Top 10 Best VTuber Software 

Best Vtuber software

Best Vtuber software — Just as the reach of anime and anime-related games is spreading further beyond Japan, stylized 2D characters are growing stronger in the world of Vtubing. And with the advances in technology, people can now transform themselves into anime characters to offer video contents on the internet.

In recent days, VTubing has never been so easy as there were some glitches here and there. Thanks to the launch of easy-to-use Vtuber apps, creating amazing virtual avatars and controlling them has become much easier. 

So, if you are looking forward to diving into the world of Vtubing, you will need to have the right software that would make things go smoothly for you — and that is exactly what this article is for. To start as a VTuber, you need to create a digital avatar. Without a digital avatar (which is mostly an anime character), you are just a regular Vblogger.

Of course, VTuber software should make it quite easy for people to create an avatar. By default, there will always be a few different options that have been pre-built into the software to enable you to create your first avatar in a few clicks. Some pieces of software may give you a bit more control over the type of avatar that you want to create. On the other hand, you may have less customization features with some.

One of the most important features you may enjoy from most VTuber software is the broadcast feature. The live broadcast feature in the software will track your movements to animate your avatar after you. This helps with the smooth streaming of your videos.

What is Vtubing All About?

VTubing is a content creating activity using anime which is widely popular in Asian countries, especially Japan. Although Vtubing is a small niche industry which is carved out from the word “Virtual YouTubers”, it is now gaining popularity in other parts of the world.

So, basically, a VTuber uses VTube software to create anime characters and uses them to make videos for his/her YouTube channel. But the thing is, the VTubers will be seen as Avatars  instead of actual human beings who speak on YouTube. The AI-powered tools they use in creating anime characters for the videos they share on YouTube help them mimic their words and actions, and also help them add effects to their avatar. 

People who want to be an online icon but don’t really feel comfortable sharing your natural face and identity have an opportunity to be a Vtuber. If you fall in that category, you should definitely try out some of the best Vtuber software listed in this article and start growing your community using unique models and avatars.

It is also important to note that virtual YouTubers (VTubers) do not work on artificial intelligence. The avatars you see moving and speaking are actual people behind their movements; controlling the virtual avatars using mocaps and other sensor and motion detection technologies.

Some VTubers use either motion capture or a mocap technology suit to make their avatars detect and track their human facial and body movements.

In all, what you need to start as a VTuber is a computer, an internet streaming system, a VTuber maker software, and you are good to go. With your skills, your avatar is ready to appear on the screens of the millions of streaming devices in the world.

Top 10 Best Vtuber Software

Let’s face it, there are tons of VTuber maker software in the market that are either available for free or for some affordable price. And I understand that it can be a lot choosing among a well of Vtuber software, especially if you are a beginner.

So in this article, I have gone out of my way to curb out the issue of finding the best Vtuber software out there. Although it all comes down to what features catch your attention, whichever you choose from this list, stands as one of the best on the market.

Some of them are free, while some are paid. The VTube software is listed in no particular order.

  • Wakaru
  • VSeeFace
  • VRoid Studio
  • Face Rig
  • Live3D
  • VTube Studio
  • Luppet
  • Animaze
  • VR Chat
  • Hyper

1. Wakaru

Wakaru - Best Vtuber software
Wakaru – Best Vtuber software

Wakaru is one of the best VTuber software that is intuitive and stocked with multiple features. It is the most popular VTuber software among PC users. Wakaru scraps out the need for a VR device or kit. All it requires is that you install a webcam on your PC or use your smartphone camera as a webcam. 

This software is one of the oldest programs that you can use to create virtual videos and cosplay while being the avatar of your choice. Wakaru is very popular in Asia, and offers an array of features that can become handy. There is also a brief video editor, and advanced features that allows the creation of a virtual presentation of your choice. Some of the features Wakaru offers include eye capture, head pose capture, mouth shape capture, facial control, real-time gesture tracking, and it enables you to share your animation software with viewers on your streaming platform with ease.

