How to Get a Job in Marketing – Step by Step

Get a Job in Marketing

Have you been on a search on how to get a job in marketing? Or are you planning to venture into marketing as a career but you don’t know how to get started, since you don’t know how you can get a job even after acquiring all the skills that you need?

In this detailed guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about getting a job in marketing.

Also, we will share with you hints and tips that will help you get started even if you are new in the marketing niche.

Moreover, marketing simply means the process of promoting a product or a service to reach your targeted audience who will in turn make purchases of those products you recommend for them.

Before people can start demanding a product or a service, there must first be marketers who have created awareness of those products to the people.

Perhaps, marketing is quite broad and it involves advertising, publicity, and sales.

One of the goals of marketing is to create a positive image for companies and organizations which will in turn help to increase sales for the company.

We will take you through other information you need to know as regards getting a job in marketing in the subsequent sections.

What is marketing?

In our world today, marketing is quite a dynamic profession and it is constantly changing because of the new marketing channels, tricks, and other forms of technology that have overwhelmed the digital world.

As a marketing professional, one of your responsibility is to develop and execute a futuristic marketing strategy that will increase your company’s revenue through sales.

Moreover, because of the recent changes in the marketing field as well as in technology, the marketing field has changed drastically.

These changes involve new technology, new tactics, and new opportunities that cloud the marketing field daily.

Meanwhile, marketing is an important part of any business or organization that helps to reach out to potential customers by the use of every possible channel to promote products and services.

Some marketing promotion mediums include social media campaigns, billboards, etc.

Perhaps, as a marketer, you must be skilled so that you can be able to understand what customers needs. This is quite an effective communication strategy that will help to deliver what those customers need from the product you are marketing to them.

Without much ado, marketers need to be skilled when it comes to building relationships with people.

How to Get a Job in Marketing – Step by step

If you have a passion for marketing and you intend to seek a career in marketing, follow our detailed steps to see how to get a job in marketing:

#1. Know the area you want to focus on

Here, you should know that there are lots of areas when it comes to marketing.

So having known this, you will have in mind that this may be a challenge to some people since they don’t know the particular area they are to focus on when it comes to marketing.

Some of the popular marketing departments or categories that one can decide to start with include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media, Email marketing, Influencer marketing, Brand marketing, Partner marketing, Product Marketing, Event marketing, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are an SEO marketer, you should be able to know how you can promote your company’s products by making them known to a search engine.

By so doing, when people search for the keyword that your company has a product on, search engines will direct people to your company’s website.

Moreover, being an SEO expert demands lots of knowledge, skills, ability to know searchable keywords, off-site and on-site SEO, and writing engaging Meta descriptions that will trigger people to click on your result when they search for your keyword on search engines.

Social media

As a social media marketer, you should be able to know how to engage people first of all to become an audience, and later you will convert those audiences that listen to you to become noble customers.

This will take time though but is one of the most strategic and highly converting digital marketing strategies that work today.

#2. Ability to research for information

As one who is seeking a job in marketing, having chosen the area you want to venture into, the next thing that you are required to do is to start making research in your field to know what will scale you through in your field as a marketer.

In your research, you should get involved in reading job listings, blog posts, watching videos, contacting marketing professionals, etc.

This will help you to know what other people in your field have learned and the things that are helping them in the profession as marketers.

Also, you should be able to know and understand the skills and experience that are needed in your field for one to succeed as a marketer.

Since the world is highly dynamic, even if you learned something that works in your marketing area, over time there will be lots of changes to what you already know.

This is why you need to get involved in constant research so that you can be able to be updated with all the necessary information in your marketing field.

You can as well enroll in boot camps and subscribe for some months of marketing seminars. This is quite recommended because you are directly learning from professionals that have years of working experience in marketing.

Besides paying for internships, you can look for a mentor that will help you to navigate your career path.

#3. Ensure to acquire new skills

Having known that marketing is quite a broad field, striving to acquire a new skill is quite an advantage in your journey of getting a job in marketing.

For instance, a marketer that knows more than 5 different digital marketing skills will likely get a job more easily than someone that knows just a single marketing field.

