Top 10 Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips

Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips

Top 10 Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips-Focusing on specific parts of your body is an amazing way to toning your body and strengths giving you the ability to focus on one matter at a time. So if you have come to search for the exercise machines needed for your thigh and hips area you are on the right article.

We have taken out our time to make the job easier for you by finding some of the recommended exercise machines that happens to be the best exercise machines for thighs and hips. The good news is that we were able to gather the right information on that quest! Follow through till the very end of this article so that you will be able to make a choice on the best exercise machine you can get for your thighs and hips.

Top 10 Best Exercise Machines for Thighs and Hips

  1. Squat Assist
  2. Air Bike 
  3. Glute Master Machine
  4. Indoor Cycling Bike
  5. Treadmill
  6. Resistance Bands Loop
  7. Kegel Exerciser
  8. Thigh Master
  9. Leg Press Machine
  10. Multi-Function Squat Machine

1. Squat Assist – Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride

Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips
Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride

The squat assist Row-N-Ride Trainer is one of the best exercise machines for thighs and hips and it stood out to be among the best for more than just one reason, and we will open your eyes to the most important ones right away

Firstly, you are sure to get an amazing and quality squat experience from this particular training machine that will be of great help in growing your lower body. This also means that you will be adding towards not just thighs and hips but on the whole body more especially the lower part of your structure.

The exercise machine works by engaging three body parts. These body part are the glutes, hamstrings and quads. All three work in togetherness to push down squats. It also produces a good amount of pressure on shoulders, chest and back as well.

Those who are faced with issues with knees and joints would not want to add any stress will have the ease to reduce their weights. This will help in turning that specific area-friendly machine that aids for thighs and hips.

The squat assist Row-N-Ride Trainer comes with a uniquely made LCD monitor. The LCD monitor helps provide you with all the required details of your workout all through the workout period on the machine. This is mainly to help you focus on the calories information and give timing, scan and count benefits. It also comes with three elastic band for tension adjustment. That is you can add or subtract the tension through it according to your convenience.

It allows you to choose from the low zone, median and high pulses with the Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer. This makes workouts stay extra stable and safe due to the end caps provided. Lastly, getting on and off this particular exercise machine is made very easy with the available self-leveling pedals. In all, Squat Assist Row-N-Ride best fits the definition of a perfect thigh and hip targeted workout machine very well.


  • Alloy steel-made frame
  • Has an elastic cord resistance mechanism
  • Maximum pound weight of 220
  • 1 AA battery suitable and included


  • It is very suitable for beginners
  • Provides you with a lot of level of resistance
  • It is portable and takes less space
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The LCD monitor is easy to read.


  • It is not suitable for muscle gain.

Pricing: $100 to $500

2. Air Bikes – Schwinn Fitness AD6 Airdyne Bike Series

Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips
Schwinn Fitness AD6 Airdyne Bike Series

The Schwinn AD6 AirDyne, is also one of the best exercise machines for thighs and hips. It is an affordable upright bike option that would work perfectly well for anybody thinking of setting up a gym in their home and want to focus on their thighs and hip areas. The best part we would start from will be from the seat which comes with paddings and are very comfortable, also large make it suitable for all types of riders giving them unique balance and support. The foot strap also adds up to all of that.

This comes with the flexibility of heart rate monitoring to ensure that your fitness goals are intact. It is enabled as soon as you wear the chest strap. It also comes with an easy way of putting it on and off. Following up of the heart rate keeps the whole workout safe and making sure that you don’t push further than your body can handle. The Schwinn AD6 AirDyne happens to fall under one of the best choices for targeted heart zone training while do your workouts.

For people who are not yet fit or ready to invest a reasonable amount for their fitness due to the cost of having a full set of exercise equipment will find Schwinn AD6 AirDyne an amazing one to look at. The price is worth every feature the exercise machine has. The data it provides during workout is close to perfect or accurate and assist you to tracking the whole goal achieving progress to make changes as necessary. The exercise machine allows you to track your pulse, RPM, speed and distance and the total amount of burned calories. The exercise machine also gives you room if maybe you have unique fitness needs and also space to add other accessories and also Schwinn AD6 AirDyne is here to make sure that those needs are fulfilled.