With Wakaru, you will be able to create your own virtual world and come up with tons of different avatars. You can also choose to rotate them through your streams and create a platform with many casts. Having an account on the platform will aid you save everything you have worked on and share your virtual avatars to whoever when you need them.

Although Wakaru doesn’t have smooth movements like that of a VR powered system, it is still a good option for VTubers who are beginners. Plus, it is an amazing free software that will allow you to grasp how the making and airing of virtual reality videos work.


  • All you need is a webcam, 
  • Include eyes capture, mouth shape capture, head pose capture, facial control.
  • The upper body can use the mouse keyboard for real-time gesture and body pose control without importing pre-recording motions, suitable for live.


  • It is free
  • Support pmx/pmd import custom MMD model (unity is required)
  • Support vrm model


  • No smooth movements like that of a VR powered system
  • Not great for professionals


The software is available for free on Steam.

2. VSeeFace

VSeeFace - Best Vtuber software
VSeeFace – Best Vtuber software

VSeeFace is one of the best Vtuber software with key advantages that makes it better than other software on the market. It has an unmatched high tracking accuracy and the Leap Motion accessorized hand tracking system.

Another innovative feature to point out is its advanced expression recognition feature. When it comes to  other competitor software, they  require manual shortcuts to initiate expressional change unlike VSeeFace that has a beta service feature which allows automatic detection of the essential facial expressions.

VSeeFace is one of the best for new starters who might be finding other manually operated systems hard to comprehend. While using VSeeFace, all you need to do is record your expressions and let the software recognize and display them automatically without any manual stimulation.

A newer entrant to this space, VSeeFace is an excellent Vtubing application for those who want quality without having to go too technical. It’s basically a hand tracking VRM similar to Luppet that uses Leap Motion. Its unique feature is automatic expression detection.

Unlike other such apps, VSeeFace can detect facial expressions directly from webcam footage using powerful algorithms. The minutest details such as blinking, eyebrow, and mouth positions can be tracked with high accuracy. This results in natural and vibrant avatars that perfectly reflect your actual actions.

Although VSeeFace is outright one of the best tracking applications out there, on the downside, you won’t be able to make any avatars with this software. Instead, it is best used as a face and hand tracking system. This is ideal for people who are looking to put in a bit of life into their already existing avatars.


  • Capability to send, receive and combine tracking data using the VMC protocol
  • Support for tracking through Virtual Motion Capture
  • Tracking World
  • Waidayo


  • High tracking accuracy
  • Simple to use
  • Automatic recognition and display


  • Inability to create avatars from scratch
  • Not ideal for professionals


VSeeFace is completely free to install and use.

3. VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio - Best Vtuber software
VRoid Studio – Best Vtuber software

VRoid Studio is one of the best Vtuber software with a wealth of presets that will enable you to create an amazing VTuber avatar pretty fast. Also, if you want to be unique and expand your creativity boundaries, this software has all the design tools that can help you create something from scratch.

VRoid packs a lot of features that can be handy for beginners. For instance, you can use VRoid to add some personality touches into your avatar,  quickly dress your avatar up in all sorts of fabulous outfits, and of course, you stand to enjoy fantastic streaming. All these features can help you make something unique for your viewers.

So far, VRoid is actually one of the most recommended 3D anime character creator tools for both beginners and elites. To top the many features this software offers, VRoid lets you create explicit details and customize your characters just as you want on either your Computer or Smartphone.

In addition, VRoid is also available for both macOS and Windows OS computers. So, if you’re looking for a VTuber software to create your virtual reality videos for YouTube or any other streaming channels, then VRoid is one of the handy options to choose from.

Most users of this software are actively engaged in the anime community, and this software is capable of offering the major features and details that are needed for them. It also creates an environment where anime enthusiasts can be inspired and get solutions for their problems.


  • Availability of many presets
  • Customization
  • Availability across multiple devices
  • Community


  • Good for beginners and intermediate users
  • Available across all major OS
  • Ability to create avatars from scratch


  • Quality of avatars can be poor 


VRoid Studio is completely free to install and use.

