How to Hire a Marketing Person

How to Hire a Marketing Person

Have you ever imagined hiring a marketing person but don’t know how to go about it?

This is a detailed guide that will teach you all you need to know as regards hiring a marketing person for any type of business you are handling.

Perhaps, you should know that marketing people usually get involved in diverse tricks, just to ensure that the organization or company they are working for keeps skyrocketing.

Moreover, if you are searching for a marketer who will assist you in creating awareness for your brand in your organization or company, then we recommend that you focus your target on an audience (marketers) in your niche.

If you intend to hire a marketing person that will grow your brand but you don’t know how to get started, this guide is for you.

As a marketer, you should know that the marketing field is quite broad and there are lots of specialties ranging from SEO to brand management and even user experience.

From research, we have come to realize that there are over 150 diverse kinds of marketing. In this scenario, your brand in marketing comes to play a role in regards to hiring a marketing person.

For instance, if you handling a campaign on social media for a political project, although it is a campaign, it is quite different from a business campaign.

Also, as a marketer, you can easily hire any type of marketing professional both in-house and as a freelancer.

Because there is much you need to know as regards hiring marketing, we detailed this guide to ensure that you get all you need to know as regards hiring a marketing person.

Skills you should expect from marketers

In this digital age, almost every marketing skill can be found in the digital space.

From the advent of the internet, digital marketing and advertising have become a target for most businesses.

Below are a few types of digital marketing skills that a person can have as a digital marketer:

Content Marketing

A content marketer is someone who is fully experienced when it comes to identifying and creating amazing content that will surely engage a targeted audience.

A professional content marketer should be able to create, edit, and manage content in blogs, landing pages, social media posts, etc.

Web Design

A web designer can be classified as a marketer that is quite creative and can brand and design with web development languages.

Perhaps, as a web developer, you can utilize some graphic tools such as Photoshop to create dynamic digital media that will attract the attention of the audience or even visitors to a brand.

Email Marketing

An email marketer is a digital marketer who is capable of handling email marketing campaigns for individuals and companies, which will help in maximizing revenue for those companies.

Social Media Marketing

A social media marketer is a digital marketer who has diverse knowledge when it comes to creating and managing engaging content, and filtering results that will help to grow your business on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Perhaps, social media marketers should be able to have marketing experience when it comes to setting up and creating awareness for brands.

Search Engine Optimization

Hereunder, an SEO marketer is someone that has a broad knowledge when it comes to Google search and other related things that will make a website rank well in regards to search engines.

Perhaps, SEO marketers can make use of diverse tools and strategies which help in on-page optimizations, content strategy, technical analysis, website performance, keyword research, etc.

What to look at when hiring a marketing person

Before you can effectively hire a marketing person, there are certain things that you need to look at. They include:

Knowing the type of customers that you need

When you get to know the type of customers you are reaching out to, it will help you to know the best possible ways that you can utilize to reach out to them.

When hiring professionals in a certain field, your approach to them will be quite different than when you are reaching out to new customers in a small-scale business.

Perhaps, from experience, the majority of hiring agencies usually search for marketing managers who have advanced knowledge as regards B2B marketing.

Analyzing your competitors

Here you should be able to ask some questions like – what are the strategies that your competitors are using to analyze their campaigns.

Check out if your competitors outrank you on search engine result pages (most especially Google).

If your competitors have a dominating app for their business. Checking out the marketing strategies that they have implemented in the past and what they intend to do in the future, etc.

Get involved in marketing audit

Doing a marketing audit means that you need to have a detailed look at your current marketing strategy.

This will enable you to know what is working for you and the places that you need to improve.

For instance, with this audit, you can be able to know if you need to hire a freelance marketing manager or probably a marketing agency.

When you do a marketing audit, you will be able to realize that some of your keywords are not ranking and the possible things you need to do to improve your website ranking.

Perhaps, you may intend to hire an SEO manager to assist you in finding out why some of your important keywords are not ranking well on search engines.

During your audit, you will be able to find out the area of your business that is lagging and you will be able to fix the gaps, probably by hiring an experienced specialist in that area.

How to Hire a Marketing Person: 5 best tips

Here are the tips that you need to engage when planning to hire any marketing person regardless of the purpose you wish to hire them for:

#1. Find the right places

Depending on the type of marketing person you intend to hire, several platforms and laces fit every single marketer that you may be looking out for.

