How to Get a Marketing Job with No Experience

How to Get a Marketing Job with No Experience – We have seen a lot of reports from people asking if it is possible to get a marketing job with no experience.

Perhaps, we want to bring to your notice that it is quite possible to get a marketing job even with zero job experience; although there are certain things you will need to know before you can become successful in getting a marketing job with little or no job experience.

Moreover, if you are on your way to getting a marketing job with no experience, you can get certified. This means that you are to show how dedicated you are and also you need to go through some marketing courses.

You also need to study, learn and also improve stationary in documented materials in blogs, books, podcasts, etc.

In addition to this, you will need to work on some side projects and also you will be willing to gain experience alongside your projects.

You can as well meet marketing professionals and get involved in conversations with them.

Furthermore, you can even share your opinions and ideas and learn alongside people in your marketing niche.

In the subsequent sections, we will show you how to get a marketing job with no experience.

Reasons why marketing job worth desiring

In this digital age, almost every aspect of our businesses need marketing.

With the advancement of digital marketing channels and social media platforms, the demand for marketing jobs rose and a lot of companies are even looking for marketers with little or no experience.

From research, we noticed that almost every new startup business needs marketers and the main function of these marketers in the startup business is to expand the business by creating targeted ads that will surely engage visitors.

Also, marketers get involved in the production of the company’s products, just to know how they are going to promote those products.

Besides working for companies, you can get a job as a freelance marketer. Although freelancing is not actually what beginners think it is.

Statistics showed that there will be a 10% growth in the marketing niche within the next 10 years.

Do you know that you can excel in marketing even without a degree?

Do you know if you have a passion for marketing, even without a degree or job experience, you can get your desired job without much hassle?

Fortunately, if you have heard that you don’t need a degree before you can get into marketing, we want to bring to your notice that that saying is quite true.

According to Marketing Week’s 2019 Career and Salary Survey, a good number of marketers reported that they did not study marketing-related courses, and those that ended up acquiring a degree in marketing or any marketing-related course, not everyone found their degree useful at all.

Some people that acquired diverse degrees in the marketing field reported that those degrees did not play a major role as regards their success as marketers.

Moreover, we are not saying that acquiring a degree in marketing as a marketer is not advisable, rather what matters in marketing is what you know and what you are capable of doing.

Over time, we realized that you will not be disqualified from getting marketing just because the course you studied is not related to marketing.

Steps on How to Get a Marketing Job with No Experience

Do you know that you can get a marketing job without having any experience?

In this section, we will take you through the necessary steps you need to take for you to get a marketing job without having any experience.

#1. Obtain digital marketing certificate (s)

Although we discussed in the previous section that your certificate or degree does not matter when it comes to getting a marketing job, there is still a need for you to get certified as a marketer.

Let me explain this – your certificate will serve as a strong signal to every potential client (be it a company job or freelance work) that will like to hire you for a job.

Your certificate will prove to people that you are serious about your career as a marketer.

Also, even if you don’t have much experience in the marketing field, your certificate will show that you are interested to learn more about marketing.

From research, we come to realize that there are lots of amazing certificates out there that you can obtain without much hassle.

Perhaps, some of these certificates are quite costly to obtain. Unfortunately, even the certificates that are costly, a good number of them are quite useless, since they can’t offer you much value in the marketing field when you obtain them.

Having been into marketing for a couple of years, there are lots of certificates that we can recommend for you to obtain as it is one of the steps to follow when you have no marketing experience but you intend to obtain a good job in marketing.

For instance, we recommend some courses like Google’s Digital Garage, Google’s Academy for Ads, Google’s Analytics Academy, Facebook Blueprint, HubSpot Academy, etc.

Most of the courses we listed above are not costly. Perhaps, you need to invest much of your time before you can be able to be certified by any of these companies.

Meanwhile, you can even go the extra mile by purchasing Udemy’s Marketing courses and build your career with the topics that are contained in these Udemy courses.

With these Udemy courses, you can have more insights into the marketing field, as you will have the liberty to choose from diverse topics that interest you.

When updating your resume as a marketer, ensure to include all the certificates that you have acquired in the marketing field or even outside marketing.

Also, post these certificates in your LinkedIn profiles; this may be seen as pride but you are showing people your success.

These certificates will make you seem more professional in your marketing field. This is quite important when planning on getting a marketing job even without any single marketing experience.

#2. You need to be an aggressive reader and learn daily

As someone interested in marketing, by default, you need to know some basic things about marketing.

