How to Get a Digital Marketing Job with No Experience

How to Get a Digital Marketing Job with No Experience

If you are a digital marketer with little or no experience, securing your first entry-level digital marketing job in your niche can be a daunting challenge.

Imagine that awkward moment when you don’t have any unique spectacular experience in any digital marketing job.

While perusing, you must have come across some posts from forum sites, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, news and entertainment websites, etc. and see how lots of people laid diverse complaints regarding how marketers with little or no job experience are scanned out during marketing job interviews.

A lot of people have circulated the news that there is no way someone can get a job if he does not have any experience as regards the job he is looking for.

Moreover, we want to bring to your notice that there are lots of people today that are getting marketing jobs daily even without any job experience.

The question now is how is this possible? This is the reason why we culled this content to share with you that one can get a marketing job with no job experience.

From different research that we carried out, we were able to notice that a lot of SaaS companies and digital marketing agencies are coming into the digital space daily and they intend to change the traditional ways that were used to in doing business, most especially as regards the career paths.

Also, because of the gap in digital marketing, companies require marketers even those with no job experience to fill the gap in their organizations.

In the subsequent sections, we will show you the possible ways that you can use to get a digital marketing job even with no job experience.

How to Get a Digital Marketing Job with No Experience

Below are the possible ways that one can utilize while seeking for digital marketing job even if he had no job experience:

#1. Be confident in any of your digital marketing skills

As a beginner with no job experience, one of the things that will give you confidence never to lose hope while starting your professional career is to mingle with your peers, compare yourself with them and associate with them.

For instance, as a beginner with no job experience, when you started associating with marketers with good grades, people with lots of marketing experience, marketers that have attended lots of internships, and people that have a voice in the digital marketing field, you will surely get discouraged because you will feel that you are not qualified to be a digital marketer.

Never allow yourself to get discouraged in your early stage as a digital marketer. Have a sound mindset, hoping that there are lots of opportunities out there that belong to you.

Perhaps, you should know that digital marketers with professional experience or with outstanding internships cannot be compared with the communication skills that you have or even your personality; though you don’t have any digital marketing job experience.

Although a majority of the companies today demand hard skills and specific knowledge that people acquired through pieces of training, the soft digital skills which may not be much popular are still very vital regards digital marketing.

From our recent discoveries, we realized that the top characteristics of every successful digital marketer lie in the soft skills which include: communicating and listening well; possessing insights into others, being a good coach; having empathy and being supportive of co-workers, etc.

Even though you don’t have any job experience, what you need to do is to create a decent résumé that elucidates some vital information on what you can do. With this alone, you can get lots of entry-level jobs within your jurisdiction.

#2. Select your preferred digital marketing career path

The moment you decided that you want to further your digital marketing career, the next thing you are required to do is to select your preferred career in digital marketing.

Moreover, you need to be first convinced and also you will need to know what you want before choosing your career path as regards digital marketing.

We mostly advise people to work with their passion. Doing what you have passion for mostly seems to be less stressful even when you are not achieving many results as you wish.

Some things that will help you to get started in selecting your digital marketing career path is knowing what you are good at, knowing if you can achieve more when you collaborate with people or when working alone, your current skills and strength, and how creative or analytical you are, etc.

Knowing this will help you to stand out, being fully aware that there are lots of digital marketing disciplines of which each one has its career path.

As a digital marketer with no job experience, most times when you are applying for your first entry-level jobs, the best thing that will help you to be outstanding is to match your interest and abilities to the digital marketing discipline that you are applying for.

This will help you to pass some tests and interviews that may be presented to you when you claim the job you applied for.

For instance, if you apply for Digital Marketing Specialist, the common knowledge that is expected from the applicant is to have good knowledge of SEO, content marketing, paid search, social media marketing, etc.

#3. Educate yourself on the basics of digital marketing

Before you venture into educating yourself, ensure that you have selected a few digital marketing skills that you intend to learn.

Next, you will need to add your selected digital marketing skills to your résumé.

To achieve a lot when educating yourself, you need to be an aggressive learner who is ready to go the extra mile regardless of what it will cost to acquire the knowledge.

In this digital age, there are lots of free digital marketing courses that you can get certified with and they will look great on your résumé regardless of your job experience.