4. Face Rig

Face Rig - Best Vtuber software
Face Rig – Best Vtuber software

Face Rig is one of the best VTube software that tends to do things a little bit differently from other VTuber software options out there. For instance, Face Rig does not only focus on the anime characters so much like other VTuber software does. But it is also focused on 3D models of animals, plants, and other similar things. And again, it is great for people who do not want to show the whole body of their avatar. Of course, the key to succeeding in the world of VTubing is to ensure that you look as unique as possible, and Face Rig offers something that can set you apart from the fold.

Face Rig has an intuitive interface and features like instant digital cosplay, amazing render quality, real-time voice processing, and customizing tools to help you create and broadcast beautiful avatars.

Just like other software, Face Rig also has tons of in-built preset models. I have found out that many people are not actually using this software for live streaming, this can be a good thing as you probably won’t have too many issues using one of the presets and broadcasting. In addition, there are many available tools you can use to customize and create your own avatars from scratch. 

After customising your avatar, you can begin broadcasting right there in Face Rig rather than import it into another piece of broadcasting software. To make broadcasting swift, there are plenty of tools built into Face Rig that you can use to ensure that your broadcasts are as amazing as possible.

With Face Rig, you will be able to create a virtual avatar that will resemble you perfectly or just the way you want it to look. And again, no other software will provide you with all the options Face Rig has to offer. It supports many live stream technologies to aid you connect with any sort of streaming program or platform. And you can also share your virtual reality with other software made for vtubers.


  • 3D animal and plant models 
  • Digital cosplay
  • Real-time voice processing
  • Customization
  • Support for many live stream technologies


  • It is unique
  • Ability to broadcast from the platform
  • Amazing render quality
  • Let’s you create avatars from scratch


  • It is not free


Basic Monthly: $1.99/month. Basic Annual: $9.99/year. VIP Monthly: $4.99/month.

5. Live3D

Live3D - Best Vtuber software
Live3D – Best Vtuber software

Live3D is a software suite with various range of tools and options to aid both new and experienced VTubers create their avatar. The software lets you edit, simply, or choose some premade avatars from a wide range of options from the gallery. In the gallery, you will find over 30 different avatars and about 40 poses to select from. In addition to that, there are also many scenes for you to choose from.

With the tons of tools Live3D offers, you will be able to customize your avatar however you want. Another thing to point out is that you can add customized virtual effects to your Twitch stream by using the Live3D Twitch extension. For instance, you can add falling hearts, sparkles, and even change the shape of your avatar live — there are just many effects to choose from.

In Live3D, you also get your favorite Pokemon, Digimon, or creatures from other shows as your pets by using the Shimeji App. Other interesting features include customization panels to make your anime character appear attractive and real, and a host of others like motion tracking, audio base lip-sync, cute avatar (have two avatars for one character, and more features.

Live3D is perfect for both beginners and advanced users as it offers fast, high quality face, upper body and hand tracking with your webcam or other devices, such as leap motion. You can even track your body while including lip sync capabilities. After designing your avatar, you can also start streaming to Facebook, YouTube, and others. The software also lets you create a virtual camera and send the image over to OBS where you can push the stream to anywhere you like.


  • Great collection of tools and features
  • Smooth face and hand tracking.
  • Stream live on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live
  • Earn your bits on Twitch. 
  • Use amazing anime poses


  • Customization
  • Integrated with popular streaming platforms
  • Great for both beginners and experts
  • Many presets to choose from


  • It can be costly for some people


Free: $0 entry-level plan for testing out the software.

Lite Suite: $3.90/month for upper body tracking.

Plus Suite: $16.90/month for hand tracking.

Pro Suite: $99.90/month for commercial license.

VIP: $1,000+/month for a customizable solution.

6. VTube Studio

VTube Studio - Best Vtuber software
VTube Studio – Best Vtuber software

VTube Studio is one of the best VTube software available for both Windows and Mac systems but employs a smart phone connection for tracking your face and animation movements. In addition, it is also compatible with both android and iOS which lets you control your Live2D Cubism Character with a simple interface and multi-featured software options.

