Top 12 Best Backup Software For Mac

Best Backup Software For Mac
Best Backup Software For Mac

Have you ever lost important documents from your mac because you weren’t aware of a backup software? worry no more.

The Mac is a computer platform with a long history of strong backup software offerings. There are many different software to backup data on a Mac, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Being Mac users, we acknowledge that it provides the safest and most convenient user experience. But at the end of the day, we must remember that it’s a machine. It may break down or endanger the storage of your data one strange day.

If you didn’t choose backup software for your Mac, eventually it would erase everything on it, making you lose everything.

Today’s article will discuss the best backup software for Macs. Do you require a backup? Which is preferable, cloning or backup? And how frequently should Mac user’s backup their data? Let’s start.

Top 12 Best Backup Software For Mac

  1. Time Machine
  2. Carbon Copy Cloner
  3. Disk Drill
  4. SuperDuper
  5. ChronoSync
  6. Acronis True Image
  7. Mac Backup Guru
  8. Get Backup Pro
  9. iDrive
  10. Carbonite Safe
  11. Paragon Backup and Recovery
  12. Smart Backup

#1: Time Machine

Time Machine – Best Backup Software For Mac

If you’re like most Mac users, you likely rely on Time Machine to backup your data. Time Machine stores your Mac’s essential files, like your applications, settings, and data, so you can revert to a previous state if something goes wrong. However, Time Machine doesn’t always work as planned, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to restore your computer from a backup. Time Machine can back up to a local disk or to a remote server.

Time Machine is a pre-installed backup program in every Mac with Mac OS X Leopard. It requires a hard drive with adequate space to store numerous backup files.

Hourly, daily, and weekly backups are all possible with Time Machine. Additionally, you have the choice to manually create backups instead of enabling automatic backups.

When you use the software, you may go back in time and browse over your earlier backups because it takes snapshots of your Mac when producing a backup. With Time Machine, you can quickly get back.

You can quickly recover certain files and folders or even an entire disc with Time Machine.

Time Machine only makes copies of files and folders with each new backup if changes have been made to them since the previous backup. This prevents the software from duplicating files and folders and occupying extra space on the hard drive.

You only need to choose the place where the backups will be kept to configure Time Machine. Make sure the drive has adequate capacity because Time Machine will start destroying older backups to make room for fresh ones if it runs out.


  • Automatic backups
  • Network backups
  • encryptions


  • Time Machine is a free backup software that comes pre-installed on Mac.
  • It is an extremely simple backup. software that is easy to use and doesn’t require configuration for startup.
  • Time Machine allows you to review your backups before restoring them.


  • Time Machine’s biggest drawback is that it doesn’t store its backups in the cloud.
  • Time Machine doesn’t allow you to back up specific files and folders.
  • Unlike cloud storage, it doesn’t have powerful cybersecurity measures that can keep your data safe.


  • It is free.

#2: Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner – Best Backup Software For Mac

A free Mac cloning tool called Carbon Copy Cloner allows you to back up either a single folder or an entire external hard drive.

The app offers a lovely user interface and a dark mode option. Despite having a little more complicated user interface than other Mac backup tools, it offers more sophisticated features.

CCC is a straightforward and effective disk backup program with a ton of amazing features you won’t find in any other Mac backup software.

The software’s best feature is that it is quite compatible with the most recent version of Mac OS X (Mountain Lion). The program may create bootable backups, incremental backups, scheduled backups, backups to Mac networks, etc.

Additionally, it encourages you to create a bootable disk image backup of the whole bootable startup volume. When a startup volume fails to boot up, you can use this capability to restore it using a disk image. You can also save time and speed up the backup process with incremental backups.

Furthermore, it requires less storage space. Time and dates can be scheduled hourly, weekly, daily, or monthly. Your work is made simpler because you are not required to carry out the backup task manually.

