How to Become a Marketing Consultant

Become a Marketing Consultant

Are you interested in becoming a digital marketing consultant but you don’t know how you can get started? Then this is the right web page for you.

Marketing consulting is quite a fast-growing skill that one can comfortably work right from the comfort of his home.

From our research, we noticed that the demand for marketing consultant professionals is very high and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that there may likely be a 10% increase in the demand for marketing consultants before the year 2030.

If you ever wondered about fascinating business issues by providing useful techniques, figures, as well as answers that will be able to solve a whole lot of problems in the marketing world, then becoming a marketing consultant, maybe a reasonable career for you.

Perhaps, if you have some marketing skills and you have a passion for marketing, you can further acquire skills that will make you an effective marketing consultant.

Moreover, as a marketing consultant, you will perform some tasks that an average marketer does but the good news here is that you will earn more rewards than that a marketer.

Also, as a marketing consultant, you will work a hand with lots of clients and you will be able to develop skills on lots of interesting projects than the usual job of marketers.

In this guide, we will work you through how you can become a marketing consultant, the skills that you will need to acquire in your journey, and other things you will need to know.

What is the job of a marketing consultant?

Regarding this question, you should know that some of the tasks that a marketing consultant is meant to handle include advising people, businesses, and brands on the best ways they can use to get connected to their customers.

Moreover, this task usually involves lots of activities which are likely going to be knowing a brand’s goal and the possible strategies that will help to improve the business brand in so many areas.

Also, marketing consultants should be able to identify gaps in a company’s goal and develop creative insights that will help to improve the company’s approaches.

Perhaps, marketing consultants should be able to use responsive hard data to measure most of the success that was gotten from the company’s campaign where necessary.

Marketing consultants should be versatile when it comes to creating new systems as well as procedures that will help in achieving their company’s needs and objectives.

Furthermore, marketing consultants should be perfect and teachable (ability to teach others) when it comes to training individuals as well as grouping, categorizing approaches, and the latest technologies that will help in effective marketing.

As a marketing consultant, one of your activities involved connecting brands with the customers they need to help generate leads and also build awareness for the organization.

How a marketing consultant works

So if you are interested to become a marketing consultant, you should first of all be able to know what marketing consultants do every day.

Companies looking for marketing consultants probably want to improve their reputation and they needed someone who can help them to achieve what they have planned on their agenda.

Moreover, the company that needs marketing consultants may want a new social media and content strategy that will help them spread their products to connect their audience to customers.

In this case, it can be that the company just launched a new product and they needed support on the demographics they will target for their product to convert and make many sales for them.

In some cases, it may be that the company wants a new rebrand, probably they need a new look and feel, website, brochures, tone of voice guidelines, social media presence, etc.

All these tasks listed above are some of the jobs of marketing consultants. So if you are interested to become one, you have to ensure that you can give value to companies by helping them to promote their goods and services.

Although you are meant to cover a lot of basis as a marketing consultant, you are not expected to be experts in all these areas.

Once you have some level of knowledge in the tasks that were assigned to you as a marketing consultant, you can leave the job for in-house teams or agencies in the company to handle.

Perhaps, you need to be familiar with diverse digital marketing approaches as a marketing consultant. Even though you don’t need to have a piece of in-depth knowledge in all the tasks that you may need to handle while working in your office as a marketing consultant.

Although the job of a marketing consultant is broad, it is your right to choose the services you wish to offer to people, companies, and organizations.

Your goal should be centered on how you can help these companies to connect to their customers and increase their revenue through sales.

The skills you need to work as a marketing consultant

Having seen what you are expected to be doing as a marketing consultant, we will discuss with you other things you need when it regards to your skill set as a marketing consultant.

Below is what you should have while striving to become a marketing consultant:

#1. Qualifications

As a marketing consultant, you are expected to have some of these qualifications:

The first is an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree in any field that is related to business.

Secondly, you are expected to have a master’s degree in a subject related to marketing. Ensure that this degree here will be recognized by top companies that will require marketing consultants, for instance, your master’s degree should be recognized by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Also, you should ensure to get certification from some recognized online provider probably from a marketing Bootcamp or appropriate project management qualification.

When you get deep into becoming a marketing consultant, you will come to realize that you don’t need any special qualifications when becoming a marketing consultant.

One of the main reasons why lots of marketing consultants strive to acquire a degree is that over the years, they noticed that employers tend to favor those with degrees over those without.