At this stage, since you don’t have much marketing experience, you need to continue learning if possible daily to keep gathering knowledge within your marketing jurisdiction.

As a marketing enthusiast or an expert, regardless of the number of years you have spent in the marketing field, it is recommended that you spend time each week learning new things in marketing.

Perhaps, you can utilize diverse means such as blogs, webinars, articles, and podcasts to learn the latest information that you need as a marketer.

You should know that digital marketing is quite a verse field. This means that if you are not updating your knowledge frequently, you will be outdated even with the little that you already know.

Although there are lots of books you can purchase as regards upgrading your knowledge in marketing, books usually get outdated even before they are being distributed to the market.

Because of this disadvantage, we recommend reading blog posts and podcasts that can be easily updated to ensure that you get the most recent information on the area you need.

If your marketing niche is Content Marketing, we recommend that you get started with some of these websites like Content Marketing InstituteCopyHackersOrbit Media Studios, etc. to learn more about your marketing niche.

Perhaps, if you are into Advertising, some top-notch websites where you can get fantastic content are AdEspressoKlientBoostWordStream, etc.

Hereunder, if you are a Growth Marketer, you can expand your knowledge in obtaining useful knowledge in your Growth Marketing niche by following some sites like Andrew ChenSujan PatelCasey WintersFirst Round Review, etc.

From these websites that we listed, when you peruse them, you will get some useful information that will help you in your marketing niche.

Beyond these websites we listed, you can even follow more than 70 different websites and podcasts just to ensure that you stay updated in your marketing career.

#3. Get involved in practicing what you have learned

Having acquired much knowledge from reading, you must start putting what you have learned from all your information sources into practice.

We all know that practice makes perfect. Since you don’t have much experience in marketing yet, we recommend that you create time to practice what you have learned from blogs, books, podcasts, etc.

If you don’t know how you can implement the knowledge you have acquired so far from the blog posts you have been reading, it’s time for you to build something on your own.

For instance, you can start a side project. An example of a side project that you can start here includes growing an Instagram account, starting a blog, creating a podcast, etc.

Getting involved in this type of marketing will help you to grow your marketing passion, and besides, it will increase your capacity when it comes to creating a marketing project.

Although many people discard starting their side project, we have seen over time that they can serve as a marketing experience most especially to people who may interview you or give you work in the future.

A lot of companies and even individuals love working with marketers that we’re able to start a project from zero and grow it to a standard point rather than marketers that come to expand an already existing project.

If you were able to build a project and grow it from scratch to a certain height even with no budget, it will serve as a strong proof that you know what you are doing as a marketer.

Besides starting a side project, you can as well volunteer to grow your friend’s social media handle; probably for his new startup business.

You can even volunteer to start a new project for a company and grow it.

Perhaps, you are doing this intending to put to practice what you have learned from blogs, podcasts, and other sources of your knowledge.

#4. Get involved in networking

At this stage, you must have gained a lot of knowledge regards marketing, and also you can share what you have learned so far in marketing.

So for you to get involved in marketing, you need to start looking for people that you will talk to concerning marketing.

From finding and also from experience, we have come to realize that networking is one of the recognized power of marketing.

If you are not good at networking, you should know that networking is a skill you can learn.

As a marketer, when you get involved in networking, ensure that your primary goal is not just to find a job.

When you venture into networking, your primary goal should be on how you can know the marketing professionals that are in your niche.

You can even start your networking in your local community, where can see like-minded people also. Your local community can serve as a good place to start your networking.

If you wish to venture into the digital space, you utilize Facebook to reach out to people in your marketing niche.

Also, you can use other amazing options such as Facebook groups, for instance, BAMF.

You can also use some platforms such as GrowthHackers to reach out to a whole lot of people in the marketing field.

During your networking, ensure to get involved in a conversation where you will be able to gain some useful information from the people to that you have reached out to.

Since you are doing this networking for a purpose, you don’t need to be shy when interacting with people or sharing your experience with people.

Meanwhile, while you are doing all these, your focus should still fall back on the marketing positions that you are desiring even though you don’t have much experience in them.


On your way to getting a marketing job with no experience, we recommend that you get certified.

What we meant here is that you are to show how dedicated you are and also you need to go through some marketing courses.

You also need to study, learn and also improve stationary in documented materials in blogs, books, podcasts, etc.

In addition to this, you will need to work on some side projects and also you will be willing to gain experience alongside your projects.


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