How to Be Good At Marketing

How to Be Good At Marketing

Due to regular changes in technology, the dynamism in the marketing sector has been altered.

To be good at marketing, you need to frequently follow the trends and the changes that have affected marketing as regards advancement in technology.

Moreover, if you are not up to date with the latest marketing tips, you will not be relevant in the marketing field; because of this, you will find it difficult to meet your goals.

Over the years, we noticed that change is constant even down to marketing channels that you know.

Let’s take for instance, in the early 21st century, you may know how to send bulk emails to diverse email addresses manually.

Perhaps, as of today, there are lots of automation tools that one can use to send automated emails to thousands of email addresses with just a single click.

When considering how to be good in marketing, you need to know that there are lots of things that you need to know. Also, you need to be an aggressive learner.

Furthermore, you need to always stay relevant and updated to meet up with important trends that will help you in your marketing career.

In this guide, we will give you the relevant information you need to know as regards being good at marketing.

The effect of quality content as regards marketing

Quality content which in some terms can be called evergreen content is what every good marketer strives for.

So in your journey to becoming a good marketer, you need to be a professional in regards to creating highly engaging evergreen content.

Perhaps, quality content is content that remains relevant even after so many years of its creation. The term “Evergreen” is sued to mark contents that don’t fade or become irrelevant after some years.

Although marketing trends can change in the future, have in mind that the concept of marketing does not change.

Even with the regular updates that reflect developments in the digital world, quality content has a very long life.

Quality content does not just reflect the authority and other things that reflect a company but it also drives quality traffic to your website.

Moreover, we have noticed that from search engine algorithms, the longer quality content stays on your website, the more chances it will have to rank high in search engine result pages.

When you create quality content on your website, by default it will generate leads for you.

For instance, in the middle of quality content, you can ask your readers to enter their email addresses to be able to receive updates directly to their email for more concise content for free.

As marketers, we realized that obtaining information through potential leads makes it possible for marketers to establish a close relationship with their visitors or readers.

Through email marketing, marketers can continue to deliver interesting updates to their buyers; this is quite a product of lead generation.

Not just this alone, we also noticed that quality leads easily qualify sales. This is quite possible when readers read your content, listen to your audio podcasts, or when they watch your videos.

When you engage your audience, the possibility of them buying from you is quite high.

Also, one of the advantages of quality content is that other websites will surely want to share it or site it in their content. This will in turn increase your website backlinks and referring domain.

In general, they will help your website to have authority and stand out among other websites. This also increases your chances of ranking high on search engine result pages.

How to Be Good At Marketing

Do you want to be good when it comes to marketing? Below are the recommended skills that you need to practice:

#1. Create quality content

Although brand marketing has become one of the top marketing features in today’s marketing, creating content goes a long way in engaging your audience and also increasing your visibility in search engines.

A lot of marketers today focused on searching for the easiest channel that will help them to grow their audience with ease.

Moreover, some marketers neglect the fact that quality content plays a major role when it comes to digital marketing.

For instance, if you create content on your website and you promoted the content on social media just to drive visitors and make sales if the content is well structured and of good quality, it will continue to drive traffic to your website even after some years of its creation.

Discovering multiple channels that will help you get a large audience which in turn will make your business successful is quite good, but creating quality content for all your campaigns is the ultimate key that you should strive to get.

You should know that creating quality content begins with you first of all designing and maintaining your website.

This means that you often need to add good quality contents that engage your visitors whenever they come to your website.

One of the natural ways of growing your website traffic through marketing is by often creating quality content for your website.

Hubspot reported that over 80% of their content marketing is done by actively using content marketing; that is creating quality content that engages and then promotes it in different channels.

Over the years, we noticed that creating quality content is beyond creating blog posts and ebooks alone. You can get involved in creating video content, infographics, and other related exciting content that will surely increase your audience engagement.

You can further post some of your content on YouTube as well as Facebook just to engage your audience through these social media platforms.

#2. Make changes to your former marketing channels

Being a marketer, you need to constantly update your knowledge because the world on its own is quite dynamic and the same happens to digital marketing as well.

Because of this, it is very important to know and optimize your marketing channels often. You can achieve this by testing new marketing principles and conducting audits for your existing marketing channels.

If your previous marketing channels are quite progressive as regards your niche in marketing, that is not a guarantee that it will continually be effective in the future.

