ payment details are being encrypted both on the front end and on the back end.

ClickFunnels and Builderall have a 5/5 rating when it comes to security.

Customer support – ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

Although ClickFunnels customer support service is good, they do not offer 24/7 customer support to their users.

Meanwhile, their customer support is only available on weekdays, and users who subscribe to their standard plan only get email support.

Moreover, Builderall being a newer landing page building platform offers a fast response and even live chats to their customers.

Also, they have diverse ways of assisting their users when they get stocked.

For example, they have a YouTube channel where users can stream video tutorials, Facebook pages where they can share ideas or ask questions, and support tickets that you can access from your admin dashboard with ease.

In conclusion, we can boldly say that Builderall has more reliable customer support service.

Summary of ClickFunnels vs. Builderall

Having seen our detailed comparison between ClickFunnels vs. Builderall, you can decide to go for any of these services.

Meanwhile, if you are a beginner who is just starting, we recommend Builderall as they can easily provide all the basic tools that can help you to master the web.

On other hand, if you have some knowledge about the internet, we recommend that you go for ClickFunnels.

In conclusion, both platforms are quite good.


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