15 Best Business to Start in Texas

Business to Start in Texas

Best Business to Start in Texas – Are you in Texas planning to start up a business that will earn you a living but you don’t know how to go about it or how to get started?

Then you are not alone; in this guide, we will give you all you should know about businesses in Texas, how you can start up your own business in Texas, and much more.

We covered the most profitable business ideas you can start in Texas even with little capital as an individual and handle it effectively at your own expense.

The massive growth of top major industries in Texas has launched a wonderful environment for individuals to startup businesses that are registered with the government.

Some of these major industries in Texas that give room for individuals to start up their businesses in Texas include Transportation, Utilities, Financial Activities, mining, construction, manufacturing, trade, Education and Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality, and so many other related industries.

These business ideas that one can start-up in Texas makes the travel industry more relevant as people need to move from their various houses to their business areas daily.

Recently, almost every business that one can ever imagine can be handled on the internet, this resulted in the rise of online businesses such as affiliate marketing, tutoring, freelance writing, etc.

How you can start a Business in Texas

Texas is a location that is governed by rules requiring that one should follow certain legal steps before setting up any business, regardless of the size of the business or where you are operating it (from your home or at a physical shop).

Before we dive into giving you the top lucrative business ideas that you can start-up in Texas, let’s quickly show you the legal steps you need to follow before starting up your business in Texas:

Steps on how to start up a business in Texas

  • Brood and structure a business plan. Depending on what you are venturing for, your business can be a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Corporation, or probably a DBA (Doing Business As).
  • Get in touch with a Registered Agent to help analyze your business plan and the best location that will suit your preferred business
  • Choose a Business Name. Here, we recommend that you check your chosen Business Name with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Furthermore, you can search if your chosen Business domain name is available for registration.
  • Next, proceed to register your business. Also, check for top LLC service providers in the United States.
  • Next, proceed to get your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN or “EIN”)
  • As a legal entity, you need to register for Taxes. We recommend that you register with the Comptroller of Public Accounts which is in charge of handling state tax filings.
  • Depending on the type of business you are operating, we recommend that you create a business bank account just for your business
  • Finally, you need to get licenses and permits that are required for your chosen business.

Top Best 15 Businesses to Start in Texas 2022

Below are the top cool business ideas you can start in Texas even with low capital

#1. Online Business

Online business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can start in Texas.

Online business involves making money from the comfort of your home, without owning a physical shop where you operate your business from.

So many individuals both graduates and undergraduates make decent cash from online businesses right from their homes in Texas.

Depending on your passion for the internet, you can decide to make an online business a full-time job or a part-time job as the case may be.

Moreover, some online businesses you can venture into include blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, selling courses, web development, graphics designing, tutoring, app development, coaching, etc.

One of the merits of online business is that you can be making money even while you are sleeping if you properly set up your passive income channel.

#2. Medical Billing

As the world population keeps increasing, the need for medical assistant keep skyrocketing.

Regardless of how an individual needs a medical assistant, medical centers, hospitals, and practitioners will surely bill their patients for every single checkup.

Starting up medical billing as a business can be easy if you already know that area.

Some of your work in this type of business include check-ups, testing, surgeries, and so many other things.

Moreover, the core job of a medical biller is to help in the processing of bills and also to follow up with insurance companies that promised health insurance for individuals who registered with them for their health claims.

If you are in Texas and probably you have knowledge of medical billing processes, medical billing can be an outstanding business that you can venture into.

#3. Hardware Store

Hardware Store is another high demanding lucrative business that one can start in Texas even with low capital.

The Hardware Store is very broad and you can decide to venture into the area that you love most or probably the area you have some in-depth knowledge of.

A customer might demand your assistance to fix a hardware component after a successful purchase from your store.

Moreover, you can also create an online presence for your Hardware Store to enable people that reside outside your locality to patronize and order your services while on the go.

We recommend that you get a specific skill in hardware components before venturing into this business.

#4. Fitness Center

While almost every human is seeking a body that is healthy and fit, starting up a fitness center in Texas is quite fantastic; as this will help reduce the problems that people who do not take care of their body fitness face.

Moreover, obesity which results in poor maintenance of our body shape is mostly seen in a good number of children in almost every region in Texas.

To help reduce the rate of obesity, you can open a fitness training center. With a saved-up capital, you can be able to purchase the necessary equipment you needed for your fitness center.

