Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses – If you have been in social media marketing, you would have noticed that it involves strategy and creativity.

Even though social media marketing may seem tedious to some people, the benefits of social media marketing cannot depreciate in its value.

In this digital age, over 90% of all marketers globally utilize social media marketing to reach out to a large audience that will in turn have an interest in their products as well as services.

On average, more than 70% of marketers that utilize social media marketing performs far better than others that use traditional marketing medium to advertise their products.

Perhaps, the benefits of social media marketing are quite beyond increasing your sales alone.

Unfortunately, you may be surprised that even today, some businesses don’t know much about the benefits of social media marketing.

From research, we noticed that more than 30% of small businesses don’t know the benefits of social media marketing and its impact on the business.

Reports from social media marketing experts claimed that there is a big gap between business owners that are seeing the benefits of social marketing and those that are still considering if they will use social media marketing for their business or not.

In this guide, some of the benefits of the social media marketing that we will elucidate are how you can grow your brand awareness through social media marketing, how social media marketing can help you to increase the traffic of your website, and how you can promote your products as well as services through social media marketing, etc.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing which in some places is known as digital marketing or e-marketing involves the use of social media platforms to advertise products and services.

These social media platforms can be seen as platforms that allow their users to create an account and share information which will in turn help to build the company’s brand, and also helps to increase sales as well as website traffic.

Besides social media helping companies to engage with their existing customers as well as reaching out to new customers, social media marketing also makes it possible for marketers to track the success of their efforts and also to see more opportunities they can use to improve their business.

How Social Media Marketing Works

Since the time that popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram emerged, there has been a great transformation not just in the way people connect but also enables a business to be able to influence their customer’s behavior.

This is quite possible right from promoting content that engages viewers through info-graphics, text, files, etc.

It also helps in extracting geographic, demographic, as well as personal information that makes messaging to be engaging among users.

Social media marketing helps in customer relationship management. When compared to traditional marketing, social media marketing has lots of advantages over traditional marketing means because social media marketing allows customers to interact with marketers.

Perhaps, traditional marketing mostly tracks customer value but social media marketing tracks customer value both directly and indirectly.

Top 8 benefits of social media marketing

#1. You can connect with potential business partners

Social media enable people to make connections easily with new people regardless of their location or language.

There are quite a lot of ways that social media will help people to get connected. They include:

  1. Through Facebook groups – Currently, there are millions of Facebook groups where people can meet with each other and share common goals. When you discover these Facebook groups, get involved with people and make connections that will help grow your business.
  2. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is quite a professional social media platform. Not just are there a lot of companies that have a profile on this platform, but it is a great platform to make connections with related people in your business. You will in turn share common business ideas and grow together.

#2. It is cheap

Do you know that you can generate organic social media traffic for free? All you need is to build an outstanding profile and share useful contents that people will be interested to know more info about the product or service.

Moreover, you can even promote your content through these social media platforms to reach out to people that are not following your updates or people that don’t know about your services.

To achieve social media organic traffic, some steps that you need include writing organic content that is engaging and making it look like an ad while it’s not.

You can even include some transactional call to action buttons such as Buy Now, click here, visit a site, get promo code, etc.

Your goal should be to first of all get the attention of people. This is because when you don’t have the attention of people, they will hardly view your content.

#3. You can repurpose your content

This can be seen as the aspect of recycling your content. You can pick content from your website and restructure it to fit the latest information that is necessary and publish it on your social media accounts.

By so doing, you created a new content but it proceeds from an existing content that you have uploaded to your website but it is not getting much customer attention as you deserve.

Through this channel, you can be able to reach out to people that have missed your content when you published it on your website.

Also, on most social media platforms, when you publish a new post, your followers will be notified about your new content and they will be triggered to go and check out what you have for them.

Moreover, you should know that repurposing content does not mean that you should post the same thing on every page.

You can make some changes when posting it on other platforms or in other places where you have a presence.

For instance, what you posted on Facebook should be slightly different from what you will post on other platforms, but their goal should be the same.

#4. Retargeting ads to your website

The technology behind retargeting is quite great and it is a wonderful tool that scales marketers when it comes to social media marketing.

