How to Measure Marketing Success

How to Measure Marketing Success

Measuring marketing success is a factor that should be considered if you intend to monitor every single growth in your business.

Do you own a strong brand and you want to improve the visibility of your brand awareness to the world? Then consider measuring every success in your marketing career.

Measuring your marketing success will enable you to achieve a higher ranking in search engine result pages which in turn will grow your website traffic.

When you embed forms in your website and your visitors are turning up by filling out the form you embedded in your website, it can convert into reasonable leads.

Through the form, you can be able to know how many people filled the form you embedded in your website. This is an aspect of measuring marketing success on your website.

For example, when you start seeing hundreds or thousands of subscribers that opted in through the form you embedded in your website, you will get excited as a marketer and you will be motivated to further your marketing because you can measure the successes in your website so far.

Measuring your marketing success will help you to know the things that you implemented before you were able to record an increase in your business growth.

If you are a marketer and you intend to know how to measure marketing success, this is a detailed guide for you.

We will discuss all you need to know about measuring your marketing success as a marketer.

How you can design a system for measuring marketing success

Since measuring marketing success involves some processes and tactics, there are certain systems that you can design to help you measure your business marketing success.

Perhaps, when going about connecting the dots that are between the physical activities that should be implemented when measuring marketing success, certain things should be considered.

For instance, you should measure your website traffic growth, visitor-to-lead conversion rate, revenue generated, new customers, etc.

Moreover, as a marketer, you can even decide to add other metrics besides the few that we listed above in measuring your marketing success.

You can include something like the cost of customer acquisition, the close rate for a particular funnel, and so many other things.

With the steps we will discuss in this guide, you can successfully build a system that will help you in measuring your marketing success.

These steps will enable you to know when your marketing infrastructure is positively impacting the progress of your business or not.

On the other hand, if these steps are not impacting your business, you will be able to know the place that is leaking or where you need to make changes as regards measuring your marketing success.

How to Measure Marketing Success

Below are the tested ways that you can implement while measuring your marketing success:

#1. Measure your website traffic growth

Measuring the traffic of your website is one of the things that you need to consider when measuring your marketing success.

You should know that your website traffic serves as a stop signal to your business awareness.

As a marketer, we recommend that you install website analytics such as Google Analytics on your website to help you track every single activity on your website.

Perhaps, if you are using social media marketing to generate traffic and lead to your website, you can consider integrating Facebook pixel in your website to checkmate how all the visitors that came from Facebook utilized your website and how they were able to be converted from visitors to noble buyers.

With Google Analytics, you can be able to see the time each visitor spent on your website, the device that the visitor used to peruse your website, the country of the visitor, the visitor’s experience while on your website, bounce rate, click-through rate, etc.

These properties help you to easily measure your website traffic and where you need to improve as regards growing your website traffic.

If your business is related to the selling of products and services, we recommend that you create a sales funnel to help you in converting your visitors to buyers even if they are visiting your website for the first time.

In your sales funnel page, you can create as many sales funnel as possible depending on the nature of your products and how you intend to engage your visitors and collect their data.

Ensure that your sales funnel has a visible form where you will collect visitors’ email addresses. These email addresses can be used in the future to get in touch with visitors who visited your product page but are not interested in purchasing at that moment.

You can compose an email and send it to all your subscribers to regularly inform them about new products and the discount you will give them for subscribing to your email list.

While growing your website traffic, ensure that you do proper SEO for your website. SEO will help you to get organic search engine rankings which will in turn increase your website awareness and traffic as well.

#2. Monitor your visitor’s lead conversion rate

Generating traffic to your website is quite amazing but if your traffic is not converting, the whole scenario will be overwhelming.

This is why it is very important to ensure that most of your visitors are converted to make purchases when they come to your landing pages.

To have a good conversion rate, we recommend that you create landing pages for all your product and services.

This will help to remove every other element in your website that will distract or lead your visitor to another page other than completing the action that brought him to your sales page.

Today, there are so many tools that you can use to create fantastic landing pages which will help you to collect visitors’ email addresses, show visitors the reason why they need to purchase your products and the necessary payment gateways they need to follow while making payment for the products you are selling to them right in your landing page.