High security is provided, and the chance of data loss is decreased. It installs quickly and doesn’t take up a lot of disk space on your device. All of the tools and functions are simple to use, so even a novice can operate the software with ease.

Additionally, it has a pause backup feature that can allow you to pause the backup process and attend to urgent issues.


  • Disk center
  • snapshots


  • You can take full and incremental backups
  • Fewer system resources are used
  • Backups can be taken to hard drives or network drives
  • Mac backup software that is simple to use and compatible with Mountain Lion, the most recent Mac operating system.
  • It allows task scheduling on an hourly, weekly, daily, and monthly basis.


  • Only accessible on Mac devices


  • Costs only $39.95

#3: Disk Drill

Disk Drill – Best Backup Software For Mac

Disk drill is one of the top best backup software for Mac. You will get a byte-to-byte image to use for a potential restoration when you choose Disk Drill for your data backup requirements. It is a precise replica of your hard disk as it was when the request was made.

It only makes sense to save your information on a separate drive because older disk drives are more likely to fail. You can get an approach that functions like Apple’s Time Machine without having to follow the same difficult processes by using the snapshot functionality provided by this utility.


  • Disk health
  • Data recovery
  • Guaranteed recovery


  • You can create backups for nothing.
  • Disk Drill’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to begin the backup process.
  • The software includes several extra services that you must purchase when employing a tool of a similar nature from other suppliers.
  • It can be used to retrieve data from various formatting schemes.
  • It can be used to look for or preview particular files that you want to make sure are kept.


  • You must email or speak with the company if you experience software problems.
  • Although the pace is typically faster than what Time Machine offers, backing up large data can be slow.


  • The backup function in Disk Drill is free. Software for data recovery will only set you back $89 if you want to utilize it.

#4: SuperDuper

Super Duper – Best Backup Software For Mac

SuperDuper is a popular backup software for Mac, an alternative to Carbon Copy Cloner is SuperDuper v3. It’s a more straightforward app with a lot of free features, and the full app costs less. SuperDuper has been around for a good 14 years, but despite the addition of new features, the app still appears a little stale.

The user interface is fairly simple. Just decide which drive to clone it onto, which drive to back up, and what kind of backup you want to do. It will produce a completely bootable backup similar to Carbon Copy Cloner and can update it only with the changes you’ve made since the last backup.

This backup program allows you to create the necessary bootable clone using incremental or conventional methods. That implies that you can construct a starting drive, which Time Machine does not allow for. Even while this service has a premium version, not everyone needs incremental clones or automated backups.


  • Schedule backups
  • Encrypt your data
  • Intuitive interface


  • A one-step restoration procedure is provided to you, making it simple to locate and restore files.
  • It’s difficult to get undesired results because of the user interface’s simplicity.
  • You can turn your disks into bootable drives for data recovery.


  • It does not permit the backup procedure to choose particular files or directories.
  • Because you have to back up everything each time it runs, the procedure takes more time.
  • Some features have a paywall that prevents access.


  • The current price is $27.95.

#5: ChronoSync

Chronosync – Best Backup Software For Mac

Although this Time Machine substitute originally served as file synchronization software, it has evolved into a customizable backup solution with several capabilities.

Chronosync is one of the top backup software for Mac. The software can be manually launched, backed up to a local HDD, or used with a NAS device.

When utilizing ChronoSync, you can also back up to Google Cloud or Amazon S3 storage. When using this software, all of the backups are incrementable.


  • Backblaze B2 support and Amazon S3
  • SmartScan technology


  • You can restore files from an earlier version rather than the most recent one by moving the prior to an archive folder.
  • It can be used to transfer backups using STFP from one place to another.
  • Before fresh files are substituted for the backups, the backup files are copied to temporary structures.


  • It doesn’t provide the same visual cues as Time Machine making it harder to utilize.
    • It takes time to learn the possibilities it provides.
    • To use the most recent features available, your computer must be running macOS 10.11 or a later version.