If you are not fitness inclined, you can easily work with the federal association of Professional Trainers and learn from them how you can start up your fitness center at a low cost.

#5. Coffee Shop

Coffee which is one of the most selling businesses in Texas can be interesting if you wish to start up a coffee shop where you will prepare and serve people coffee based on their demands and specifications.

Although there are lots of coffee shops that are already selling in the streets of Texas, you can start up your coffee shop in an outstanding way and attract classic customers who will not just come to drink coffee but also to feel relaxed and take a short break in your outstanding shop.

When starting up a coffee shop, you should be aware that there are lots of competition in this business and some cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin have lots of coffee shops that are in existence.

This is why you should endeavor to make your coffee shop outstanding from others.

#6. Barber Shop

barber shop

Barbing is one of the best businesses that have high demand daily. Every single individual wants to look presentable to people, and because of this, men with beard visits the barbing shop sometimes more than two times a week just to shave off outgrown hair from their faces.

Moreover, Texas is quite in need of professionals who can meet up with the individuals’ demands as per diverse hairstyles and creativity.

Starting up a barbing shop will not cost you much; although you need to spend time learning how to barb professional hairstyles to attract classic people to your shop.

#7. Mobile Food Truck

mobile food truck

Do you love cooking? Do you know that you can translate your passion into a business idea that will continuously fetch money for you while doing what you love to do?

The mobile food truck business involves creating awareness about the food that you can cook very well and getting a vehicle (you can hire if you don’t have any) which you will use to distribute your food items most especially to the busy commercial areas in various cities of Texas.

This type of business idea demands some capital to be able to advertise your services and also to be able to obtain logistics that will help in your service delivery.

#8. Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

As the world keeps advancing, beauty salons keep receiving unlimited traffic from ladies who have the intention of looking more beautiful than just their natural beauty.

The salon industry is quite competitive in Texas and over the years, the number of ladies who often visit salon shops increased unmeasurably.

Regardless of your gender, you can start up a beauty salon shop. Moreover, since there are different categories of beauty salons, you can decide to start up a hair salon, day spa, or even a general beauty salon shop.

Setting up a standard beauty salon shop may not be too expensive; so with a small capital, you can set up your amazing beauty salon shop.

#9. Electronic Gadget Repairing

Electronic Gadget Repairing

In the world today, every single-family uses electronic gadgets, and oftentimes, there is a high tendency for those electronic gadgets to develop issues or probably get spoilt.

You can come up with the idea of repairing electronic gadgets and this will be very profitable for you if you know what you are doing in the field.

Moreover, to participate in this kind of business, you need to first learn how to repair electronics. Also, you need some set of tools that may not be too costly before setting up your electronics gadget repairing shop.

#10. Cleaning & Maintenance

Do you have a passion for cleaning and maintaining household appliances? Then starting up a cleaning and maintenance business is quite a recommended business idea for you.

In Texas, a lot of families mostly get occupied with their work and the need for cleaning and maintenance service is in high demand.

This business idea does not demand many skills or finances for its start-up. Just with a little capital, you can be able to set up your business and generate income by doing what you enjoy doing.

Some services that are contained in this business idea include home cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, garbage removal, and so on.

#11. Day Care

Over the years, there has been a high demand for professional daycare centers in Texas.

If you have a passion for taking care of kids, you can make money from it by opening an outstanding daycare center where parents can put their kids in check while in their workplaces.

The most interesting this about this business idea is that you can use a part of your house as a daycare center. This will save you the cost of hiring an apartment for handling your daycare business.

A daycare business will not just give you satisfaction but it will also give you good income in turn for your good care for those kids that are kept in your care.

#12. Tutoring

Tutoring is quite a lucrative business that you can get into if you have a passion for teaching.

In Texas, you can start your tutoring class even at no cost since you can use social media platforms to handle some of your online tutoring classes.

Moreover, you can use your house to render teaching services to interested candidates who wish to learn from you.

Tutoring is one of the paying businesses that you can startup in Texas. For instance, a parent can pay you to tutor his child on a particular service.

Here, you will decide the time that is convenient for you and work with it while making your money.

One of the most amazing things is that some parents can even pay you any amount you quote just to tutor their children.


We discussed the most profitable business ideas you can start in Texas even with little capital as an individual and handle it effectively at your own expense.

Depending on your passion, you can choose any of the above business ideas that are top-notch in Texas.

See you at the top as you start up your own business today.


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