The seat is designed in an anatomical format, allowing the pedals to support balancing quiet well, and there is even hint for you to quickly move the Schwinn AD6 AirDyne around. The exercise machine has nothing significant that should hinder you from getting this priced best exercise machines for thighs and hips.


  • 46 inches Max height
  • Comes with an air resistance mechanism
  • Metallic in nature
  • Comes with also 300 pounds max weight capacity
  • A single-stage belt drive is included
  • Has a 100level of resistance
  • Powered by battery


  • The fan in the machine makes no noise when using it
  • Solid enough
  • Offers a super smooth ride
  • Amazing for low impact needs
  • Pocket size friendly


  • Air from the fan comes to your face which most times the feeling is irritating

Pricing: Around $749.99 on Amazon.

3. Glute Master Machine – Powerline PGM200X Glute Master

Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips
Powerline PGM200X Glute Master

This is also one of the best exercise machines for thighs and hips. The Power line PGM200X are made especially for those who are looking forward to something that will separate your glutes like nothing else and particularly trigger the strengthening, building effect and toning.

It is one of the best exercise machines for anyone who wants to reduce thighs and hips and also build glute muscles. Looking at it from the construction Powerline PGM200X has got some amazing sturdiness in its rollers and framing. The latter has is very smooth making it easy for moving around in such needs.

During workout it is hard to feel any form of discomfort on the chest, arm or knee areas. This is made possible because Power line PGM200X comes with an extra padding. The structure can also be adjusted based on your body size.

It still gives room for adding weight with the standard weight horn that is available. It is important that you have this in mind the additional weights need to be separately purchased. To challenge you, you can add the weight and increase the resistance level.

To assemble some people has caught our attention with some mixed views. Although, the aim is to achieve the correct alignment of the rail components and putting in enough time to tighten them. This is the only way issues can be avoided with the roller, which some persons don’t buy the idea we just talked about.

We can as well say that Powerline PGM200X is one of the exercise machines that focus mostly on the glute and help in this exact area of fitness goal. And to add to it, the machine is really affordable with this entire whole concept. The Powerline PGM200X for you might eventually be the best exercise machine for thighs and hips, along with the flute targeted workout requirement you are searching for. Just to note that it has a few scopes for anyone a very advanced fitness trainer.


  • It comes with an adjustable forearm pads
  • It has total isolation for parts available
  • Powerline PGM200X comes with a weight horn for resistance increase
  • Quality rollers


  • It is great when it comes to activating glutes
  • One of the best for toning
  • Finishing a workout is challenging but in a good way
  • Assembly is not complex
  • It is affordable


  • When holding enough heavy weight is a little lacking

Price: the price ranges from $500 to $1000

4. Indoor Cycling Bike – Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Maybe all you need is something portable and not space consuming to put in your home or office but you also want to get the cardiovascular system workout benefits and also get the hips and thighs in perfect shape. That’s where an exercise machine like Keiser M3i fits in perfectly. This is a spin bike that would be perfect for a home gym purpose or is also an all in one piece of working out exercise machine for those that live a busy life. It consumes very less space than any other elliptical or even treadmill.

The making of this exercise machine is commercial grade. This makes it one of the best choices as you can get some amazing fitness facilities out of the Keiser M3i. The keiser M3i overall design was also made to support and go easy on those who cannot take an impact on their spine or knee area.

So if you are looking for the best exercise machine for thighs and hips and you’re not sure of the one you should go for you can look at the Keiser M3i specifically. Although, the provided magnetic resistance system was built not to make much noise and it also allows for a smoother all round performance.

The part you need to play as a user is to maintain and take care of the equipment regardless of the type, the good thing about Keiser M3i you can get away with those thoughts to some point and this is because the quality of this particular bike is premium enough Which you can almost use it maintenance free for the most parts. We are not saying that you shouldn’t keep it clean it is also very important that you do so and also making sure to look closely at some parts that might face trouble so as to fix it or repair it. But the probability of such needs is low even with solid and constant usage of the exercise machine. It has a gear that is sweet for a user and also comes with a provided display monitor which does an amazing job to keeping you updated about the entire ride with addition the effort you need to put in while working out.