Over the years, it has been recorded that the majority of consumers that visit a brand’s website for the first time usually perform other actions such as finding out what the company does, how they operate, etc. other than going to purchase just a single visit.

Moreover, through social media advertising, when people see an ad or a content over and over again, they must have known what that product or service is all about and this can motivate them to make purchases on their first visit to your company’s website.

Meanwhile, retargeting works better by placing anonymous cookies on your website just within their browser when people visit your website.

These cookies will enable social media platforms to be able to display ads that you have seen on the company’s website and maybe you don’t have the intention of purchasing your first visit.

#5. You can easily distribute content

After taking lots of hours, days, and even weeks just to create a single piece of content, you may end up publishing it on your website and search engines may not be able to put your content where the world can be able to see it.

Moreover, by utilizing social media platforms, you can be able to target where you want your content to be displayed and you can make your fantastic content to be seen by the targeted people within a few hours or days of publishing it.

Besides social media platforms helping you to put your content on top of your audience, you can also advertise other products through your content that has gained lots of people’s attention.

Research showed that over 9,000 tweets are being sent every second. Also, the Google search engine records over 5 million searches every single day.

 Furthermore, the content you publish on social media will rank fast more than the same content that you published on your company’s website because the social media platform has lots of audiences and they are trusted by search engines.

#6. You will stay up-to-date with industry news

Since social media platforms have a lot of industries and individuals, you can be able to see different industries’ news and trends to help you stay updated with those companies.

Some of these industries may be your partners or even competitors.

This will also help you to be able to follow as well as monitor your competitors as well as other industries that you are partnering with. This will help you check to know what they are trying to achieve.

Also, since technology is quite dynamic, you will be able to see the latest technology that is in practice on social media platforms and how you can be able to implement it in your business.

With notifications that you will keep from companies that you are following, you will be able to know the reasons why your competitors make certain changes in their platform and also if it will benefit you if you do so.

Being up to date with news will help you to be in check with the competitive market; this will in turn keep your company up-to-date and running.

A good example here is that oftentimes, Google usually changes its algorithm.

So if you are doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, you should be able to know the latest changes that Google has made and how you can follow the new ranking rules to push your website contents to Google search engine result pages.

So you can see that there is a lot you will learn when you usually stay updated with industry news.

#7. You can improve your content performance through social proof

Here, you can use your result proof to attract customers to your company’s products and services.

For instance, if you are selling software and within the past few months, your software has recorded over 200,000 sales and it has about 4.8/5 average rating.

When you share such proof on your social media accounts, people will be triggered to take action, having seen the proof that you show them.

Nobody is interested in trying new things out again; most especially when it comes to what they are to purchase with their money.

This has been one of the reasons why a lot of platforms on the internet give their new users about one month’s free trial to check out how their platform works and what they can be able to achieve with the value you are giving them.

Also, if people come across a product on the internet and thousands of people are commenting good about the product and they keep sharing it with their friends just to tell them how wonderful that product is, you will be motivated to take action in that product.

Even if you may end up not buying it, you can as well recommend it to your friends because you have seen a lot of good reviews about that product from different people.

#8. It will help you to do competitor research

Society has become home for a lot of individuals out there. Currently, over 90% of youths are on social media platforms.

So while people are doing their businesses on these social medial platforms, you can be able to spot people that are doing the same thing you are doing. In other words, these people are your competitors by default.

You can create time to monitor your competitors on these social media platforms to know how they are promoting their business and also to collect some useful insights from them.

Before you start monitoring your competitors and see the type of strategy they are using to grow their audience through social media handles.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to keep a close eye on their social media profiles and also by analyzing each of their content from time to time.

Ensure that you learn a better way to improve your business when doing research, to avoid wasting your time doing research.

You should be able to answer some questions like “how to do this person manage to resolve this issue?” “How can I compare myself with these people?” etc.


Today social media platforms are quite a medium that you can use to share useful information which will in turn help to build the company’s brand and also helps to increase sales as well as website traffic.

Having seen the benefits of social media marketing, you can go ahead and push your business.

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