At the moment, ChronoSync costs $49.99. The agent bundle costs an additional $10 or more.

#6: Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image – Best Backup Software For Mac

Some people believe that Acronis True Image is the best backup program for Macs since it sends data both locally to an external drive and the cloud. Because of this, the business can guarantee that you “never lose another file.”

additionally, it has anti-ransomware tools that can recognize and occasionally undo unlawful hard drive encryption. This feature guarantees that you can protect your files from the most common types of hacking used today.


  • Disk cloning
  • Tray notification center
  • Advanced malware protection


  • You get a secondary backup option that, in most cases, makes sure your data is not lost.
  • To get a replica of your crucial files, it offers disk cloning.
  • Additional safeguards that can stop the majority of the top computer risks of today are provided to you.


  • You’ll notice a noticeable increase in your Mac’s boot time.
  • Obtaining a cloud-based solution costs nearly twice as much as the base program price.
  • Time Machine is more cost-effective if you desire the security of electronic signatures.


  • Acronis True Image is available for $49.99. The Advanced plan costs $89.99 if you want a cloud-based backup to increase your protection. A 5 TB storage requirement will increase the cost to $124.99 per year.

#7: Mac Backup Guru

Bacup Guru – Best Backup Software For Mac

Backup Guru software for Mac is a program that can help users to easily back up their computer files. This program can be used to backup data from the hard drive, the operating system, and the applications.

It is also possible to back up contacts, passwords, and other important files. You can build incremental snapshots using Mac Backup Guru or copy and paste a bootable drive into the Finder.

It is the only piece of software that makes use of the contextual menu in the Finder to make it simple to copy and paste anything, including a bootable volume.

Additionally, it is the only third-party program that can incrementally take snapshots of your disk, takes daily backups of your starting disk on an external disk, and enables you to restore deleted or earlier versions of documents.

And it performs all of this without taking up hardly any room. On a 1.5TB backup disk, you can fit 30 seemingly bootable duplicates of your 1TB starter disk.

Aside from that, it has all the capabilities of typical backup software, including scheduled backups that start when you connect your backup disk (making backing up as simple as connecting your disk and everything happens safely and automatically) and a user interface that is incredibly simple to use.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Backup to multiple locations
  • Able to restore from any location
  • Able to schedule backups
  • Encrypt backups


  • The user interface offers access to an astonishing range of capabilities from a single window.
  • You can save a ton of time and space by using the incremental backup feature.
  • To rapidly see what you’re doing, you can exclude folders from what you’re watching.


  • This backup tool’s graphical manual is the only document you get when you download it.
  • The visual alerts you get quickly become obtrusive and use up local resources.
  • May use too much battery power.


The basic edition of Mac Backup Guru is free to use. The premium version is also available for download for $9.

#8: Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro – Best Backup Software For Mac

Get Backup Pro is also one of the best backup software for Mac that offers specialized options with only a few clicks if you desire flexibility in your data protection. You can choose to choose a specific folder or the entire drive. Additionally, it helps with file synchronization.

Similar to Time Machine, backups can be scheduled to occur. The software’s ability to shut down automatically after the job is done is one of its strongest features.

It is a Mac program that performs backup, archiving, disk cloning, folder synchronization, and backup. You can sync folders, rapidly back up your data, and make encrypted, bootable backups.

By doing this, you can be sure that your data will be secure in the event of a system crash or data loss. Your data can be backed up via getting Backup Pro. Only when the files are missing from the initial backup are integer backups produced.

The backup folder only uses a tiny amount of storage while appearing to be a full backup. iTunes, Mail, Contacts, and Documents are just a few of the templates you can use to create backups. Make a schedule for automated backups and backup encryption.


  • Bootable backups
  • Secure backups


  • You can choose between different degrees of backup encryption, like AES-256, Triple DES, or Blowfish.
  • You may use templates for apps like Photos or iTunes to establish scheduled backups.
  • Most backup needs can be started with just a few clicks.