When advancing in your degree, for instance when you want to acquire a master’s degree in marketing, it simply means that you want to specialize in some skills.

The main goal is for you to know what you are doing as a marketing consultant, not even the degree that you present.

Your ability to solve problems and increase companies’ customer relationship which will, in turn, leads to much product sales for the company is what makes you relevant in your office as a marketing consultant.

#2. Your work experience

Marketing is one of those jobs in that your success is being measured by using predefined metrics such as return on investment, percentage lead generation, or conversion rate that you have recorded over the years.

When it comes to marketing, your knowledge and what you are capable of doing are far more recognized than your paper qualifications; because companies are looking for people that can handle their tasks and bring positive results to their company.

What we meant here is that as a marketing consultant, you need to have plenty of hands-on experience in a range of marketing roles, which can help to demonstrate that you have solid knowledge and marketing practices from things like search engine marketing, social media marketing, content strategy, etc. also the ability to use what you already know to deliver your companies plan.

Perhaps, in marketing, there is no minimum required work experience before you can be considered as one that is grounded in what he is doing.

Moreover, in a few cases, you may be required to have at least three to five years of work experience; most especially, in different marketing positions or areas.

The average salary of a marketing consultant

As the year goes by, the demand for marketing consultants keeps increasing and this increases the salaries of marketing consultants.

Moreover, there is no fixed salary for marketing consultants as their salaries vary based on their level of experience and their area of specialization. This is quite applicable in any place you find yourself as a marketing consultant; for instance when working for a firm or a client.

The goal is that your salary as a marketing consultant will never allow you to go hungry.

Below shows some average marketing consultant salaries gotten from some countries where marketing consultants are quite in need of lots of marketing jobs.

Moreover, you should know that the result above is just average estimates. This means that you can be paid much higher depending on the area in that you specialize and your knowledge level.

When you have much experience and skill as a marketing consultant, you will have a great chance of earning higher salaries.

Steps on How You Can Become A Marketing Consultant

#1. Get qualification

In this aspect, your qualification does not mean that you must acquire a certain degree from a higher institution.

Although most marketing consultants have some sort of degree, what matters the most is what you are capable of doing as a marketing consultant.

Perhaps, marketing consultants need to have plenty of experience. In your journey of getting this experience, you will need to be hired.

Over the years, we noticed that majority of companies and firms often choose graduates over non-graduates. So this still brings back our point that you will need to be certified in what you are doing.

Perhaps, if you have a bachelor’s degree coupled with a few years of work experience, that is quite a thumbs up for you, because you are a step forward to being ready to launch your consulting career.

Furthermore, if you are very passionate about becoming a marketing consultant, you can consider acquiring a master’s degree in your desired area of specialization.

Moreover, you can as well utilize online programs and enroll in digital marketing courses which will in turn certify you as a marketing consultant in your chosen course.

#2. Get lots of work experience

One of the things that will help you the most when it comes to becoming a marketing consultant is to have lots of work experience.

You don’t need to be a master in all the areas that you need to know about, but you should get to know what those things are all about so that in the future, you can be able to handle tasks.

This will help you to understand more about what marketing is all about and also it will help you to work in different marketing contexts.

Some marketing areas you need to have some level of knowledge of include Affiliate marketing, Social media marketing, SEM and SEO, Email campaigns, Organic growth, Influencer marketing, etc.

These marketing areas will help you to start your entry-level role and help you work your way up.

#3. Focus on a particular area (specialize)

While acquiring knowledge from different areas, you should choose a particular area and focus on it.

For instance, some marketing consultants strive to get a master’s degree in a specific area in marketing; this is to help them concentrate on some specialties.

Although it is good to know diverse marketing skills, you should ensure to specialize just in a few and develop yourself in it.

This will help you to know your ground as a marketing consultant.

You should know that what companies out there are looking for is someone that can be able to handle their job effectively and bring positive returns while working for them.

Depending on your learning ability, you can master a lot of skills in the first stage and gradually you can aim to specialize in a particular area as you progress in your field.

Another thing that we recommend is that you can choose a single specialism that you excel at and acquire a certain level of knowledge in it.

For instance, you can measure in copywriting consultant and spread your knowledge to work in diverse niches such as travel, technology, finance, insurance, fashion, education, etc.


As a marketing consultant, you will perform some tasks that an average marketer does but one of the advantages is that you can earn more salary than the normal marketers.

The steps we discussed above will help you to become an effective marketing consultant regardless of your niche.


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