What are The Most Popular Business Major

What are The Most Popular Business Major

Companies and organizations rely on business majors and principles for their functionality.

A graduate who has obtained a bachelor’s degree most especially in a business-related career has a great opportunity of working with top organizations as long as he meets the organization’s goals.

An enthusiastic individual who intends to work in a popular business major can either enroll for a study to first acquire an associate degree and later he can transfer to a bachelor’s business degree program.

Moreover, you can move straight to enroll for a four-year business degree in any of your favorite institutions.

Getting started

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field have a high tendency of acquiring top-notch skills which will make them more relevant in almost every industry.

This business degree qualifies students to be capable of working for nonprofit organizations, startups, etc. because of what they have to offer to these organizations.

A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in any of the popular business majors can begin his career with just one organization and later he can proceed to work with multiple organizations altogether.

Currently, there are lots of business majors that students are enrolling for admission to obtain a bachelor’s degree in their desired course choices.

Moreover, choosing an undergraduate major in a certain business area is most times overwhelming because there are lots of business majors that one can choose from.

In as much as this, undergraduates should be aware that the majority of these business major varies wildly from each other.

Business majors help to figure out which industry one belongs to; this helps the individual to further his education in his desired area of interest.

Furthermore, business majors made it possible to break down some quite broad business jobs.

What is a business major?

A business major to a layman is an aspect of the study that is designed for students to further their education in diverse areas.

The business major will serve as a guide to help them have several options on which area they may want to specialize in their career.

Business majors help students to understand how different types of companies operate, both in local and global economies.

Moreover, one of the amazing features of business majors is that enable students to have broad career options, especially when furthering their education.

Some popular business majors such as accounting, general management, marketing, entrepreneurship, statistics, etc. serve as viable career paths for undergraduates.

Which business major is the best?

In the world today, there are lots of good and recommended business majors of which we will be elucidating the most widely rated business majors in this guide.

Moreover, what we can classify as the best business major are those businesses that suit your area of interest and abilities.

Let’s take, for instance, if you are passionate about reducing the crime rate through white-collar jobs, you can enroll in an accounting program. Although accounting may not be the highest-paid business major at the time of writing.

If you don’t yet know the best business major for your career, just get a cup of coffee as we will detail the most popular business major, including their salary range, job growth percentage, etc.

The most popular business major

Below are the top most popular business majors as of today:

#1. Accounting

Accounting is one of the most popular business majors and graduates from this business major can pursue positions in finance, accounting, as well as in tax office.

An accounting job is quite an amazing job that offers excellent security to almost every worker in diverse industries; this is because accountants are one of the major backbones of most outstanding companies.

Accountants are needed in almost every organization, no matter how small the organization is.

To enroll for a study as an accountant, you need some courses like financial analysis, accounting, economics, and business law.

Ranging from payroll down to taxation, accountants perform a good number of essential responsibilities in every business.

Meanwhile, an undergraduate who intends to a degree as an accountant may likely spend all his days working with numbers and calculations.

Furthermore, as an accountant you will be responsible for keeping financial records, auditing statements for discrepancies, processing payroll checks, submitting tax forms, as well as preparing financial reports.

The average annual salary of an accountant is $73,560 and the projected growth rate is 4%.

#2. Entrepreneurship

If you ever desired to be your boss; that is starting, owning, and managing a business, then acquiring a business degree in the major of entrepreneurship is quite a good choice.

Some required courses in your journey to obtaining a degree in the major of entrepreneurship include marketing, accounting, performance management, and business strategy.

Moreover, the knowledge you obtained in the higher institution while trying to acquire a degree in the major of entrepreneurship can as well be used while working with an organization.

In this case, a degree in entrepreneurship can be of great help to you not just in academic foundation but also to survive in the world of startups.

This means that even though you decide to work for an organization at the initial stage, you can easily fall back to owning your own business when you have gotten the startup capital needed for your business.

The average annual salary of entrepreneurship is $107,680. Also, the projected job growth rate is 4%.

#3. Marketing

Marketing being one of the most popular business majors with high demand is an opportunity that will open other doors by default.

As a marketer, some popular positions that await you include marketing coordinator, marketing manager, and marketing specialists.

Every organization or company that have growth in mind put marketing as one of its core value when it comes to how its organization should be running.

The majority of the companies today need assistance in product promotion, customer retention, consumer research, brand awareness, and other related tasks that help to grow and retain the life of the company.

In most cases, marketers are being promoted countless times within a year. Any time you met your target as a marketer, it automatically brings promotion to you.

If you are talented enough, besides the organization you are working with, you can even perform marketing and advertising task for other third-party companies.

The average annual salary for marketers is $141,490 and the estimated job growth is 6%.