  • Learning the vocabulary takes some time
  • Performing a straight backup is referred to as a “project.”
  • Cloud-based services require a third-party program to be used.
  • Files and folders cannot be specified on network disks.


  • Get Backup Pro is now available for download through Setapp for $9.99 per month. For a one-time cost of $19.99, it’s also accessible as an independent download from the publisher.

#9: iDrive

iDrive – Best Backup Software For Mac

iDrive is one of the best backup software that offers a completely online service when you require a free backup software option for Mac.

One of the few suppliers gives a free tier with up to 5 GB of support before you have to pay for anything, making it unique. Although the majority of individuals require more room for a complete clone, you can determine whether the tool is worthwhile by utilizing it.

You can back up external HDDs in addition to your Mac with this service. If you experience issues with the prior versions, you can also restore files from older snapshots or versions.

IDrive provides a distinctive blend of cloud backup and storage (they’re not the same thing, by the way), and you get the same amount of storage space for both purposes.

Additionally, it provides a wide range of backup options, such as disk image backup, NAS backup, and server backup, however, its performance may be improved. IDrive is a well-rounded product since its privacy and security are impenetrable.


  • Two-Factor authentication
  • Physical drive backup
  • Good storage capacity
  • Encryption


  • Scheduling backups and restoration are simple.
  • You can generate your own unique private encryption keys.


  • The commercial version’s maximum backup size is 5 TB, while the free tier’s limit is 5 GB.
  • After your first year outside of the free tier, the price increases.
  • When you perform fresh backups, iDrive doesn’t erase any files.


  • iDrive for free and give it a try. You will pay more than $50 for the personal tier of this system

during the first year if you choose to utilize it as the best backup software for Mac. For each subsequent annual license, the price rises to around $75.

#10: Carbonite Safe

Carbonite Safe – Best Backup Software For Mac

You can use this backup software for Mac to back up a Mac to a distant server. When something happens, you may always utilize this resource to locate and restore lost files. To utilize the service, you must create an account, but it will automatically choose the data needed for a download.

This service automatically uses 128-bit encryption when you choose it. The only way to add a password to it is through the app, and all data restorations are done online.


  • Automatic file and photo backup
  • External hard drive backup
  • Encrypted cloud
  • Automatic video backup
  • Support all files and photo backup


  • To help you save space, it doesn’t back up your system files or programs.
  • To suit your demands, choose either a Basic or Plus plan.
  • It operates in the background to minimize lag or performance difficulties that you could have with other Time Machine options.
  • It runs in the background.


  • Automatic backup of the files in your Movies folder is not possible with the basic subscription.
  • With this tool, you won’t get backup services for an external HDD or SDD.
  • After executing the backup, the files you can access are only available for 30 days.
  • There is just one encryption method offered to you.


  • If you choose the Basic tier, Carbonite Safe is presently available for $71.99 per year. You must spend $111.99 yearly if you desire the Plus plan’s extra features.

#11: Paragon Backup and Recovery

Paragon Backup and Recovery – Best Backup Software For Mac

Paragon backup recovery is one of the top backup software for Mac. The information security process is made simpler by the Mac backup software’s versatile choice. You may design the computer functions you require by using a wizard, which will guide you through each step.

When employing Paragon, you’ll have all the customary backup procedures, and virtually any user can build an automated configuration to safeguard their data. This method may be the best fit for your requirements if you require WinPE recovery media to make a bootable USB.


  • Network drive support
  • Supports multiple backup sets
  • Impressive encryption and compression support
  • Support for backing up to VHD


  • It gives you the chance to use your Mac to recover in the worst-case scenario.
  • To repair issues or rescue files, you can make a bootable stick.
  • To further improve your security, it also offers safe data deletion and copying.