If you don’t know how to create awesome content for your landing pages, you can hire content writers to do the job for you.

You should know that the way you present your products and services is how visitors will see them.

This will in turn trigger them either to bounce back from your page or to go ahead and purchase the product you recommend for them.

By using some analytics tool on your website, you will be able to know the country and behavior of your visitors. This will be a guide when building your landing pages and sales funnel.

For instance, if you are targeting people from the United States, your analytics tool will help you to know how they interact with your website and their experiences.

With this info, you will be able to create highly converting landing pages and sales funnel for your targeted audience.

After applying these principles and you still notice that your visitors are not converting, what you should do next is to restructure your sales funnel, to see its effectiveness.

#3. Always track all the qualified leads that were generated on your website

Having an outstanding sales funnel and landing pages are good but they are not the ultimate. To complete your traffic conversion, you need to track every single qualified lead on your website.

This will help you to measure your marketing success and also you will account for every successful lead that your campaign generates.

Don’t just focus on growing your traffic without considering all these marketing strategies that will help you to have success in your marketing campaigns.

There are lots of tools that will help you to track all the leads that were generated from any traffic source you used on your website.

For example, Facebook has a tool known as Facebook Pixel which makes it possible for you to track every lead that your Facebook campaign generates to your website.

If your campaign generates good traffic with low conversion, the Facebook Pixel tool will give you detailed statistics on how everything went and how you can retarget your audience to an audience that will generate qualified leads to your website.

As a marketer, you should know that measuring your marketing success can be a tedious task but it is very necessary and it is a must if you intend to grow your business.

If you have so many active campaigns that generate thousands of traffic to your website daily, if you are not recording qualified leads and sales, your ROI (Return on Investment) will be very low and you may end up not being able to meet up with the expenses you made for the campaigns that you ran.

If you can get more qualified leads for all your campaigns, regardless of the platform you used to generate the traffic, you will be confident enough to proceed with future campaigns.

#4. Utilize every marketing opportunity

We realized that even trying out new things while measuring your marketing success is quite an effective tool for business growth.

If you have been engaged with doing one thing over the years and you kept getting the same result, you should once in a while try out a new thing just to know if you can create opportunities that will generate highly converting visitors to your website.

Try to follow marketing trends for every product or service you are marketing.

For instance, during the Christmas period, a lot of sales do happen and you can create a dynamic campaign for your products and ensure to target the right audience who will be willing to proceed to make purchases of the products you recommend for them.

During the festive, you can create a separate landing page for your products that can be consumed mostly for the season and create an aggressive campaign for that particular landing page.

When visitors come to your landing page, they will see assorted products of which they will have the liberty to choose the most relevant product that they need at that moment.

Perhaps, while measuring your marketing success, if you notice that the number of sales-qualified leads on your website is increasing simultaneously but the number of these sales-qualified leads that got engaged in an active sales conversations is very low, you will know that there is a problem that you need to put maximum attention in fixing it.

Moreover, you need to checkmate your sales funnel to know if you properly lead your visitors to the right buttons that will lead them to make purchases.

#5. Always track all the new customers generated from your campaigns

By default, every campaign that you promote will surely generate new customers or visitors to you.

Over the years, we were able to find out that new customers are not the major goal as regards marketing.

One of the most important factors, when you get new customers to your website, is to find a way to retain those visitors.

This is where collecting your visitor’s email addresses is very important. When you have all your new customers’ email addresses, you can decide to be sending them a warm welcome message at the beginning of every month, just to remind them of your website and also that you appreciate their coming to your website.

When you have gotten their attention, you can start promoting some of your new products that they will need through an email newsletter.

Although not all your new customers will open the email address to view your newsletter, most of them will turn up and regularly check out the products you recommend for them.

Some of your new customers who may end up purchasing some of your products can even recommend your products to other people.

In your email newsletter to your new customers, you can even generate a coupon code for giving them a discount.

Your purpose is to get them to be committed as regards trusting your website and coming back to checkout for new offers and discounts.


Measuring your marketing success will enable you to achieve a higher ranking in search engine result pages which in turn will grow your website traffic.

Also, it will help you to know the things that you implemented before you were able to record an increase in your business growth.


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