The cost might be very high to a few people but the magnetic system allows the users enjoy workouts with smooth riding and it has almost no sound to disturb which are very rare in exercise bikes of poor quality. With all said the Keiser M3i looks to be one of the most sensitive exercise machines that feels comfortable, is well made and for in many areas does incredible job to making you never to have the feeling of regrets after purchasing it.


  • Has a commercial grade quality
  • It has no impact design
  • Slightly almost maintenance free
  • Low noise when in use
  • It comes with power output trackable


  • The quality is fantastically amazing
  • It has no noise issues when in use
  • The display monitor works perfectly
  • It will last longer than expected


  • When installing it can be tricky

Prices: the price ranges from $300 -$600

5. Treadmill – NordicTrack T Series

Best Exercise Machine For Thighs And Hips
NordicTrack T Series

NordicTrack T Series is a top choice for those asking looking for the best exercise machine for thighs and it also comes with the most common and essential smart tech of the present times.

The NordicTrack T Series would occupy a large area of space in your home first of all and also if you are someone who can’t give up such space because of the size of the apartment you live in then it is advisable that you consider and look into other options. Although, even if this treadmill occupies a large storage space, the exercise machine is a more valuable piece to own, more especially for people who would prefer some lovely cardio to engage in more often. The treadmill comes with a uniquely solid making quality. So, when it comes to lasting long you can trust it to last long with proper maintenance, usage and some occasional repairs.

Even though it requires occasional repairs, the durability of this exercise machine also is in line with the idea that the need for repairs more often will be at its lowest. Although, it all comes down to how roughly you use the treadmill and your working out style. The NordicTrack T Series comes with a great simulate hill’s ability and also with incline scores gives the Nordic track T series a good glow making it have the standard any person would expect.

It’s best to keep this in mind that even if the exercise machine covers a lot of space, it also comes with a foldable design.  This makes you not to have difficulty in storing it after use by just keeping it at the side.  It is comes with a 10-inch touch screen built-in which is able to provide you with iFit benefits. This allows you to stream a preferred workout with ease while working out but you have to pay the subscription fee of iFit, that’s not included. In all, you have no reason not to go for this treadmill which happens to be one of the perfect picks to be called the best workout exercise machine for thighs and hips, and also many other fitness potentials that can be done with it.


  • Alloy steel made
  • Corded electric power
  • 55 inches deck length.
  • 136 kgs of max weight
  • 10% max incline
  • 10 mph speed


  • The exercise machine is made very well
  • There are no vibration issues
  • It is portable enough
  • Assembly needs less time to fully set it up and running
  • Awesome for regular fitness


  • To assemble it alone is tricky

Price: the price ranges from $1,800 to $2000

6. Resistance Band Loop – Hurdilen Resistance Bands loop Exercise

Hurdilen Resistance Bands loop Exercise

Talking about effective thighs and hips exercises and not including Hurdilen resistance band as an option also doesn’t sound right. The resistance band is an excellent recommendation and it comes with three pieces in total. Hurdilen Resistance band is one of the resistance bands that don’t trouble the skin while activating the gluteus well so as to see thigh and hip visible shaping results.

Hurdilen Resistance bands come with cotton-polyester elastic fabric materials and they are sturdy while also not harmful to the environment. It can be used for any type of workout. Also stretching the hip area, the thighs and legs at once is amazingly effective when you have a resistance band like Hurdilen Resistance band. The resistance band is also suitable for those who can give up time to working on their thighs or hips due to their busy life. Just a short time daily for example ten (10) minutes of your time even if it is at the office should be okay to try the resistance band every day and still get great glute benefits. The Hurdilen Resistance Bands are also amazing to carry around all you need is to get a sweet carry bag for that.