  • Using this tool to resize partitions or distribute space requires some learning.
  • Users only get support for macOS Mojave.
  • After recovery, you might have to generate a brand-new default iCloud Keychain.


  • For $39.95, Paragon offers the hard disk manager for Mac users. You may safeguard and retain data for your machine using this single license option.

#12: Smart Backup

Smart Backup – Best Backup Software For Mac

Smart backup is one of the best backup software for Mac. Syncing or backing up folders and volumes is simple with the macOS tool SmartBackup. SmartBackup offers built-in automation, excludes, supports various setups for numerous destinations, and may archive deleted or altered files.

Utilizing a unique sync engine, SmartBackup outperforms conventional utilities significantly in terms of performance. The only way to fully take advantage of the performance available on current SSDs is to use SmartBackup’s sync engine, which is completely multi-threaded and uses a customizable number of threads to copy files simultaneously. Thus, SmartBackup is the app for you if speed is important to you.

In time-stamped folders, SmartBackup offers the option to archive deleted or altered data. A built-in search panel is included in this function, and the results will neatly aggregate different versions of a file for you to view.

RAIDs, Xsan volumes, internal and external hard drives, network shares, and NAS are all compatible with SmartBackup’s sync capabilities. It can also make a bootable copy of your HFS starting disk for macOS installs that use that file system.


  • Schedule regular backups
  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Encrypt your backups for additional security
  • Restore backups


  • It chooses the optimum backup kind to carry out automatically.
  • Since the destination’s free disk space is carefully handled, you won’t see any space-out problems. Cons:
  • You are unable to choose how many backups or file versions to save.
  • Given the space available, Backup4all might produce backup versions that are less effective.


  • Smart Backup costs $25/month.


If you’re looking for a reliable backup solution, then you should consider using Mac backup software.

There are a number of great programs available such as; Time Machine, Carbon Copy Cloner, Disk Drill, SuperDuper, ChronoSync, Acronis True Image, Mac Backup Guru, Get Backup Pro, iDrive, Carbonite Safe, Paragon Backup and Recovery, Smart Backup and many more.

All this backup software for Mac has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some programs are more user-friendly than others, but all of them will backup your data. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before starting the backup process, and be sure to test it out on a small section of your data to see if it works correctly.

Time machine and Disk Drill would be my top picks. Time machine, since it is already included in your Mac and is very simple to use; no further software to download is necessary.

Disk Drill is fantastic since it only lets you backup, but it also has a ton of other great capabilities, like some of the greatest data recovery you can find.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I backup my Mac for free?

There is no need to download any additional software because Time Machine is already included in your Mac and can also be used for free.

  1. Connect your Mac to an external hard drive
  2. Start Time Machine.
  3. Choose the backup drive as the location where you want to save data.
  4. Permit the backup to finish.

Disk Drill is another tool you can use.

What is the best backup tool for Mac?

Time Machine is the finest backup tool for Macs because it doesn’t require any additional software to utilize it. Time Machine is already included with the MacOS.

Here are some alternative options to explore if you want something with more functionality or simple don’t like Time Machine.

Free data backup and power data recovery features are available with Disk Drill.

Data can be safely stored in the cloud and synced between other apple devices with the help of iCloud.

-superDuper! The Time Machine function, which is already useful and strong and is included with every Mac as part of MacOS can be improved and expanded with the help of this tool.

What is the difference between backup and cloning?

You can build a backup for the whole contents of a chosen partition into the target source by backing up to a hard disc. An image may also be created by doing this. An image file will be generated with all the installed programmes and settings, just as if you were taking a backup of the entire system. For increased security, you can also choose to encrypt the backup file.

How do I transfer everything from my old computer to my new computer?

Transferring files from your old computer to your new computer is a simple but quite complication if you don’t know.

When transferring data, make use of an external hard drive.

Simply connect your hard drive to your old computer, transfer your files and folders to the drive, then plug it into your new computer to reverse the transfer process.


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