This is why you need to constantly follow marketing trends and the changes that may likely affect your previous marketing channels.

To further checkmate your marketing channels, we recommend that you conduct a website audit to fish out some obstacles that will hinder you from achieving many results in your marketing campaigns.

In your website audit, one thing you should focus on is the performance of your pages.

Also, check out the performance of all your call-to-action buttons and the conversion rate of all your sales funnel.

You can use external tools like Google Analytics to view all the performance of your pages in search engines and also how your visitors see your website pages.

That is – the experience each user gets when they access your website pages using different devices and operating systems.

With the result you will get from their party tools like Google Analytics, you will be able to know the pages that need to be improved as regards their layout, contents, and engagement rate.

Even at that, you should know that search engine rules for ranking web pages are quite dynamic; because of this, you need to stay up to date as regards updating your web pages for proper ranking.

#3. Create a good relationship with your customers

In good marketing, you should build a good relationship with your audience. This will help in growing your customer’s loyalty and also, and it will create an organic relationship in the long run.

To be good at marketing, you should strive to know your audience’s needs. With this, you will be able to create quality contents that solve their needs.

Also, you should create emails or messages that will focus on addressing their interests. In turn, you should ensure to listen to their feedback to know how and where you need to improve as regards building relationships with your audience.

Moreover, if you keep receiving inconsequential feedback from your audience or probably you keep getting negative feedback, what we recommend that you do at this stage is to listen to your audience feedback and know their complaints, which will in turn help you on improving your relationship with your customers.

As a marketer, you must have known that a lot of customers are very savvy. This happens when they see lots of product advertisements when they go online to source information.

Because of this, customers tend to get carried away by what they see and how those things are presented to them.

Customers are always in search of a better experience as well as products and services that will solve their problems.

This mostly causes customers’ perceptions to be different from marketers’ perceptions, in the sense that what customers want and what marketers are presenting to them may mismatch.

This is why you need to create a good relationship with your audience so that you will be able to figure out all these things that need to be considered as a marketer.

You can implement customer surveys just to find out what your customer’s interest is as regards your products and how you present them to them.

#4. Always check out your analytics

From research, we realized that majority of professional and successful marketers always focus on monitoring their analytics countless times per day.

With the result you will obtain from the analytics, you will be able to see the statistics of your current marketing channels and what you can do to improve your analytics result.

Your statistics data helps to provide in-depth insight into all your customers’ behavior when they come to your website.

Also, you will be able to see the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics is one of the best website analytics tools reveals that there are top ways that digital marketers (for instance social media marketers) can use to checkmate their incoming lead’s behavior from all their campaigns.

With the Google Analytics tool, marketers can be able to filter every social media traffic and see how they convert as regards fulfilling the purpose of their campaign promotion.

Google Analytics has an “Advanced Segments” button which helps to view all your website traffic, as well as their behavior and how they improve your marketing goals and sales.

Google Analytics enables you to be able to watch your conversion rate. For instance, the social report feature makes it possible for marketers to see how their marketing efforts impact sales conversion in all their campaigns.

The “Content Experiments” toolset helps a marketer to detect the contents that will surely lead to a conversion.

Other features that you will find in Google Analytics will help you to have a detailed understanding of how all your marketing efforts lead to conversion.

#5. Exercise patience while expecting results

As someone interested in moving your marketing skill to the next level, you should know that majority of the successful marketing campaigns take time before they started yielding positive results.

Because of the dynamism in the digital marketing sector, results don’t easily come to you because you set everything that relates to your marketing in order.

In marketing, for instance in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), both your website and the quality content that you created need to take some weeks or even months before they can start ranking and generating organic traffic to you.

With this knowledge, you should not give up if you are not seeing results after optimizing all your marketing strategies and filtering your campaigns.

While exercising patience, you need to improve on becoming a master as regards testing and implementing new marketing strategies in addition to the knowledge you have in digital marketing.

When it comes to social media marketing, it is recommended that you allow your campaigns to mature and grow. This will help to attract an audience that will convert to purchasing your products and services.

Also, ensure that you give enough time to collect feedback from your visitors.


When considering how to be good in marketing, you need to know that there are lots of things that you need to know. Also, you need to be an aggressive learner.

Furthermore, you need to always stay relevant and updated to meet up with important trends that will help you in your marketing career.

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