VTube Studio aims to make your virtual journey innovative and smooth as it offers a safer face tracking program that is best suited for Live2D VTubing. And the supporting feature to allow you control your Live 2D model through advanced tracking inputs, includes audio based Lip Sync. In other words, this software uses your smartphone to lip-sync a Live 2D Cubism character with your real facial expressions to create smooth animations. 

Just like Face Rig, VTube Studio  does not capture motion from below the belly but it incorporates hand tracking in favor of simple facial capture technology. If you don’t know where you start, you can check out some of the available presets. On the downside, you might not  be able to track your face briefly, so if you want to wink or laugh or show some other kind of expression, you may need to do it by yourself in the settings page.


  • Webcam movement tracking.
  • Audio-based lip sync
  • Default models to play with the software
  • Quick and easy itemization
  • It’s device agnostic


  • Incredible webcam movement tracking
  • Avatars look natural
  • Good for both beginners and experts
  • Available on popular OS’


  • Inability to create avatars with mobile phone
  • Watermark


  • VTube Studio – Free
  • VTube Studio – Remove Watermark: $14.99 so your videos have no embedded watermark.

7. Luppet

Luppet - Best Vtuber software
Luppet – Best Vtuber software

Luppet is one of the best VTuber software with consistent functionality, updates and patches, and tons of attractive design styles. This software stands as a premium Vtuber maker which combines Leap Motion with webcam tracking to create high-quality and smooth animated avatars. In Luppet, you will find a range of functionalities that is expected from a Vtuber software, which includes a wide range of character customization options and expression shortcuts.

Luppet has excellent lip-syncing and webcam calibration plus an intuitive user interface which is simple to use even for newbies. In all, if you’re willing to spend a little cash for a more polished Vtuber software, then Luppet is the way to go.

VTube Studio packs a lot of features that can come in handy for various purposes. Aside from the tons of features you will be getting, this software has an intuitive interface which aids creating videos easily. 

If you choose to go with Luppet, you will be needing LeapMotion and a webcam to get started. Having the Leap Motion device hanging on your neck and a web camera pointed to your face, Luppet will capture your hand gestures and other motions perfectly. In all, VTube Studio offers high quality service, as well as the range of features like extended movements make the price worth it for many users.


  • Excellent lip-syncing and webcam calibration
  • Intuitive interface
  • Extended movements
  • Character customization options and expression shortcuts.


  • Full control over avatar for customization
  • Great for both beginners and experts
  • Captures hand gestures and motions perfectly


  • It can be pricey for beginners


Luppet offers a free trial. After then, you pay, at least of, $46 to continue using the software.

8. Animaze

Animaze - Best Vtuber software
Animaze – Best Vtuber software

Animate is also provided by FaceRig and stands as one of the best VTuber software even for intermediates and elites. While being different from other VTube software, Animaze lets you turn yourself into a virtual animal character and create videos for different purposes using any of the avatars you created. 

Animaze offers a lot of customization features to make your avatar stand out and look unique. It lets you create scenes that will look identically to those you have seen in animated movies.  Publishing is always a breeze. 

In short, this software seems to have a bit more options and a better guide to all things concerning virtual reality. Apart from the hundreds of different filters and options it offers to let you create a Vtuber avatar of any kind, you will also be able to create short movies with your avatar as the main cast.

If you are looking for a VTuber software that has tons of 3D modelling of animals and scenes, then Animaze is your answer. This is only available for PC users – it also has a mobile app version for iPhone users. All that you need to use Animaze is a webcam.

But to enjoy the most advanced features, you will need to invest some money in order to gain them.  


  • Customization
  • 3D modelling of animals
  • Short movies 
  • Tons of presets to choose from


  • It is unique
  • It has a touch of professionalism
  • Easy customisation
  • Fast publication


  • Major features may be limited
  • May be pricey for beginners
  • Beginners might find it overwhelming
  • Watermark


There is a free version of Animaze, but it comes with a watermark and limited customization options. There are multiple tiers above the free option, with the cheapest starting at $19.99 per year.