For instance, there are over 50,000 marketing courses that are currently available on Udemy and also you can get lots of marketing courses on other related platforms such as LinkedIn.

Besides these platforms listed above, there are lots of platforms that you can use to educate yourself in the digital marketing field.

Google Analytics Academy – This is a free certification course

Don’t even for one second consider going after a computerized promoting position without serious areas of strength in Google Analytics.

This free preparation shows novices and experienced clients the same how to grow an internet-based presence through keen information following and web investigation apparatuses.

Information investigation is at the core of computerized promotion; you can’t pursue informed choices without figuring out client conduct. This course is required review.

Bing Ads Accreditation – This is a free certification course

This frequently neglected web search tool likewise offers a free certificate course.

Like Google AdWords in its UI and execution, Bing Ads is an extraordinary device to know all about and will assist you with standing apart from the pack while applying for web crawler showcasing jobs.

#4. Begin your digital marketing skill as a freelancer

Being fully aware that your goal is to get a professional digital marketing job, we recommend that you test your new knowledge by seeking freelance jobs.

These freelance jobs will help you to gain more knowledge about the jobs you are doing and also you will be able to see what clients will adjust at the end of your work with them.

This is quite a good way of starting your digital marketing journey especially when you have no job experience.

As a beginner with less job experience, we recommend that you focus less on making money. Your target at this stage is to help people grow their online presence; this will in turn help you gain valuable experience that will help you when building your portfolio.

Check out if there is a small business you can help to grow their online presence. For instance, the majority of small to medium-size businesses are not versed when it comes to digital marketing.

With the little knowledge you have, you can help these businesses to grow their online presence, thereby building a great experience for yourself even though you are just a beginner.

You can even further help these small businesses to set up Facebook Ads for them. This will help you learn how to monitor the Facebook campaign and its conversion rate.

This will also help you to track ROI (Return on Investment) using diverse strategies which will in turn help you to build your digital marketing portfolio and also in learning valuable skills.

#5. Get ready for your first digital marketing interview

When you have acquired some digital marketing courses, doing some freelance jobs for people, and building genuine connections that will help you to get started, the next thing you are required to do is to prepare yourself for a digital marketing interview.

Getting yourself ready for an interview means that you should start planning even when you have not yet applied for any digital marketing job.

Even if you are new to digital marketing, the more you are comfortable with your little knowledge, your experience as well as the new digital marketing skills that you just acquired, the more chances you will have of securing a digital marketing job during your interview.

Below are our recommendations when going for a digital marketing job interview:

  1. Take your time to study the company that you are planning to go to for their interview. If you can fully understand the company’s history, know its core values, its financial status, and the type of work that is carried out in the company, it will be a bonus for you.
  2. Ensure that your resume fits the company to that you are applying for a digital marketing role. Use bullet points to mark out your experience and your major impact on the current role you’re applying for. This will help you to stand out and also it will help the interview to identify you as a detailed person.
  3. Get ready to answer certain questions that the interview may ask you. For instance, some of these questions can be to figure out if you are fit for the position that you are applying for.  

We recommend that you take your time to rehearse these questions that the interviewer may likely ask you. If you can be able to answer all these questions right from your house, you will be able to navigate your way on the interviewing day.

You can even browse interview questions and how to answer them. Take your time to study these questions and perfect any format that these questions can be twisted during the interview.

#6. Set your entry-level salary expectation

One thing that new marketers often do is that they are always carried away when they see certain salary ranges for their first entry-level jobs.

Moreover, before you dive into any job, you need to sit down and calculate the job description of the work you are about to accept, check out the time, the skill, and the pressure that the job will come with.

A lot of people get excited when they see their estimated salary but along the line, as they keep working, they got fade off because their task in the job is so much to the point that they could not bear it again.

Perhaps, you should have in mind that the first offer is usually not the best.

You need to know your worth before accepting your first entry-level job. This reason is that your experience and knowledge matter a lot more than the salary you are seeing at that moment.

You can even use some tools like LinkedIn Salary to check out the salary range of other companies as regards your skillset as digital marketing personnel.

From research, the estimated average salary of a digital marketing specialist in the United States is $50,000.

You can use this to wisely accept jobs that will come to you in your first entry-level.


By following the steps we discussed in this guide, you can easily get a digital marketing job even with no experience.


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