Talking about being skin friendly, Hurdilen Resistance Bands don’t rub against your skin being that the resistance band comes with a knitted surface and an incredibly soft texture and these are breathable and as long as you avoid rolling up or even slipping. We also want to bring this to your notice that these bands are made for you to frequently use them and also use roughly because it is supposed to wear out.  All of these depend on the usage, how much use you are taking out of these resistance bands every day and also the quality of your upkeep.  Also don’t expect the resistance bands to last you a very long time.

In all said, you should know that the Hurdilen Resistance Bands are significant thigh and hip for targeting simple gear that you can use regularly, also carry anywhere and it will still provide you with the results need if you use it in the right way.


  • Wide resistance
  • Glute activation formula
  • Made from cotton polyester
  • Three (3) pieces
  • Training guides are also included
  • No fold stretching is suitable
  • Carry bag included
  • No skin rubbing


  • The resistance band is made with high-quality material
  • It is very comfortable with the skin-friendly concept
  • It allows you to be able to change the resistance levels
  • It is also price effective
  • Adding to it the resistance band also provides enough support while triggering the exact muscles.


  • Too much usage will make the resistance band worn-out quick as well

Prices: the price ranges from $10 to $15

7. Kegel Exerciser – Super Kegel Exerciser

Super Kegel Exerciser

This is one of the best exercise machines for thighs and hips. For people wanting to try something about the pelvic floor and also give your thigh, hip and butt the room for some enhancement, so quickly take a look at Super Kegel Exerciser. This particular exercise machine is amazingly designed pelvic floor trainer equipment. Its job is mainly to target the thigh and also do some buttock correction and it also comes with a massage ball to make the whole thing even better.

Super Kegel Exerciser is also amazing when it comes to targeting lower abdominal muscles. This equipment helps to trigger the glutes more especially and it is women friendly. For a person who is going through Postpartum Rehab will find this exercise equipment very useful. The exercise equipment has been of great benefits to how the pelvic floor muscles will get the most out of it.

Super Kegel Exerciser when in use also comes with some blood flow benefits with Lower Limb Muscles but it’s mainly for strengthen the glutes. It is very portable and can be carried about so as to be used anywhere be it your home or office or wherever you would like to do your workouts.

This exercise equipment is made from carbon steel, the very thick carbon steel so you don’t need to have any fears it is durable. Super Kegel Exerciser also comes with adjustable gears, so as to suit a wide range of any hip size and in using it the exercise equipment elastic force can be altered. You don’t really need to spend the whole day with the Super Kegel Exerciser, only a minute of workout with it shall be enough. The massage ball is given as a complimentary gift and by using it, you can focus on reducing the knots and tensions on your muscle before and after your workout.

In all, the unique Super Kegel Exercise will be very easy to use and has an amazing portable glute exercise any woman would love to have.


  • It comes with adjustable gears
  • It is especially suitable for women
  • Uniquely portable
  • It comes with a massage ball
  • It body is made with steel plate and PVD
  • Has a weight of 1.65 lbs. weight


  • It is the best when it comes to pelvic floor
  • It gives the butt a better shape and makes it look lifted
  • Very simple to understand and use
  • It is easy to make adjustments
  • It comes with an added massage ball


  • Not to be used by anyone with poor strength

Prices: price ranges from $30 to $60

8. Thigh Master – SigridZ Thigh Master

SigridZ Thigh Master

This is another unique exercise machine for thighs and hips. The SigridZ thigh Master is amazing equipment for beautifying the legs and buttocks. It gives you the portability of carrying it anywhere and anytime and can be used in your home, place of work and any other place. The SigridZ Thigh Master is home fitness equipment which comes with a compact design, super light and portable to carry around to your office, the park and anywhere convenient for you to observe your workout routine. It is also very convenient to use and can be stored easily.

It comes with S shape design also has good elasticity and very strong toughness, so no matter the usage it can’t be broken. Consistent use of it can thin your legs giving you the perfect legs and also reduce fat in your thighs and increases the bend of the thigh. SigridZ Thigh Master also corrects the shape of the line of the hips giving you a perfect lower body.