9. VR Chat

VR Chat - Best Vtuber software
VR Chat – Best Vtuber software

VRChat is one of the best VTuber software that provides an environment for people to try out many creative things, such as creating avatars for VTube purposes. You can find this software on Steam, and it is also compatible with many VR solutions, tools, and devices. This software also allows you to create a virtual world for your YouTube virtual reality videos. Plus, there is support for full-body avatars with lip syncing, eye tracking/blinking, hand gestures, and complete range of motion.

VR Chat has some of the best tracking and motion settings that provides you with various options and filters for your avatar. It further allows you to create full-body avatars and videos, and if you don’t want to make video recordings of yourself and then off the camera,  the algorithm will only record your voice and then make your avatar act accordingly to your expression.

VR Chat offers a level of customization that lets you totally change the look of your character whenever you want. And when you are done, you can always share everything you have created in the software to Youtube, Twitch, Discord, or any other platform in a few mouse clicks.

One important feature to point out about VR Chat is its Chat World where you can call your friends to join it and create original experiences that can then be live-streamed on your accounts. In all, this software has a full range of different motions, transformations, and behavior that will make your character look like a real person, which in turn, makes your video look authentic.


  • Chat world
  • Full customization
  • Presets
  • Supports only audio recordings
  • Compatible with many VR solutions, tools, and devices


  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports a wide range of tools and VR solutions
  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners


  • Not great for advanced users.


VR Chat is completely free to install and use.

10. Hyper

Hyper - Best Vtuber software
Hyper – Best Vtuber software

Hyper is available to both Mac OS and Windows OS users, and also to iOS and Android users. This means you can use it on numerous devices modern devices. You don’t necessarily need to be in front of the camera in order to create your virtual Youtuber. You can just create a motion capture that you will be sharing with other viewers all the time.

Once you are done customizing your avatar, you can be able to use it in video calls through the camera by using it and become a part of Youtube streams and live with this face. If you invest your money into using advanced features in creating your avatar, your results will be a look and feel of a real person.

At anything, you can further go on customizing it well enough so it becomes recognizable and stands out. Having a unique avatar can help you become a famous person in the online community.

Hyper is one of the sought-after VTuber software because it offers high-quality tracking, eye movements, and technology that will make your avatar look natural in videos. To access all the features, control boards, motion capture, you have to pay. And if you are looking for a professional career in the VR industry, using this software will be worth it.


  • Control boards
  • Motion capture
  • Full customization
  • Availability on modern OS


  • Easy to use
  • Good for beginners and experts
  • Smooth and real-like avatars
  • Customisable avatars


  • Pay to access advanced features


Free to install and use but you need to pay to unlock some features from about $10.


Of course, you will hugely benefit from using the right software as a VTuber. Knowing what software works best for you will help you speed up things, make creating avatars easy, and streaming very smooth.

A VTuber software should give you total control over an avatar and help you create new ones with just a couple of clicks of a mouse. For instance, if you paid somebody to create a VTuber avatar for you, it might cost hundreds of dollars. That could be because if you use VTuber software, the avatar’s look will be slightly less unique, mainly because other people will be using the same software to create their avatars.

VTuber software with good ratings can make your work easier especially when you are broadcasting. All you have to do is get your webcam switched on, and it will automatically track your movements, whilst bringing your avatar to life.

So, if you want to dive into VTubing but with a minimum amount of effort and money whilst also showing off something that seems professional, then check out for some of the best free VTuber software on this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best software for VTubing?

Some of the best software for VTubing include Wakaru, VSeeFace, VRoid Studio, Face Rig, Live3D, VTube Studio, Luppet, and Animaze, among others.

Is free VTuber software worth it?

Most VTuber software offer almost the same features as premium VTuber software and are worth trying out.

Do VTubers make money?

Just like any video content creator, VTubers can also make money.


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