#4. Statistics

Statistics is quite a lucrative business major in the world today.

Undergraduates who intend to acquire a degree in statistics need to understand the processes that are involved in collecting, organizing, analyzing as well as interpreting numbered data sets when a problem that demands such knowledge is being given to them.

Currently, statistics are in high demand in almost every industry. So as a statistician, you will help organizations detect patterns and trends that are used in making vital decisions in the industry.

To further your knowledge in statistics, you can take courses in calculus, probability, statistics, algebra, etc.

As a statistician, some popular positions for this business major include data analyst, business analyst, and statistician.

The average annual salary of statisticians is $79,990, as of the 2014 analysis.

Meanwhile, the projected job growth for statisticians is 26.7% from 2012 to 2022 estimated statistics.

#5. International Business

Currently, the world has gone digital and almost every business is seeking for online presence; regardless of how little those businesses may be.

The majority of outstanding companies today can be accessed globally and this pushes their operations to all the corners of the world.

One who acquired a degree in international business will be able to know international business fundamentals such as expanding markets, global operations, and cultural behaviors.

Students who intend to enroll in international business majors should expect some courses like business ethics, international markets, and global commerce.

Also, international business will qualify graduates for certain positions like management analyst, business development specialist, as well as a logistician.

Moreover, during a graduate’s business career, they can work for international companies that have offices within their locality or they can use other communication mediums to interact with suppliers from other nations.

The average annual salary for an international business bachelor is $103,650 and this business major has an estimated project growth of 6%.

#6. Economics

Economics is quite a lucrative business major listed among the top most popular business majors which emphasize policies, programs, matters that influence people, politics, etc.

Acquiring a degree in economics will help you understand how economic circumstances play a vital role in the business circle.

With the information you have as a degree holder in economics, you can be able to make accurate decisions and also suggest some level of economic growth for the nation.

We recommend this amazing program for those who are interested in global markets, inflation, economic policy, finance, trade, etc.

The courses you should expect while planning to enroll for a study as an economist include microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Students can further study some courses like statistics, economic analysis, banking, and legal regulations; to gain more knowledge in their career.

Some institutions include calculus in their program curriculum, just to ensure that their students are well-grounded in their course of study.

The average annual salary for an economist is $83,660 and they have projected job growth of about 5%.

#7. Finance

Finance which is an everyday talk, action, and a decision is quite a popular business major that every business talks about.

Finance here emphasizes money and how money can be utilized to make more money.

Finance as a business major entails where the money for a particular project in an organization can come from, where it can be channeled, and also how the money can be used to generate more income for the organization.

An individual who obtained a degree in finance must have gained some level of skills that will be necessary for evaluating some reasonable questions about finance and also he can be able to give a detailed answer based on his level of knowledge.

As one who obtained a degree in finance, your work may involve helping organizations in making financial decisions and also helping them to meet their financial goals.

While enrolling for a study in finance, some courses you need to know include financial accounting, portfolio management, microeconomics, and macroeconomics.

The average annual salary for financial managers is $134,180 and their projected job growth is about 15%.

While aspiring for a degree in finance, you may need to take classes on written and oral communication for business settings. This is because a majority of finance professionals’ job is analyzing data and also presenting their findings to other departments in clear and easy-to-understand formats.

Furthermore, finance students can work as a financial analysts or as bankers. In the future, they can be promoted to work as financial managers, having acquired much knowledge in their career.

Also, finance students can become financial advisors who oversee investments for people or organizations.

#8. Human Resources

In the world today, every organization is sprouting to be one of the best among its competitors, this leads to these organizations seeking qualified and engaged staff members that can be able to handle some spectacular positions for them.

Moreover, staffs are quite the backbone of every single organization. For instance, if you have a good and aggressive marketer, your organization can grow more than that of your competitors.

Obtaining a degree in human relations can help degree holders to learn how they can contribute to company success most especially in the area of staffing, training, employee retention, and conflict management.

As one that studied human resources, you can be able to understand some secrets that make a good employee. Also, you can be able to learn how you can motivate and equip people with some skills they needed an improvement in.

Human resource managers can also help their organization have good team members from time to time by helping them conduct interviews, bringing recruits to their company, and picking the right candidates that the company needs.

Furthermore, human resource professionals can learn how to manage conflict, work with labor specialists, as well as encourage staff that compromises.

The average annual salary for human resource managers is $121,220 and they have projected job growth of 6%.


If you have a bachelor’s degree in any of the popular business majors such as accounting, statistics, marketing, economics, finance, etc. you can either raise finances and start your own business or you can directly work for an organization and earn a decent salary.

The above discussed most popular business majors are quite recommended if you intend to obtain a degree in a business major.

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