SigridZ Thigh Master is one of the best exercise machine weight losses giving you the chance to easily build your body anywhere and anytime. The exercise equipment is also an excellent exercise toner for your leg, arm, outer and inner thigh work out. It also great in tighten the hip, buttocks and lower abdomen muscles, it is perfect in training the pelvic floor muscles, increasing the firmness and promoting healthy life.


  • Comes with a compact design which makes it very light and portable giving you the convenience needed when using and also easy to store
  • SigridZ Thigh Master comes in S shape design, has good elasticity and strong when it comes to toughness
  • Made from PVC material and comes with thickened spring
  • It has comfortable foam, sweat-absorbent included and also skid resistance which makes it safe for use


  • Compact and has an amazing lightweight, making it easy to store and carry with.
  • Gives you the flexibility needed when it comes to using
  • It durable, multifunctional and good fit making it safe and reliable.


  • Too must usage can make it wore out

Price: it has a price range from $18 to $30

9. Leg Press Machine – Signature Fitness SF-L2

Signature Fitness SF-L2

This is one of the best exercise machines for thighs and hips. The Signature Fitness SF-L2 is an adjustable leg press machine that is mainly focused on the lower body. This exercise machine targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, caves and glutes. This workout is more effective by changing your foot position on the platform when you will place your legs and as you press you will be engaging different muscles groups. The Signature Fitness SF-L2 also comes with an oversized footrest which is provided so as for you to be able to do various kind of foot positions on it which allows it to focus on your thigh and hip and different other muscle groups.

The Signature Fitness SF-L2 comes with two Lock-Out positions which are under the athletes’ control throughout the leg press movement workout. To start fold in the handrail to begin the motion movement and when you are through with the workout fold them out to lock the carriage bar which is in place but if you feel you cannot finish up the motion, make sure you use the safety lockout position mid-rep.

Signature Fitness SF-L2 leg press comes with a comfortable padding which is meant to reduce strain and stress on your back and muscles as you begin to lift weights. The comfortable pads are made to support the lower back and also the shoulder areas.

The SF-L2 comes with a High gauge steel construction which makes this commercial grade product a solid and stable piece of fitness equipment. It has a perfect diamond plated footplate which offers plenty of grip and to crown it all up a perfectly powered paint to leave a longer=lasting finish.


  • Comes with a reliable capacity
  • Comfortable padding
  • A long lasting construction
  • It has an oversized footrest
  • Comes with a handrail


  • It is an indoor exercise machine
  • It is mainly for your thighs, hips and every area of your legs
  • If properly maintained will last long
  • It is reliable


  • It is quite expensive

Price: the price ranges from $500 to $1000

10. Multifunction Squat Machine – Seanleecore Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat Machine

Seanleecore Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat Machine

The Sissy Squat Machine is one of the best exercise machines for thigh and hips. It is one of the best exercise machines both for home and commercial gym workout. It works for mostly the hips, legs and abdomen which help in helping you lose weight and also slim down. One amazing part is that it is a Deep Sissy Squat, extremely versatile, band squat, push-up, forward lunge and even more.

This is for you to also know that the Sissy Squat Machine is not only a squat machine but also a Hip Thrust Machine or more so a push-up Three (3) – in- One (1). It is a machine which can be used differently to help you save space and also money. A five (5) –position height adjustment allow the exercise machine to be used by all body types and the front of the machine also comes with rollers, for easy movement of the machine just move the tail which allow is to be easy to store.

The best machines are what we want to bring to you having the best quality also. Sissy Squat Machines are made from heavy-duty steel on the main frame, Ploy Urethane large steel anti-slip foot plates making it softer and very comfortable and safer than ordinary padded foam and every other part is made of the best quality materials. The Sissy Squat Machine also has an added booty bands and instructions which are to aid users’ exercise more. To use the band you can hang the attached resistance bands (30 lbs. each, 2 bands) on any side of the machine and you can start practicing other exercise movement such as Hip thrusts. The Sissy Squat Machine can be used both for women and men.