For instance, from research, we were able to find out that if you require brand designers, one of the best platforms that you can see diverse brand designers is to navigate to Dribble or Behance.

Moreover, besides these two platforms that we mentioned, there are other portfolio websites that you can use to find your targeted brand designers.

Perhaps, if you are searching for specialists in a certain marketing area, we recommend that you attend SEO conferences.

At the conference, you will be able to interact with lots of people and find out those that have what you are looking for.

Meanwhile, if you are searching for a Marketing Manager, you should know that this position comprises many skills.

To be able to get your desired Marketing Manager, you need to search for skills and the level of knowledge that your desired Marketing Manager will possess.

In this scenario, getting involved with like-minded groups or associating with people just to source out your targeted Marketing Managers is quite recommended especially if you are new in the game of hiring a marketing person.

#2. Build a strong relationships among people

To be very effective as regards hiring a marketing person, you need to build a strong relationship among people; be it on social media platforms or in live conferences where you can easily interact with people and share relevant ideas.

Because of the nature of the digital world, it is easier to build a relationship with people that you are not seeing; or even people you have never seen or dreamt of seeing in your entire life.

Moreover, the influence of social media makes it possible for people to build a relationship without much hassle just with their computers.

For instance, I have a friend and a client with that we have done deals for a very long time and I have never met him in person but we have built a strong relationship over the years just from the social media platform.

Just from Facebook groups, you can build a relationship with like-minded people that have the same interest as you also have.

Also, LinkedIn is a very popular community and is quite a good and recommended platform where you can easily build a relationship with people.

If you are utilizing the social media platforms, ensure that you connect with them and also make sure that you engage them with useful and informative dialogue.

With all these processes, you will be able to have some insight into the marketing person that you intend to hire.

#3. Utilize job campaign opportunities to reach out to your targeted audience that you intend to hire

Since you have the intention of hiring a marketing person, you can create a job campaign and target it to your audience.

This will help you to attract people in the same marketing category or niche as you.

One of the perfect ways you can utilize this crating job ad campaign is by promoting your created ad on Facebook through a sponsored post.

In your Facebook ad, you will be able to target an audience with specific characteristics of which your goal is to get some people with some features that you need when hiring a marketing person.

Besides Facebook, you can make use of other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach out to a certain category of people with similar interests as regards to the marketing person you intend to hire.

If you have been using social media platforms to promote your campaigns, you must have noticed that social media platforms use AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to smartly reach the targeted audience that you set.

These AI tools in social media platforms will help you find candidates that are fit for the job description you specified when promoting your campaign on social media platforms.

#4. Examine easy marketing skills

From experience and from what we have seen so far from marketing, we have realized that when hiring a marketing person, it is preferable and we recommend it also for you to go for a marketer that has lots of marketing skills.

For instance, you can seek marketing personnel that has lots of marketing skills like communication ability, marketing strategy, business mindset, creating ability, foresight, zealous, etc.

If you can be able to get marketing personnel that has a majority of these skills, they will even do more than what you will expect when you hire them in your organization or business.

While examining diverse marketing skills, we also recommend that you examine and access other behavioral acts by using the right tools for them.

Some of the tools that you can use while examining the diverse marketing skills that the people you intend to hire possess are to check out their previous projects, how they respond to actions, their communication abilities (responding to chats and calls), etc.

Also, you can further ask interview questions that are related to digital marketing while undergoing the process of hiring a marketing manager.

Moreover, you should be aware that the processes that are involved in hiring a marketing person are not easy; that is if you intend to hire someone that has the same interest as you and someone ready and willing to assist in growing your business.

#5. Try to have some insight into your industry

When we talk about the industry, we mean your niche as regards digital marketing.

From research, we noticed that majority of good marketers who are looking for a job always look out for jobs that are specific to their industry.

This is why you need to have some in-depth knowledge of your industry. For instance, if you are hiring a marketing person, you will like to hire someone that has advanced knowledge of your product, and also someone that understands your market and industry.

Perhaps, the marketing person may even need to understand a few things about your competitors.

One thing you should know is that hiring is not full-time employment, so you need to hire an experienced person; not someone that you will need to train for a couple of weeks before he/she can understand your industry.

When hiring a marketing person, those that will ask you questions are likely going to learn more about your company’s future.

Your company’s future we meant here is a vision about your products and what can be done to improve them.


If you intend to hire a marketing person that will grow your brand, we elucidated all you need to know before getting started.


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