A marketer who is an SEO analyst and a social media manager will have more chances of getting a job in different companies, regardless of how competitive working in that company can be.

From our findings, we noticed that a lot of web developers who are extremely doing well in their careers also have ground knowledge of graphics design.

So before they start any project, they will, first of all, calculate and sketch all the places where graphics will be needed in the website they are building and also how they will achieve that easily.

By so doing, they will be able to complete lots of projects within a short period, since they know what they needed even before they started the job.

Furthermore, in the digital marketing world, your ability to solve problems will determine how successful you will be in the field.

So strive to learn new skills whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

#4. Create a personal blog

What we mean here is that you need to create a website or a blog that will be your portfolio that will showcase what you have learned and your capabilities.

Since this is your personalized platform, you have the liberty to showcase the previous jobs you have done for clients, companies, etc.

You can as well show people your qualifications and what you are up to.

In your blog, ensure that your blog interface is very informative and mature so that people will be convinced that you know what you are doing just by visiting your portfolio.

While your blog is standard, you should not forget to always include your website URL in your resume. This is to let people know that you already have much experience in what you are doing.

This will build confidence in employers who will review your resume when you apply for a job.

Your website should as well contain what you have done in the past for people in your field of marketing.

#5. Start looking for freelance jobs

Freelancing being a remote job will help you to boost your portfolio and also you will have more job experience in your marketing field.

As someone looking forward to getting a job in marketing, you should know that freelancing is quite a good option that will help you get entry into your desired marketing field.

Having acquired some skills, you need to start searching for freelancing jobs that you can use to start making money for yourself even while you are still searching for a permanent job in your field.

We recommend that you look for freelance marketing opportunities which will not just fetch you money, but also it will expose you to internships or unpaid volunteer work that will eventually boost your portfolio and chances of getting a marketing job.

A lot of people have gotten high-paying jobs through internships or unpaid volunteer work.

#6. Apply for marketing opportunities

Having known what you are capable of doing, it is now time for you to start applying for marketing jobs that will pay you a certain amount that is quite appreciating.

Perhaps, before you start applying for jobs, ensure that you have spent time learning new skills.

The essence of learning new skills is to make you versatile so that you can be able to fit into any position where you find yourself.

Also, ensure to find the right marketing job that fits what you have learned in your marketing journey.

For instance, if you have a solid knowledge of SEO and social media marketing, you should also seek jobs in this area so that you will be a master in any task that will be assigned to you.

Hereunder, you should know that marketing is quite a broad field; so the availability of jobs that you will see when searching for jobs will be high.

Be proud of what you know and be positive when applying for jobs because a lot of companies today are seeking marketers that can even work as freelancers for them.

#7. Create an attractive resume

Having confidence in yourself is one criterion for getting a marketing job for yourself. Besides that, you need to create an attractive resume that will trigger everyone that will view your portfolio to consider employing you for the job you applied for.

This recalls what we mentioned earlier about creating a blog or website for yourself.

If you have a well-designed portfolio on your website, you can direct people to see what you are up to the right from your resume to the portfolio on your website.

For instance, if you claim that you are a web developer in your resume when people come to your website and see lots of jobs you have done in the past, the employer will be convinced that you know what you are doing.

This will in turn increase your chances of securing the job you are applying for.

Things that can scale you through in your journey of getting a marketing job

One of the things that can help you to get your desired marketing job even as a beginner is to stay motivated.

Staying motivated here means that you need to be a die-hard fan. No matter how tedious and discouraging the processes may be, ensure that you stay motivated.

Also, work with people that are in your field so that you can obtain some level of encouragement, tips, and job opportunities that will eventually benefit you.

You should know that consistency is one of the rules to success.

Furthermore, you can join online communities where you can share knowledge with like-minded people who are seeking a job in the area of marketing.


In your journey in getting a marketing job, you should be aware that marketing is the process of promoting a product or a service to reach your targeted audience who will in turn make purchases of those products you recommend for them.

Having seen all the steps we discussed on how you can get marketing jobs, you can boldly step out and start applying for high-paying marketing jobs that you have solid knowledge on.


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