  • It is 5-stages Height measurement
  • Comes with an adjustable instep fixed bar
  • It also comes with a luxury Ploy Urethane cushion
  • It has Brace Grip and also Thrust Grip


  • It can be used for to work on both the upper limb and the lower limb
  • It can be used in the home and also in commercial places
  • It is made with quality materials which will help make it last long


  • It will cost you a lot

Price: it ranges from $500 to $1,000

Factors to Be Consider When Choosing An Exercise Machine

We know you are fascinated in seeing all of these unique exercise machines for thighs and hips and it is not also wise that you just pick one randomly because it was listed as one of the best and you go through the features and see that it will be very beneficial to you. We have different choices and personal needs for an effective workout and this is the more reason why you should be very careful and thoughtful about selecting exercise machines by checking well if it serves the purpose you specifically desire.

This particular part is to help you out on that note!

  • Workout Habits

Jogging or running isn’t enjoyed by some persons they prefer sitting in a place while pedaling sounds so good to them also the reverse might be the truth for some other folks. You need to know that working out style will matter in the choice of exercise machine you will buy.

For those that enjoying running, buying a treadmill won’t be a wise idea. You may have been told that your body will adapt to that workout style at some point, and we are not saying that there is no chance it won’t but the real deal is to look for an option you already enjoy doing is wiser. Most persons think of staying committed to a workout and then leaving in the middle due to they don’t get used to it as time goes on. Normally, it is not enjoyable doing a workout formation that is not compatible with you. So, when making a choice keeps your priorities in mind.

  • Lifestyle

If most of your time is spent in the office and can’t not stay committed to come home and sitting on an exercise machine and spend a good amount of time running or pedaling, thing likely won’t work.

So you need to go for exercise equipment that can allow you carry it around so that during lunch breaks you can spare out time and do your workout. A treadmill is never going to be a good option because it is heavy and consumes a huge amount of space but a portable resistance band would be the best to go for and you might just need one of those. So, when the thought about actually committing to a particular regime workout routine comes to mind, you should keep in mind all of the lifestyle-relevant inconveniences that may seem to be an obstacle to you staying committed and make sure you do something taking those into account.

People mostly think that the best workout machine for thighs and hips would be something that can help give burn in a short period of time. Definitely you don’t have to serve that idea. Instead, think about the amount of time you can dedicate to that purpose.

  • Budget Decision

Having to make a sound financial decision means considering that you are paying for directly what you need for that exercise equipment. If perhaps you don’t need water bottle holder or things like that, paying for exercise equipment that costs more because of those particular features does not make so much sense. Instead it is best to go for something that cost a little less but does not include that holder and any other extra stuff you probably don’t need.

  • You Have A Record Of Your Health History

If you are someone going through or facing some particular muscle problem, or it might even be a joint issue. Injuries and soreness most times grow into more extensive physical conditions from overusing a particular part. These problems mostly happen to be people when they get to their middle age which is definitely fine.

It is best that you consider these physical limitations before choosing equipment. For instance, some workout styles have the chances of making your condition worse and it is important that you talk to your doctor about it to be sure if or not a particular activity or machine will be of great harm to your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gym Equipment Is Best For Toning Bum And Thighs?

Exercise equipment that comes with cardio benefits will be great for the reduction of buttock and thigh area and it is more effective for toning those areas.

The stationary bike is likely a good example and something you should think of. If you want to maintain the resistance high and pace slower, elliptical machines are the way to go. A treadmill that comes with a high incline also helps.

Which Gym Machine Is Best For Hips?

When you have pain on hip or knee here are the best type of exercise machines:

  • Elliptical trainer
  • Pool exercises
  • Stationary bike
  • Tai chi
  • Rowing machine
  • Short brisk walks

Does Hip Abduction Slim Thighs?

The abductor and adductor machines help tone and make firm your inner thighs and out buttocks when used intensely, but will not help alter their size. This means that it will not slim down.

Final Note

Many people wants to have the perfect thigh and hip for some many different reasons that is why we have come up with only the top best exercise machine for thighs and hips. So my looking at all that has been said we are certain that it will help you to easily pick out the one that best suites you.

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